Lascivious Crazy Democrat Congressman Wu Resigns

It took sex with an underage teenage girl to finally get rid of Oregon Democrat Congressman David Wu.
I wrote about Wu in my post of February 21, “Oregon Dems Reëlected Mentally Ill Congressman,” about how in blue-state Oregon, Democrats will vote even for a looney-bin so long as he has a (D) after his name — and America be damned. Wu was reëlected to a 7th term in the House despite the fact that:

  • His aides and staffers were so troubled by Wu’s mental illness that, 3 days before the election, they staged an intervention, demanding he admit himself into a psychiatric hospital — a demand Wu rejected.
  • His campaign virtually shut down in the last days before November 2. Wu did not even appear in person but relied on canned appeals on Facebook.
  • Neither Wu’s campaign staff nor the media told voters about their grave concerns about the Congressman’s psychological state, thereby demonstrating their priorities.

On March 16, Fellowship of Minds’ DCG reported that Wu had crashed his car into a parked car on a residential street, and that eye witnesses said he smelled of alcohol and acted “impaired.”
Still, neither Oregon’s voters nor Wu’s fellow Democrats in Congress did anything.

Wu e-mailed his staffers this pic of himself dressed in a tiger suit for Halloween.

Then news came last week, that 56-year-old Wu has been accused of an “unwanted sexual encounter” sometime last Thanksgiving with the teenage daughter of a longtime friend and donor. The Oregonian reported that Wu “acknowledged a sexual encounter to his senior aides but insisted it was consensual”.
Wu defiantly told Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and other top House Democrats throughout the weekend and into Monday that he was not leaving office, despite resignation calls from Oregon Democrats. But the pressure finally got to him. This morning, America’s first Congressman of Chinese ethnicity announced he was stepping down “to protect his family” while he responds to “these very serious allegations.”
Moral of story:
Liberalism really is a mental disease, but if being mentally ill were sufficient to get rid of libs, we wouldn’t still have so many of them in Congress.
H/t beloved fellows Steve & Anon.

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A 56 yo w/a teenager? Pervert…
Good riddance!


Or teenage girls.

lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie
lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

Why can’t these politicians just keep it zipped? Is that too much to ask?
The pattern is so established, we all know it by heart: they get caught, lie about it for a week or two, then finally confess. They’re liars and adulterers right from the get-go.
When they finally own up to the truth, they “want our support” so they can continue in “public service” on the taxpayer’s nickel. They serve the public like a bull serves a cow. Yeesh!


these demented individuals are holding gov. positions to represent the people, just have to shake my head and hope people wake up.