Couple got into screaming slap-fight over Romney and POS

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In our comments on FOTM, some of us had idly chatted about how we don’t understand political odd couples — husband and wife who are political-ideological opposites. Speaking for myself, I cannot imagine having as my husband a man whose core beliefs and values are diametrically opposed to mine. What would we have in common? Unless you’re a starry-eyed teenager (do they still exist in our jaded decadent times?), we all know sexual attraction or romance dissipates over time.

This may be an extreme case, but nevertheless illustrates how challenging life must be for a political odd couple. An elderly man got into a heated argument with his 27-years-younger wife over Romney and Obama, which ended in domestic battery!

Peter Schwartz, 74

Brian Hamacher reports for NBC Miami, Oct. 3, 2012, that police arrested 74-year-old Peter Schwartz of Hollywood, Florida, and charged him with one count of battery for slapping his (unnamed) wife.

According to what the couple told police, the Schwartzes had been arguing about Romney and Obama when Mrs. Schwartz, 47, who favors Obama, grabbed Peter’s shirt and said, “You’re like my mother, you like Romney. That means I don’t like you.”

So he slapped her on the left side of her face with his open right hand, then  yelled at her. He also pushed her in her chest, causing her to fall in the grass. Officers noted in the police report that she had redness and swelling on the left side of her face.

Although Mrs. Schwartz refused to fill out a complaint affidavit, police arrested Peter at his home in the 4000 block of Hillcrest Drive around 8 p.m. Tuesday. He was held on $1,000 bond yesterday; it’s unknown whether he has an attorney.

At his arraignment, Judge John Hurley told Schwartz, “You shouldn’t talk about politics sir, you really should not,” and ordered him to have only phone contact with his wife and to stay 500 feet away from her. Schwartz is forbidden from possessing any guns or ammunition.

For his part, Schwartz insisted that “I love this woman more than my own life,” to whom he’s been married for 24 years.

Although Mrs. Schwartz is not named in media reports, I did a people search and found that Laura Lee Jansson, age 47, who also lives in Hollywood, Florida, is identified as one of Peter Schwartz’s family members.


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0 responses to “Couple got into screaming slap-fight over Romney and POS

  1. It’s not worth it!!

  2. Hilarious…

  3. Wow, get a grip. He must have an explosive temper…dude shouldn’t hit his wife at all.

  4. >>Speaking for myself, I cannot imagine having as my husband a man whose core beliefs and values are diametrically opposed to mine. <<

    I've known couples that started out politically identical, but then one of them eventually moved away to different beliefs. Never a happy thing, but it certainly happens.

    Near my neighborhood is a house with two election signs side by side: One for Obama and one for the state's Tea Party-supporting representative, Robert Hurt. I wouldn't be surprised to see a story like this coming out of there.

  5. License to fight?

  6. The age difference says a lot for this couple. They probably grew up quite dfferently from each other, but even so, hitting and shoving over politics is just going too far.

    ~~on the other hand~~she’s an oblahma supporter, so I wonder if he knocked any sense into her??:)
    (just kidding!!! please don’t throw rotten tomatoes at me!!)

  7. It kills me how some people speak about politics as though they’re analogous to a food preference or favorite color. They don’t get that they’re basically ALL related to biblical moral issues. Not just abortion and homosexuality, but also money and tax issues can be an issue of a politician and voters sinning.

  8. I thought this would be about Mary Matlin and James Carvil.

  9. I guarantee there is more going on here than just a difference in politics! Old issues from other times probably played into this.

  10. Wow! What did she do to you after you broke her wrist?


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