Crazy train is getting an early start: Demorats to hold at least a dozen presidential primary debates, starting next June

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DNC Chair Tom Perez leading with values…

I can sum up what to expect in these primary debates: Orange Man Bad, immigrant values, no border wall, Orange Man Bad, raise taxes on the rich, climate change, Orange Man Bad, female reproductive rights, Orange Man Bad…you get the idea.

From NY Post: The Democratic National Committee — which was accused of rigging the 2016 primary election for establishment favorite Hillary Clinton — announced Thursday that it will host a dozen primary debates that could be open to as many as 20 candidates to start.

To accommodate what is expected to be a large field of White House wannabes, DNC chair Tom Perez said the party’s first two debates in June and July could be held on multiple nights to accommodate all the candidates. The lineup each night would be determined at random.

“To win back the presidency in 2020, Democrats must lead with our values. That began with the historic reforms to expand and increase trust in our party, and will continue by conducting party business fairly, transparently, and inclusively throughout the 2020 primary process,” Perez said.

Perez said his goal is to give “the grass-roots a bigger voice than ever before” and to allow candidates to reach as many potential voters as possible.

“That is how we will put our nominee in the strongest position possible to defeat Donald Trump, and how we will help elect Democrats up and down the ballot,” he said.

Of the 12 debates, six will be held in 2019 and six in 2020. The showdowns in 2020 will be held in early-voting states such as Iowa and New Hampshire.

While vowing to be inclusive, the DNC acknowledged judgments will have to be made on the viability of the candidates.

“Candidates will qualify for the first two debates by meeting criteria that include both polling and other objectives that reflect a candidate’s support, such as grassroots fundraising,” the DNC said in outlining its plan. The precise criteria for the first two debates will be announced next month.

Supporters of Bernie Sanders charged the DNC went out of its way to help Clinton, his primary rival in 2016, by scheduling debates at times that were favorable to her. There were also accusations that Clinton got some questions in advance.


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25 responses to “Crazy train is getting an early start: Demorats to hold at least a dozen presidential primary debates, starting next June

  1. This may blow up in their faces, if they get even a single candidate with genuinely restorative or creative ideas in his/her platform. I realise this is an extremely long shot, but, stranger things have happened, such as JFK.

  2. They are all tripping all over themselves to show how much more conformist they are than the one next to them. In the contest for crazy the competition’s pretty stiff.

    The range runs from obnoxious, through repulsive to insane. When you couple this with the insiders they’ve put in the GOP (namely the RINOS), there isn’t much hope for anything worthwhile coming out of this. If there was the others would take them out.

    Tulsi Gabbard is about the only one that seems like she’s relatively sane. Of course, for that reason, she has no hope. Even if elected what would she do with this bunch of mutton heads?

  3. Ever notice there are certain people who just never learn how to simply… GO AWAY???

    How many more years of Hillary Clinton must we endure?
    How many more years of Joe Biden must we endure?
    (And Alexandra Occasional-Cortex is just getting started, the BUG-EYED MANIAC!!!)

    Oh Well. If this three-ring circus won’t break St. Paul, then we, too, must soldier on and endure! Resist these crooks, perverts and maniacs TO THEIR FACE!!!

  4. Beto! (Watch… Biden will be ticked.)

  5. What were the Dems’ “…historic reforms to expand & increase trust in [their] party”? Since they love to brag on themselves, I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of any such widespread “reforms.”

    As for their debates plans, thanks for the forewarning. No doubt their debates will be a three-ring circus with clowns (pedos in disguise), fire eaters (liars), jugglers (of the facts), tightrope walkers (lawbreakers), (mental) midgets, etc. Hopefully, the (Repub) elephants will dump a ton of manure (truthful “dirt”) on their “greatest show on earth.”

    • They used to sell themselves as the “anti-war party”. They were for “the little guy” and all about “freedom”. Now look at them. They are the anti-Christ party. Their stated aims are so radical that only fools and radicals could support them.

      I understand that the celebrities do because that’s how they get and keep their wealth. They are paid whores. The Managers are counting on the celebrity attraction to keep the eaters coming back. They are now the anti-Constitution party, the pro-Crony Capitalist party and head over heels in love with Israel’s wars.

      One would think that an absolute bet would be that NO ONE would ever vote for a Demonrat again.

  6. The more the better for President Trump to get his camp ready for battle, when war is announced the invaders will perish.

  7. Add a big one to the list:

    “Jewish Senators Trying to Extort BDS Anti-Israel Boycott Legislation in Border Wall Funding Bill”

    “Yes, what the Jews are doing here is ‘sneaky’, but that’s how Jews do pretty much everything. They are never upfront about what they really want; instead, they get what they want often through the backdoor because no one would accept what they are really after. It would seem that the Jews are not opposing the building of the Wall on “ethical” principals — they have no ethics or morals — rather they are blocking the Wall in hopes of getting something that would otherwise never pass through Congress — the anti-Israel boycott legislation.”

  8. These should be like something out of Monty Python.


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