Country music star calls for background checks on private sales; urges other stars to support his effort

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Tyler Hubbard in a screenshot from his Instagram plea…

This extremely biased article does not call out the real goal of this group: Eliminate private gun sales (as they reference an “unlicensed dealer” sale at a gun show.) Funny, I couldn’t find one mass shooting that was committed with a gun obtained via private sale.

But never let facts get in the way of an agenda.

From Yahoo: After announcing his involvement in the Toms apparel company’s campaign to support universal background checks in the firearm industry last week, Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard went one step further on Monday, calling out 34 fellow country artists to add their voice of support to Toms’ “End Gun Violence Together” campaign.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Country, Hubbard expanded on his decision to speak out on the issues of gun violence and gun control, and explained the reasoning behind his call to encourage a wide range of country artists — including Blake Shelton, Chris Stapleton, Miranda Lambert, Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan and even fellow FGL bandmate Brian Kelley — to join him in the campaign.

“We’ve been given a platform and a voice for a reason, and it’s really time to start using that voice for more than just talking about our music and ourselves,” Hubbard says. “Whether it’s at a country bar or a country concert, every artist in our genre has been affected by gun violence directly or indirectly, and it’s something that really hits close to home and something that everybody wants to talk about, but doesn’t really know how to. But there’s no better time than now.”

Hubbard’s comments come just a month after last month’s shooting at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, California, where 12 men and women were killed at the country music bar, and little more than a year after the massacre at the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas, two events that have galvanized the country music community on the issue of gun violence. “We’ve seen it firsthand,” he says. “Our fans and artists are getting shot.”

The Georgia native also cites growing up and having a family with wife Hayley Hubbard as factors that have influenced his thinking on gun violence over the years. “Before, I’d like to think that I was probably a hard-ass who could dodge a bullet, which is not true,” he says. “Now that I’ve got a wife and kids and family, I really start to think about things from a different perspective and I really want to start trying to make a change.”

Hubbard explained that focusing on an issue like universal background checks, supported by a vast majority of Americans in repeated polls, helped make it easier to speak out on a polarizing topic like gun control. “You’d have to be hard-pressed to find somebody that thinks there shouldn’t be background checks,” says Hubbard. “It’s not really as confrontational or controversial as one may think.”

The federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, has been in place since 1993, but there are a number of inefficiencies and loopholes (including the ability to purchase firearms from unlicensed dealers at a gun show without a background check), that have made the system less than 100 percent effective. Toms’ “End Gun Violence Together” campaign is aimed at encouraging lawmakers to pass legislation that would strengthen the federal government’s ability to run background checks on all citizens purchasing firearms in the United States.

Speaking alongside Hubbard, Toms founder/CEO Blake Mycoskie expressed admiration for the Florida Georgia Line singer’s ability to address the issues from the perspective of a firearm enthusiast. “That’s my favorite part of Tyler’s first video, is when he says, ‘I’m a proud gun owner,’” says Mycoskie, who, like Hubbard, admits he has not historically been involved in politics. “That, to me, is what broke the dam: the idea that we can celebrate the sporting nature of using guns responsibly and at the same time we can say that it doesn’t make sense that if you’re a felon you can leave prison and go buy five guns tomorrow.”

Toms’ campaign encourages citizens to send a postcard to their legislators urging them to pass universal background check legislation. Mycoskie says that since launching the initiative last month, more than 600,000 postcards have been sent to lawmakers via the company’s website.

Hubbard and Dierks Bentley were among the first country artists to join the campaign, which Mycoskie began after the Borderline shooting.

Since Hubbard’s challenge to fellow artists, Lady Antebellum and Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild have voiced their support for the campaign.

“This isn’t about taking away anyone’s rights,” Fairchild wrote on Instagram. “We need better background checks.”

Read the whole story here.


