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The week of August 12 was a countdown, though to what remains to be seen. I didn’t know it at first. Someone dear to me had died the week before, and I had miles to travel, tasks to finish and people to visit. It never occurred to me that the week following would bring more deaths.

The first happened on August 15th: the original FOTM blog was snuffed out by WordPress.

Then, from the same host, a series of kills: American Everyman, Jays Analysis, 50 Shades of Pissed Off, Fundamental Option, Chem Trails Planet, Government Rag, Dutch Sinse, together with my blog, Cinderella’s Broom. More small, independent blogs, I’m sure, were taken out, sites that shared a mission of exposing false flag operations and hoaxes, notably Sandy Hook.

A few days later, in response to my inquiry, a vaguely worded explanation arrived from WordPress, nearly identical to the one FOTM received:

The death notice was signed as shown:

Sal P.│Community Guardian │

In my case, there were two casualties: three-year-old Cinderella’s Broom and a much older WordPress blog, mixing personal and political topics, which I had voluntarily sealed, marked PRIVATE, with no admission granted without my approval.

Two down. By then it was obvious why WordPress had killed Cinderella’s Broom. It wasn’t because of policy violations (I had never breached the policy in force). It was because someone didn’t like the opinions being expressed and the facts being revealed.

The private blog was another matter. No one was allowed in. Why bother axing what amounted to a sealed coffin?

Two to go. Besides the two dead blogs, I had two others on my WordPress account, each of them artistic in nature without any reference to Sandy Hook, false flag ops or anything remotely political. But given what had happened to the sealed blog, I had to wonder which would be next.

I asked the vague “Sal P.” and got an answer from the phlegmatic “Knox,” who assured me that “transferring your domain to another host will not affect your other sites,” the reason being that, “they are not connected in any way to your domain.”

I wasn’t convinced. I knew I’d been foolish, putting all of my eggs in one basket. I wrote to “Knox,” asking about the private blog. “Did WP violate its own rules and allow others to view my blog who were NOT AUTHORIZED to do so? It’s a question I’m posing now and I’d like an answer.”

That sealed the coffin on the other two blogs. By that evening, I had my answer from the prickly “Fenton” (redaction is mine):

Our decision is final.

The site at was not made open for public viewing. We are suspending your account, and as part of that all sites on your account.


Community Guardian | Automattic

The next day, both of the artistic sites were tombstones.

It was obvious that policy violations were not the reason, and equally clear that content  wasn’t a factor in these two cases. The motive was one of the oldest in the homicide business: revenge.

It lives. WordPress, like other corporate-owned social media, was never a trustworthy platform for the truth. It was the siren calling out to survivors of the great deception, people willing to take a risk, swim out and grab hold of the rock. Then, when it had us sufficiently attached to its slippery surface, down it took us.

The trouble for the controllers of big-tech media is that too many of us had just enough time to stand up and shout. Inconvenient facts have been disclosed. The truth has been told, and the reports of its death are greatly exaggerated.


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22 responses to “Countdown

  1. And that collapse meant a new trustworthy site had to be found, immediately for contributors of the truth, suggestions went on and brains at work to the point that monetary contributions, if needed, would have been made in no time, however, blood did not reach any levels, and though some were heartbroken, patience prevailed and we are here, brand new. When there is a will there is a way, and the light came through for US and we are here. We have found a true Guardian of of the truth.

  2. Saboteur 365 shut down as well.

    “Community Guardian” my arse…more like community coward.

  3. I’m going to ask again, if anything, out of ignorance. Does anybody know how to design and build a “platform”? My understanding (severely limited as it is), is that anyone can get a site up and running.

    So, what do outfits like “WordPress” bring to the equation? If we don’t want “community guardians” (block wardens?), censoring information why can’t we eliminate the problem?

    I’m sure there’s more to it, but it can’t be insurmountable. A large outfit like Alex Jones, for example, should be able to fund a few servers and acquire their own IP address.

    • I don’t understand it either, but I think it is hard to find hosting somewhere that isn’t owned by the big ones. For example, Gab (kinda like a twitter) is supposed to be 100% free speech and it is… except that the *server* it is on is owned by microsoft. So recently they were threatened to be shut down based on one guy’s anti-semitic posts.

      • I’m with you. I don’t get it, and it looks like I never will. There must be some missing pieces. I would have to make a study of it and I’m just not up to it.

    • It should be that simple, Lophatt. Although, I don’t think jones will be any good as I think he’s a disinfo agent, and as such part of controlling the opposition, so to speak (Who among the real researchers would, upon getting into bohemian grove, just let a ceremony that is alleged to be human sacrifice potentially, just go underway just to tape it, and then sneak out afterwards, not checking for the alleged sex slaves or the leather rooms and other things underground, etc., and really how would the elitists there at that time not have knowledge of who jones was, is he such a master of disguise? Why has he not done any such infiltrations since of anything else like bilderberg, the C.F.R., club of rome, tavistock, etc.? Makes one wonder if he only got into bohemian grove because he had an official invite to join the club, and has been working to “gatekeep” since, and steer a bulk of the “opposition”.)

