Creation: Giant waterspout in Tampa Bay

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A waterspout is an intense columnar vortex (usually appearing as a funnel-shaped cloud) that occurs over a body of water, connected to a cumuliform cloud. In the common form, it is a non-supercell tornado over water.

waterspout_joey-moleClick to enlarge!

Liz Klimas reports for The Blaze, July 11, 2013:

Jesse Ferrell, meteorologist and social media coordinator, didn’t believe what he saw in Tampa Bay this week was real. The picture and video by Joey Mole in Safety Harbor show an unbelievable and surreal waterspout curving downward from a cloud into Old Tampa Bay. (What appears to be the sun in the bottom right of the picture is actually the flash from Mole’s iPhone reflecting in a window through which he snapped the image.)

“When I saw this photo this morning on social media, I couldn’t believe it was real,” Ferrell wrote on his blog. So Ferrell actually vetted the photo’s legitimacy because the image was so fantastic.

You can watch a video taken by Mole of the water spout (Warning: Strong language):

Here’s ABC Action News’ video about the waterspout:

Here’s a longer video showing the waterspout when it first formed:

Here’s another photo of the spout:


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0 responses to “Creation: Giant waterspout in Tampa Bay

  1. I lived in St Petersberg, Florida in the early Sixties and was, of course, even more foolish than I am now, nearly fifty years later. A hurricane was coming in, and a friend got the bright idea we should drive out on a pier to welcome it in. He had bought a 1958 Lincoln four door sedan a few weeks before, and said it was heavy enough we wouldn’t be in danger. Uh huh, you can see where this is going, can’t you? Long story shortened, at some point while palm tree tops were bent over nearly touching the ground, we decided to get out of the car. Well, we found out that it’s not possible to open a car door in the face of a hurricane, and if we had, we likely would have been sucked up and away by it. George drove the car directly into the wind and it had a hard time moving. Anyhow, God looks after babies and fools, and all of us are alive to this day, proving we ain’t babies!!

  2. We need a few of those on Penn. Avenue.

  3. Wow, crazy!

  4. What a great water spout! Most of them are pretty tame. But this one, is definitely NOT a water spout to play chicken with in your speed boat. Great post!

  5. oh wow, this reminds me of one that I saw waiting on a dock waiting for the ferry in Galveston, TX. Scared the living he** out of me!! I was unsure how dangerous they were but to see that funnel…. oh momma… that was scary enough for me!!!

  6. We get them here on occasion. They get all crazy issuing tornado warnings and such. In 10 yrs down here (I’m about 20 miles NW of Tampa) I don’t think I’ve ever heard more then maybe a pool screen house torn off,
    Or kids swing set. No I’m not tempting Mother nature and of course it could do damage, just never heard it. On the other hand we do get these lovely Hurricanes that …well you know the Story,
    Again not to tempt Mother nature, but Tampa Bay and kinda like where I am have not had a direct hit (We’ve been brushed) in like 80 yrs.
    They say if it were to happen it would be catastrophic. See 80 yrs ago tampa bay had like 6 chicken farmers . Now there are like 500K homes and building been built. The bay is narrow. The water surge would destroy many many homes.
    May not be heavy loss of life , but you would have like 1/2 million people displaced.

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