Cow plays fetch

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God’s creatures endlessly surprise us.

Do you, like me, think of cows as stodgy animals who just stand stolidly as they chew grass?

A cow in Sweden proves otherwise.

Lotta the cow, who lives on a farm in Gothenburg, Sweden (source), is not only playful, she plays fetch with a big bouncy ball!


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15 responses to “Cow plays fetch

  1. That is a hoot. Now would you want to eat that cow? Not me.

  2. Cute!

    We’ve got three cow pastures by our place (and one bison field). I see the calves frequently playing around, as long as it’s not a super hot day!

  3. What a very super cool video that brings smiles. God’s animals are indeed very smart,

  4. I was raised on a farm, and I can assure you that no animal is stupid. Try to lock a horse or cow in the barn (a bar rotated across the door into a slot), and they will soon learn how to operate the bar and escape. They also say chickens are stupid–not true, and each has his/her own personality! Contrary to common belief, pigs are NOT as dirty as many humans, unless humans force them to live in filth. Animals were my best friends then, and they still are.

  5. Leeann Springer

    I love videos like this. God’s creatures are amazing and often underestimated by humans. Watching our cows graze and never in a hurry, is actually quite relaxing for human nerves. I think it’s cute when the momma cows gather together, while the baby calves are playing. It’s a type of “moms watching their children play”. We are a “no kill farm”. One time, an older cow died. My husband and I buried her on a part of the farm where the cows never go, far from their grazing area. After burying her and smoothing out the top dirt, we went about our daily routines. Later, we didn’t see any of our cows, calves, or bulls, which was very strange. We went out looking and driving around on a tractor to find them. They had all gone to the far away burial spot of the cow. They stood there for most of the day, similar to saying their final goodbyes at a funeral. We also have a 9 year old chicken, named “Granny”. She is respected by the other birds and the roosters never bother her. She has a specific roosting spot at night and it’s as though the others realize it, which is respect. She has cataracts and doesn’t get around too fast, but she is definitely “granny of the roost” . We humans have much to learn and discover about the magnificent “animal kingdom”. Leeann

  6. That is so cool!!!

  7. All farmers should invest in balls for their animals to play with to promote exercise and a more healthy animal. Their human caretakers gain healthy benefits from playing with their farm friends too. That was a wonderful video.

  8. This was delightful to watch. It’s been many years since I’ve been around cows; Generally, they are placid creatures, amenable to human contact. This particular bovine interests me because it’s all white, a rarity, I think.

    Now if only our politicians stopped being full of bull!

  9. This uplifting video is a treasure along with FOTM and doc E sharing it. There is so much good in this world The Snakes in Suits are blind to see. By their deeds you will know them — and a cow and horse also know when they come upon them.

  10. Very cute!

  11. Now, that’s a happy and playful cow. 🙂

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