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22 responses to “Country music star calls for background checks on private sales; urges other stars to support his effort

  1. Tyler Hubbard? Never heard of him, and since I don’t listen to country music, I won’t even have to boycott him. 😀

  2. How about background checks on political candidates

  3. Leeann Springer

    I’ve never heard of Tyler Hubbard. Country music gives me a headache; especially the garbage they try to pass off as music these days. Hubbard looks flat with empty eyes. Garth Brooks (an overpaid country music flake) must have recruited him. Leeann

    • It gives me a headache, too, Leeann. When I was in the Army decades ago I heard enough for two lifetimes of that infantalizing, whining-alcoholic and loser-as-folk-hero psychological manipulation of rural American men into rhinestone cowboys. Now it’s as openly subversive as the rest of kosher kultur, promoting immediate gratification with blackout binge drinking, drugs, and casual sex with Bobby Sue, as well as the infantile narcissism of driving a muscle pickup when 99% of the time a used Taurus would be more appropriate. This is supposedly what heroes do when life’s got them down—all behind empty moralizing about someday going straight following a few Chinese fortune cookie-style platitudes. And to think how many Americans think CW music, cowboy costumes, and pick up trucks define who they are when the typical CW message is as unmanly and unAmerican as acid rock. Also, this guy Hubbard ain’t who he pretends to be, in more ways than one. The other fellow of TOMS is a flaming narcissist who cynically goes around the third world on self-promoting photo shoots that couldn’t be more fake without becoming a comedy hit on the Internet. Anyway, this sort of Bolshevik stalking horse using CW celebrity whores ought to increase gun sales if anything.

  4. You know, this past week was the 25th anniversary of The Brady Law, which led to background checks in the first place. The left REALLY gutted The Second Amendment back then, and gun owners didn’t even realize it!

    How so? Background checks amount to asking GOV’T PERMISSION to buy a gun, that’s how! If you buy a gun from a gun shop, you fill out the 4473, then the salesman makes a phone call; that call goes to an anonymous gov’t bureaucrat who, after checking you in the database, tells the gun salesman whether or not he can SELL you that gun. I don’t know what anyone else calls that, but I call it seeking permission. To sum it up, if you have to ask permission to do something, you do not have the RIGHT to do that something! It’s common sense, isn’t it? Gun ownership is no longer a right; it’s been relegated to a privilege.

    What is it DMV tells you when you first get your driver’s license? They tell you that driving is a PRIVILEGE, not a right, correct? And what is a license? Here’s what Black’s Law Dictionary says a license is: “In the law of contracts. A permission, accorded by a competent authority, conferring the right to do some act which without such authorization would be illegal, or would be a trespass or a tort…. What is a license, but a fancy form of permission?

    You know the anti-gunners, the left, REALLY pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes when they got Brady! When Brady was passed, there was a serious threat to take all guns away; the Assault Weapons Ban had been passed. The anti-gunners then, appearing to negotiate, said, “Well, we’ll forget about all that if you’ll just give us the background check.” The Brady Law UNDERMINED The Second Amendment, and most folks didn’t even realize it. Hell, many gun owners SUPPORT the notion of background checks!

    In closing, the background check undermines The Second Amendment; it does so because it turns a right into a privilege. Sorry, but if you have to seek permission for something, it’s no longer a RIGHT, folks! All gun laws need to be repealed; only then will The Second Amendment be a right again…

    • AMEN to that! I’ve been saying for years that “ANY Gun Control is UNCONSTITUTIONAL” (I even add it to every petition or letter I send to Congress or our President.),but in the world of today,I guess that makes me a “Dangerous Radical”. Okay-so be it. Right is right.

      • True! Because the fedgov has no enumerated delegated power for any gun laws pertaining to the People EXCEPT “…for governing such part of them (the militia) as may be EMPLOYED in its service.” (Article I, Section 8.16)
        And according to the unambiguous wording of the 10th Amendment, without having an enumerated delegated power, the fedgov may do NOTHING!

  5. Your platform is to play your muzak.
    Nothing else.
    And a felon cant get out of jail and by 5 guns immediately and legally you damn liar.
    Now go live behind your walls and STFU.

    Real country as I listen.
    Sturgill Simpson
    Mandolin Orange just for starts

  6. Now, who’s Tyler Hubbard??

    I ‘ll check IMDb on this one.

