Couple rejects surrogate baby because of gender

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KOMO: An Australian couple rejected their biological child born to an Indian surrogate mother because of the baby’s gender, but took home its twin sibling, a judge said.
News of the case that dates back to 2012 follows a recent furor over an Australian couple that left behind a disabled twin born to a Thai surrogate mother that prompted a ban on commercial surrogacy in Thailand.
Australian Family Court Chief Justice Diana Bryant told Australian Broadcasting Corp. in an interview broadcast on Thursday that she was told by Australian embassy officials in New Delhi that the couple’s decision to leave their biological baby in India was based on its gender. The twins were a brother and sister.
“I don’t know whether it was the boy or the girl, but they already had a child of one sex and they wanted the other sex and they didn’t want the child,” she told the media outlet.
The Australian High Commission in New Delhi delayed giving the Australian parents a visa for the wanted child while they tried to persuade them to take both children, Bryant said. The unwanted baby was accepted by another family in India who might have bought it, Bryant said.
Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Thursday. Bryant was not available to comment on Thursday.
Federal Circuit Court Chief Judge John Pascoe has called for a national inquiry into international commercial surrogacy. “I find it almost unbelievable that Australians would be choosing a child on the basis of sex and it’s particularly tragic when you think there are wonderful people out there who would love to have a child of any sex,” Pascoe told the media outlet.
I think international surrogacy is the new front line in human trafficking and we have enough anecdotal evidence to believe that people are commissioning children willy-nilly without any proper protections for the children or for the surrogate mothers,” he added.
Pascoe said the Family Court and Federal Court had been left to deal with a process that did not have appropriate legislation in place. Most Australian states outlaw commercial surrogacy but some allow Australians to pay surrogate mothers to have their babies overseas.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the government had few details about the case.
He ruled out the federal government taking control of surrogacy away from state governments.
It’s always distressing to think that a child has been brought into the world and abandoned. It’s terribly distressing to think that this might have been the case,” Abbott told reporters.
“But surrogacy is a matter for the state governments and while I can understand the interest in this right around the country … I certainly don’t intend to change the ordinary constitutional arrangements in this area,” he said.

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0 responses to “Couple rejects surrogate baby because of gender

  1. This is so very very sad. Poor baby….
    The great philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724–1804) distilled morality into a single command called the Categorical Imperative: Treat others not as means to your goal/desire/end, but as ends. Which is another way of saying treat others as you would have others treat you, because certainly, we value ourselves.
    This Australian couple violated Kant’s moral categorical imperative, treating the surrogate mother and the twin babies she birthed as mere disposable “things” — as only means to the couple’s end.

    • “….treating the surrogate mother and the twin babies she birthed as mere disposable ‘things’….”
      Bingo. But isn’t that what surrogacy for hire boils down to in the long run? And heck, once it’s okay to *kill* unborn babies based on the child’s sex, splitting up twins and leaving one behind is a breeze.
      I don’t pretend for a second to understand the mysterious connection that twins have, I think only God can know the true nature and depth of that bond, but I do know that I’ve never once heard of twins being separated at birth, learning of their twin much later in life, and saying “Huh, well isn’t that something, I never had any idea” — they always know!
      Separating twin babies on purpose, without even the shadow of a good reason, is a coldhearted and callous act. But sadly, I guess we all know that this was always and ever only about the “parents” anyway.

  2. Wow – what a sorry situation! We have twins in our family and I can’t imagine even thinking like this. We truly need to pray for these misguided people out there! Dr. Eowyn tagged it – babies are considered THINGS. When you can reduce it all to that, then anything goes, even discarding what is inconvenient.

  3. I have twins, and this is profoundly disturbing to me. I cried for three days after I found out the gender of my twins, because the first ultrasound showed something completely different that what the second one did. Then I figured God must want me to have something different. Now I can’t imagine any different–I’m in love!
    BUT its not about me, it’s about why God put these two of my kids together at the same time. They have a best friend, and the sibling without special needs cares for the other one in a way that no one else could do, and vice-versa. They will have a best friend for life, and a unique relationship that I know God created in His Masterful Plan.
    This is incredibly sick and selfish to break the most unique of all bonds that God created. These twins will forever feel a void. They shared a womb. What she has done will scar the siblings for life.

  4. Wow…. and I thought we in the USA were screwed up.

  5. I cannot help but believe that the real reason they abandoned their child was due to his physical disabilities, not his sex. Can you just imagine standing at the Judgement Bar, and explaining this act to The Lord! Am I ever glad I’m not going to be called to explain how you abandon a child that is partly your very flesh and blood. I hope that the Australian newspapers and TV are broadcasting photos and articles about these two losers, so that others can take appropriate actions and shun them! This is right up there with Elder Abuse!

    • I’ve had the honor in my lifetime of knowing two different sets of courageous parents: a BFF & husband, and my own son/dau-in-law. Both had “late life” babies, and both refused amnio….both declaring that it was a waste b/c, if an abormality would be revealed….it would not matter. They were committed to having and raising the child that was sent to them from God. In both cases, the child was born with no genetic or DNA problems. But, before birth, I had to respect their choices and wrap my OWN head around the choices and be ready and willing to accept LIFE as it comes to us…maybe not as we would “order it up,” but as it arrives in it’s own lovliness, it’s own needs, and it’s own gifts to us. I am heartsick when others can not arrive at this same destination in life.

  6. Lucky baby not to have to enter that messed up family.

  7. hmmmm….Australia does have a growing muslim population and I’m venturing a guess the child (before the twins) they already have at home is not a boy….
    It’s disgusting how women’s bodies are being farmed out as though we are animals.


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