Creation: Grace in a little red rose

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Grace (definition):

The free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings.

8 years ago, when I moved from my rented townhouse in a city (City #1) 200 miles away to join my husband in City #2, I took my many pots of flowering plants (mainly roses) with me.
But there were two little red rose plants that I couldn’t take with me. They were not in containers, but grew in the ground of the townhouse’s back patio. I hadn’t planted them — the roses were already there when I’d first moved into the townhouse.
I was in anguish about abandoning the two red roses — to certain death, because the new corporate owner of the townhouse meant to tear down the entire complex of cottages and townhouses to build condominiums instead. I even tried to dig the roses out with a shovel, but their roots went too deep.
And so, on moving day, I whispered my regrets and bade the little red roses goodbye.
Two years went by….
One spring, I noticed a new shoot growing inside a large pot of mauve-colored roses in the garden of my “new” home in City #2. To my surprise, the shoot grew leaves and buds, and the buds blossomed. It’s the little red rose I had abandoned!
I thought it was rather odd because in all the 14 years in the townhouse, although I had pots next to the red roses in the ground, they had never propagated inside any of the pots. But then, what other explanation could there be, other than that a pip from the old red rose must have fallen into the mauve rose-pot, and took two years to root and grow a shoot?
However the self-propagation had happened, I was overjoyed to see the little red rose. It lives!!!
The next spring, something even more remarkable happened.
The red rose shot up in another pot several feet from the first pot!
And then, another red rose shoot sprouted in yet another pot that was separated from the first two pots by a brick-paved garden path!
And then, red rose shoots sprouted from the ground between the pots!
By spring of last year, 2013, the little red rose had miraculously propagated itself in SIX places:

  • In the large pot of mauve-colored roses (#1).
  • In a pot of salmon-colored roses 2 feet away (#2).
  • Across a brick path (see composite pic below) to yet another pot of pink-colored roses (#3).
  • Sprouting from the ground (#4).
  • In yet another pot (#5).
  • Across the brick path again to a pot of yellow-colored roses (#6).

6 redsClick pic to enlarge

This year, when Spring arrived, I felt a bit wistful, convinced that the miracle of the little red rose surely had ended.
Do you see the end of the brick path in the picture above ending in steps to my house’s front door?
Right next to the steps in front of the bay window is a large pot of yellow roses. I had bought the rose and the pot AFTER I had moved to city #2. Here’s a pic:
yellow roses1 (2)One morning in April, I noticed that the yellow rose had sprouted a new shoot from its woody burl.
The green shoot grew and grew. Then buds appeared. Then the buds grew bigger . . . and blossomed.
It’s the little red rose!
As you can see in the pics below, the little red rose grew OUT OF THE BURL of the yellow rose.
miracle red1miracle red2miracle red3

Can any horticulturalist explain this?

I now know I will always have the little red rose with me, for as long as I live.
Praise God!

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0 responses to “Creation: Grace in a little red rose

  1. Wonderful blessing! Love the roses, and especially the little red rose.

  2. traildustfotm

    ♥ One of those moments when God puts his arm around us, and reassures us of His love.

  3. what a touching and meaningful story… new life, new growth and a new beginning! Doc, I was so touched by your story! I love roses! especially smelling ones! 🙂 …i am tearing up!

  4. I remember when you wrote about the first time the red rose appeared…I LOVE this story and the manifestation of continuing unexpected growing, sprouting and blooming makes my heart happy! Thanks for the update!
    Gardens are metaphors for me…whispers from God cutting through the noise of what seems to be reality.
    This Spring I purchased 20 lily bulbs ( I am wild for lilies ) for the price of 10 at 50% off from a catalog with a less than stellar reputation….and 3 sprouted and that seemed to be it….and I figured that well, one gets what one pays for…but then, lo and behold, 3 months later they have ALL come up and whispered “patience!” in my ear…
    Then a couple of weeks ago one morning I saw that four of them ( now 3 ft high! ) were lying on the ground, smashed at ground level like maybe a large dog or a deer had stomped on them…I gently stood them upright and created some stakes from some branches that had fallen and tied them in, and stroked the smashed stems upward, seeing in my mind strong and whole stems, nutrients and water flowing freely up the healed stems.
    As of this morning one would never know anything had happened to them and they are crowned with big fat lily buds!!!!
    Praise God indeed!

