Cracking Dams and a Trip Through the Blogosphere

Cracking Dams and a Trip through the Blogosphere

February 11, 2011 by keepusfree

Michele St. Pierre (c) 2011
Just like a major earthquake is sometimes preceded by tiny tremors, or cracks may appear in a once mighty dam before it breaks, the sleeping people of the United States of America are seeing shafts of light through the window shades of ignorance.
While browsing the forums like the blogaholic I am, I was particularly drawn to certain stories, which to me are the bellwethers of things to come.
CandleOne was the story of Texas power shortages during the recent cold snap. I was reading people’s reactions noting an underlying thread of outrage that such a thing could happen in America. What were we? Some kind of third world country? Heads should roll. Imagine, rolling blackouts for as much as an hour at a time. In America! Is Atlas Shrugging? No, surely it was just some misunderstanding, some SNAFU, some bureaucratic foul up, some politician’s bat-crazy legislative error. It couldn’t be that there really isn’t quite enough energy to go around, after decades of ignoring the necessity to address our dependence on this basic necessity and where it originates.
Or perusing a bit further on a virtual tour of the pulse of the “land of the free” to pension funds and the coming, unavoidable Municipal Meltdown of States and Cities. I witnessed screaming outrage at the very idea that pensions as promised might not be paid to public employees. THEY WERE PROMISED. Oh, the government lied to you? Promised you far more than could ever be delivered? Well, welcome to the club. How’zit feel to join the party down here on Cheap Street? Have a seat. There’s a foreclosed-upon, homeless person over there who will move over and give you a place by the trash can fire.
Moving on to surging inflation in basic commodities prices causing food riots and political unrest around the world. Bernanke denying inflation, denying starvation, denying raging unemployment and saying that there’s been some real growth in the economy. Deny, deny, deny. It’s definitely not his fault. It would be worse if he hadn’t have done anything. It will all get better somewhere over the rainbow. You’ve just got to believe in happy endings, wish upon a star, spend money you don’t have, sing a joyful song. Stocks are soaring on gossamer wings. Bankers are getting record bonuses. We can just keep printing money. No one will notice. After all, the world owes us a living, right? We’re too big to fail, too badass to challenge. If we go, they go. Mutually assured financial destruction. Bloggers seem to be catching on. Only a few buy the mantra. They are beginning to see that the whole system is based on massive financial fraud, designed to help a few criminal elite consolidate and control the world’s real assets and resources.
Let’s mosy on over to the new Republican majority House of Congress, who is going to use their newly found mandate to trim 32 billion dollars from the budget. Wow. Trillions of debt piled on to future generations and they are going to cut 32 billion dollars. Tea Party and their children be damned. Bloggers appear to be massively underwhelmed. People talkin’ third party all over the place. Paradigm shift in politics coming. Oh yeah. Congress seems to think, “If we spend it, they will pay…” Who will pay? The rich? Those rich enough have long since departed for more benevolent tax havens. And how much do the rich matter? If America was a car, the rich were merely the leather seats and the high end stereo system. The engine and transmission were the middle class and they have been driven to the edge of destruction with no oil changes. The poor are merely the brakes and the tires, worn down and down. There’s no juice left. High mileage with no maintenance. We’re talkin’ junk yard country here, folks.
young debtOh, yes, and let us not forget the children. They are starting to shake their poor, government schooled, television hypnotized, soft, squishy, fluoridated, Ritalin drugged brains and say, “Wait a minute, I’m supposed to work all the rest of my stinking, miserable existence to fund retirement for people who milked the system, allowed all the wealth to be stolen, voted to take away our freedom, and the only jobs available are to go and fight some oil baron’s foreign war, dodging road side bombs and Jihadist suicide attacks? No way! I’m going to go grub roots in the woods until you all die from starvation. teenAfter all, I’m YOUNG AND FIT. You’re old and sick and spent. Your time will be done and then we will emerge to make a new world on the ashes of the old.” I wish them luck and hope they have learned enough to do that. There were those of us who did fight for them. Who didn’t want to rob them, rape them and drug them. Maybe they will share some of their roots and grubs with us.
If this seems a bit depressing to any of you, then I suggest you go take a cold shower (hot water’s a luxury now), eat a nice, bounteous meal (oh wait, cupboard is bare) take a drive down the highway in your car (oops, sorry no gas) to spend some fun money at the mall (sorry, out of business, too few consumers and currency is worthlessly inflated anyway) go visit the children (sorry, out in the woods grubbing for food) go back home (so sorry, foreclosed on when you lost your job outsourced to Chindia). You are merely a once-upon-a-time consumer, now waiting to be consumed.

RP Tea Party On the plus side, there are millions now who know the score. They know the storm is coming. Their windows are open, they’re wide awake. They are ready. They are prepared. They are reaching out, networking, forming the alliances. The world was not really meant to belong to the sick, twisted parasitical deviants of evil, but to the honest, productive, freedom loving, benevolent, creative souls of the good. Those who practice mercy and justice and charity and independence. The people whose ancestors, metaphorical or real, founded the United States of America, based on the moral principle of individual liberty and the rule of law. There is a clear choice to be made. You can cling to the tortured wreckage of a sinking Titanic, or you can reach out to a lifeboat and join with us to make a better world.

Kid ThanksThe young know that the revolution will not be televised. But it will be YouTubed, Twittered, blogged, emailed, Facebooked and Myspaced. The Blogosphere is where the real free press exists. Where real people converse, and the cracks in the dam and the shafts of light are explored and not ignored, as opposed to the bogus, controlled media where constructed propagandists spew the demented dreams of rotting empire, all the while singing a lullaby to the sheep. “It’s all right. Everything’s okay. Go back to sleep.”

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Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
9 years ago

Outstanding post, LTG!!! A good pulse-taking of America, ending with an upbeat reason to hope for the future.

9 years ago

Thanks for finding this, and sharing it!

Dave from Atlanta
Dave from Atlanta
9 years ago

Red pill or blue?

9 years ago

An excellent piece. Thank you for posting it.