    Morgan Wallen Feat. Florida Georgia Line: Up Down (Video short)
    2017 Florida Georgia Line: Smooth (Video short) 2017 Florida Georgia Line Feat. Backstreet Boys: God, Your Mama, and Me (Video short)
    2016 Florida Georgia Line Feat. Tim McGraw:
    way We All (Video short)
    2015 Florida Georgia Line: Confession (Video short)
    2015 Florida Georgia Line: Anything Goes (Video short)
    2015 Florida Georgia Line: Sippin’ on Fire (Video short)
    2014 Florida Georgia Line: Sun Daze (Video short)
    2014 Florida Georgia Line: Dirt (Video short)
    2014 Florida Georgia Line Feat. Luke Bryan: This Is How We Roll (Video short)
    2013 Florida Georgia Line: It’z Just What We Do (Video short)
    2013 Florida Georgia Line: Stay (Video short)
    2013 Florida Georgia Line: Round Here (Video short)
    2013 Florida Georgia Line Feat. Nelly: Cruise – Remix (Video short)
    2013 Florida Georgia Line: Get Your Shine On (Video short)
    2012 Florida Georgia Line: Cruise (Video short)

    Okay, again, who’s Tyler Hubbard??

  7. LOL – I have lived my entire life in Georgia, and I have never heard of this goober.

  8. Tell me Whoever You Are, who precisely committed a crime with a gun that this stupidity would have prevented? Another mindless “Do Something” parrot. He should go back to milking his cows.

    • I have a feeling sheep are more his level… Also a felon can not leave prison and legally buy 5 guns the next day… What planet are some of these people from?

      • From the same planet as those who cite the gunshow loop hole.

        A lib tried to use that in a conversaton with me. I asked them to explain the loop hole and how many times they’d been to a gun show and seen sales occurring via the loop hole.

        Needless to say, the conversation immediately moved onto another topic.

  9. I’ve been to many gun shows. You don’t see gangsters and thugs walking around and it’s not just a bunch of men. There are a lot of woman and children too. Private sellers don’t sell to just anyone with the cash. These are people selling thier personal guns. Sometimes it feels like your adopting a puppy from them. They want to make sure it goes to a good home. You can learn a lot about the new gun. It makes sellers nervous if the buyer doesn’t talk.
    Every transaction I have seen, they asked to see an ID or concealed weapon permit and some will insist on writing up a bill of sale for thier personal records. The whole point of the private sale is to keep big brother from being involved in your personal business and not putting you and your gun on a watched data base somewhere.
    It doesn’t mean anyone can buy a gun under the radar at a gun show. That’s what the left wants you to believe.
    Without an ID, you will have better luck buying in a back alley some where from the trunk of a car.

  10. It would be very refreshing to see just one of these famous people encourage their fans to send a postcard to their representatives, voicing their concern about something that takes the life of millions of children every single year: ABORTION! They will never do it.😑

  11. The data shows that an avg 30 people a day are killed as a result of DUI. Ask the same people if background checks or a permit similar to gun carry permits should be required to purchase or consume alcohol in restaurants or bars? Or ask if gun laws should apply equally to EVERYONE, government officials, agents and the private security of the wealthy elites, you know, according to “the equal protection of the laws” (14th Amendment). I’ve shut down gun control proponents with those questions.

  12. One more country and western music star slipping in his leftist opinion, while conning the public with the presumption of American patriotism. Just as bad as Hollywood.

  13. My sister has one of those cigar lighter fake guns, clutching that, and wearing a cocktail dress she still cuts a fine figure at the age of 75, even though her husband says cluck cluck!

  14. “That, to me, is what broke the dam: the idea that we can celebrate the sporting nature of using guns responsibly and at the same time we can say that it doesn’t make sense that if you’re a felon you can leave prison and go buy five guns tomorrow.”

    The same clowns that worked overtime to get felons back into the voting booth braying, “they serrrrvvvved their tiiiiime”. Either treat them as felons or don’t.

  15. >>>“Before, I’d like to think that I was probably a hard-ass who could dodge a bullet>>>
    Lol! Yeah…that’s what I thought when I saw your picture…a real bad@ss!
    Arnold, then Stallone, then you.
    (Seriously though…is this lil-cutie old enough to shave yet?)


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