  5. “I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.” Song of Solomon 2:1

  6. That is so awesome! I was told a long time ago that when someone has a deep love for something then those things will gravitate to that person. I’m a plant lover. I’m not as fond of roses because of the stickers, but they gravitate to me for some reason, so I do my best to take care of them and I do love the wonderful smells! I have never spent a single dime on a rose but now have about 35 of them. Some have come to me with their metal nursery tags still on that tells me of their high breed breeding and some have no identification, but they all get along just fine with each other. I have 2 of your little rose’s and I was planning on building a trellis for one of them today.

  7. I just came in the house from spending an hour watering all the plants at the front of the house as we are going into a heat spell; I am left with the awe of the glory of God, which in one way manifests itself in the flowers he created for us. And yes, roses are truly exquisite. God must love you to have provided such a miracle as the roses in your garden.

  8. Dear Eo:
    To answer your request TFOTM’s resident horticulturalist will now explain this remarkable series of highly unlikely events. I know & believe –as you do– that this is not something physical science can easily explain, for these reasons:
    1. It’s impossible for hybrid roses to reproduce by sexual reproduction when they’re open-pollinated and in the midst of other hybrids. As well, their parentages are far too complex, so this must be ruled out.
    2. That leaves only asexual propagation by humans, but you’ve stated that you did not graft, make cuttings, or in other ways attempted to to multiply the desired rose.
    3. This leaves us with the power of prayer, although some will think that as a developer of Chamaecyparis filifera compacta ‘Wintergold’, a cultivar of mine long ago registered at the Canadian Ornamental Plant Foundation in Ottawa, that I’m bonkers for believing and writing this. So be it, still a fool for Christ these past 53 years out of 71….
    There’s a Japanese physicist who published his truly remarkable findings about water that he experimented on some years ago: his site is worth readers going to ASAP.
    Ordinary water was transformed by prayer, thoughts of love or hate, even snowflakes were deformed or reformed by the intervention of human projected thoughts and feelings. I call it prayer, ‘that which our hearts desire to be,’ and so it shall come to pass, for He/aven hears ALL things, great & small, that even a sparrow is not overlooked!

    • Yes, I have read of and love Dr Emoto’s work.
      I believe this relates to my “laying on of hands” and praying and visualizing over my smashed lily stems…as so much of life here on earth is made up of water.
      I am no scientist, I am an artist….but this all makes sense to me.
      Years ago I read “The Secret life of Plants” and “The Magic of Findhorn” ….and they completely changed how I view plants.

    • Thanks josephbc69! That’s a very thoughtful answer.

    • Thank you, Joseph! I was hoping to hear from you since you are FOTM’s resident horticulturalist! 😀
      And a big “THANK YOU” to everyone who’s commented. God does not single me out with His love. God loves everyone, sinner or saint, and the most humbling part of that is His love is ENTIRELY gratuitous: He loves us despite ourselves, so much that He sent His only Son to suffer grievously and die for us, so that we may be saved.
      ♥ to all.

  9. Sweet! 🙂 You have a beautiful arrangement of flowers to beautify your home.

  10. Probably better for me to stay away from Doc E’s garden.
    LOL – The only thing I am good at growing is weeds, which I dare not kill, lest I cause an erosion problem that will get the HOA NAZIs on my case.
    Besides, if you keep them mowed, they are all but indistinguishable from grass. 🙂

  11. Dr. Eowyn, I always greatly enjoy all your columns, thanks. After seeing the pictures of your lovely yard I am convinced that one more lady, other than my sainted mother, has the Green Thumb! Thanks for sharing. God bless (for I stand In Christ Jesus!) Ken Russell, Ranchita,CA

  12. A little late finding this story, but oh what a beautiful story it is. I’ve tried in vain to root roses for years with no luck. So beautiful. Think I’ll keep trying! 😉 Thanks Dr. E.


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