Creation and Creator

“Can we prove that God exists? Yes, we can. We can reason out this truth….
The first way is by considering motion in the world. Where there is motion, there is a mover, and ultimately a first mover, itself unmoved. This is God.
The second way is by considering the chains of effecting causes that exist in the world. Things here are produced by their causes; these causes in turn were produced by their causes, and so on. Ultimately, there must be a first cause which is itself uncaused. This is God.
The third way is by considering the contingency of things in the world. Contingent things do not have to exist; they are non-necessary; they come into existence, and undergo change, and pass away. Now, contingent things demand as their ultimate explanation a noncontingent being, a necessary being. This is God.
The fourth way is by considering the scale of perfection manifest in the world. Things are more or less good…. Now, where there is good and better and still better, there must at last be a best which is the source and measure of goodness all along the line…. In a word, where there are degrees of perfection, there must ultimately be absolute perfection. This is God.
The fifth way is by considering the order and government seen in this world. Things act in a definite way and were manifestly designed to act so…they are governed in their activities. Thus there are design and government in the world. Hence there are ultimately a first designer and first governor. And since both design and government involve intelligence, there must be governor and designer who is the first and absolute intelligence. This is God.”
-St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274), Summa Theologica

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Favorite bumper sticker ever: I believe in the Big Bang theory! God said, “Let there be light!” BANG! There was light.


I believe because I have faith. I have faith because I believe.