Crazy Muslim cleric issues fatwah against beauty parlors

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The crazy old dude Aadil siddaqui is the spokesperson for Darul Uloom Deoband, an Islamic school in India.
H/t beloved fellow GrouchyFogie.

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0 responses to “Crazy Muslim cleric issues fatwah against beauty parlors

  1. Crazy Muslim cleric…
    LOL – Is there any other kind?

  2. Women don’t need beauty parlors. Whatever a woman is born with is what she has and no beauty parlor is going to help. I like women with no make-up who are comfortable with their own natural appearance. I don’t like the Islam or Muslim religion, but their women are more modest. There’s something to be said for that. I never criticize a women who is modest in her appearance.

    • You do know, Al, that beauty parlors aren’t just for makeup? Many women (and men too) get their hair cut in beauty parlors. My best friend, Joan, also goes to a beauty parlor for her pedicure because her severe degenerative disk disease makes it difficult for her to do it herself.
      But then, going by your pic that accompanies your essay on, you probably don’t get your hair or beard trimmed, ever. LOL

    • Are you from the land of Ooze?

  3. Beauty parlors are sort of a moot point when you have to wear a sack over your head anyway…that’s kind of like putting a fatwa on Victoria’s Secret, how would you ever know if you had been successful in your jihad?

    • Thanks Sage Brush! I’m glad too! Sometimes in this world I feel like locking myself in the closet with a flashlight and a Teddy bear, but guess I found some nice people to hang with! Facing senior citizenship in this state of affairs is pretty scary…

  4. One has to see exactly what the Musllim Imam said and in what context. The general activities / services that occur in South Asian beuty parlours over there or in the west are permsible within Islam. In fact, hygene is a very important aspect of the Islamic way of life and men and women looking nice for their spouses are very important within Islam too! The issue might be the removal of womens eye brow hair, which is prohibited within authenic Islamic sources. << apart from this, I cant think what else it could have been. Ahmed

  5. It sounds to me like it’s more about suppression and control of the women, than the actual beauty parlor itself. And someone please pass the brain bleach…I looked at Al…ack!!


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