COWARD, Thy name is Obama

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I’m not someone who is going to pull punches, I call them as I see them and Obama is a pure, dyed in the wool, yellow streak down the back COWARD!

  • Only a COWARD conceals his past records because he knows he is illigitimate and has NO experience and NO business being in the White house.
  • Only a COWARD bows before this country’s enemies.
  • Only a COWARD starts his political career in the home of other COWARDS William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.
  • Only a COWARD chooses to spend money we don’t have and burden the taxpayers and future generations in a foolish effort to stimulate the economy rather than make tough choices to cut useless programs and cut spending.
  • Only a COWARD refers to his own country as a bully while kissing up to dictators, despots, and thugs.
  • Only a COWARD saddles debt on children that haven’t even been born yet.
  • Only a COWARD turns his back on an ally (Israel) while sucking up to her enemies.
  • Only a COWARD stands by as a dictator murders his own people in cold blood.
  • Only a COWARD sides with union thugs against the American people even as those same thugs use death threats and intimidation against democratically elected lawmakers.

Obama is the epitome of an America hating, punk COWARD and thankfully the majority of people are wising up to his anti-American socialist/marxist COWARDICE agenda.
~Tom in NC

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0 responses to “COWARD, Thy name is Obama

  1. Your post is a home-run. Well done!

  2. here here. bravo. this should be made into a banner that flies over obama where ever he decides to open his mouth and spew forth the crap that he espouses.


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