      Its simple, you acquire servers to host stuff on, you put the necessary softwares on them, and then you link them to the internet, and assign them an address, it should be easy-peasy. Although in that case there would be the problem of utilizing an I.S.P. for the internet connection, and an I.S.P. can do all manner of things to censor & mess with things, Ideally you’d want to be your own internet service provider, after all the internet is just a bunch of computers that are strung together that show each other’s contents via browsers, and yet you “can’t” just plug in a cord and go, because that was pushed into being something corporations control. The old Bulletin Board Systems that preceeded the corporate takeover was superior in that respect, if you knew the number to make a modem dial you could get into that computer, no corporate I.S.P. middle-man. That’d be hard to do now though since modems have silently been dumped, a once critical piece of computer hardware now being replaced by some rinky dink radiation device in most places, one which people don’t have much, if any, control over.

      With a modem you could always yank a wire and disconnect, wireless garbage can, and does, ignore we “end-users” to transmit data without authorization, (Our control over the devices has been taken away with nary a peep.) and doesn’t have a cord to yank, if its a wireless modem plug in/”dongle” there is the option of yanking it of course, but the best you can do is pull the battery out of things like cell phones, and hope there isn’t a special smaller battery to keep those hidden things going, embedded in the circuit board.

      As I think on it, perhaps that is why, in part, wireless garbage was pushed so hard, it takes away people’s ability to cut the cord, so to speak, making it that much harder to get away from the control of the creeps, without breaking the devices, anyway.

  4. Speaking of Word/press:
    The person who writes this blog is not an English as first language speaker/writer. But this is a very interesting piece and I think we should all consider what he says.

    • Well, considering what he says, this is a good example of why I say I don’t have any heroes and I’m not a “follower”. Whether you like AJ or not, sometimes he’s at least a little right.

      As with SHES, precisely why is belief the default position? It looks to me like everyone is trying mightily to spin all that research into something meaningless. Why? If I’m Mr. MSM or Joe Sixpack, why on earth would I care what anyone thought about SHES?

      I’m sure he’s right that they will try to connect Trump to Jones and, somehow, Putin (cough!), but so what? Any beliefs I may have are not due to the personality of the person that introduced them to me.

      The last I saw (related to his lawsuit), Jones was now claiming that SHES happened as advertised. THIS is why I don’t care for Jones. He did the same thing for Pizzagate and Comet Ping-Pong. He has minimal credibility with me.

      What I see is that what passes for the “news” as well as all these other self-appointed guardians of the “truth” are simply using psychological ploys and many are falling right under their spell.

      No one has an obligation to swear allegiance to somebody’s stated belief. This is all based on safety in groups. They want utter conformity. Whether they are accusing someone of “hate speech” (whatever that is), or “White Supremacy” (that’s anyone who isn’t ashamed to be white), the ploy works the same. The accused is supposed to instantly and vociferously deny any affiliation with those “conspiracy theories” (ooooh!).

      Their means and methods are really pretty obvious. We are watching them dismantle what’s left of what used to be a great country. When they are done everyone will be living in Sorostan.

  5. They shut down toobefree also. They were exposing the holohoax. Thwy were also covering several trials in Germany, one was Monika Schift (sp) a Canadian Citizen in jail talking about the hoax on youtube.
    I find it amazing the ppl who are complaining on the so calles “right” but can add 2 plus 2. Google, youtube, FB, wordpress are all run by who??

    Did anyone read in the msm about the billions just signed into law going to Israel??? Yeah i didnt see it either in the US press

  6. Clearly it wasn’t a violation of TOS, it was a personal vendetta, waged by proxy through those so-called “guardians”, who I think should be referred to more appropriately, as gestapo.or wordpress’s SS (Or would that be the “ss” in “wordpress”?). Fitting since they keep neo-nazi blogs etc. functioning, but shut down Truth and free speech.

    I suspect you are right, the satanists are up to something, and I doubt it has to do with something as small potatoes as november elections, (though they probably want people to think that it is.) given what was attacked, it seems like what they’re up to has to do with the subject matters covered in the places that were shut down, no?

  7. Thanks sincerely for all of the supportive and very insightful comments. I’m getting used to FOTM, so haven’t been able to respond to all of them. But all are appreciated. Stay strong & true. ~C

  8. Can you say SS Brown shits in digital form doing what nazi’s do with free speech. Sorry for you losing all your work and time.

  9. CogitoErgoSumantra

    This post needs to get out to the BIG blogs and media… where it can reach hundreds of thousands if not millions who aren’t yet brainwashed, so the full public can see what’s going on. I’d even try pushing it to sites I can’t stand like politico, slate, sputum, whatever, just so that it can build some momentum with the folks who still have *some* independent thinking left, and who will become truly cognizant of the fact that THEY may be the next to get axed.

    Maybe try PBS and NPR, I dunno. What can they do, refuse? Maybe DARE them to show some balance and to FIGHT for our freedom of speech.

    The presumably EASY targets would be the moderate and right-leaning sites, even if we don’t always agree with them (Jones, Limbaugh, Beck, et al.)… then maybe NewsMax, RT America, Sky News, etc.; Fox News too. EWTN & CBN?

    Show the cowardly, uneven-handed maliciousness with which they are treating those with whom they disagree on political or ideological bases (including religion), all anathema to our fundamental human rights.

    This is straight out of 1984.

    I honestly WANT to think that it’s not the policy of the higher-ups, but rather just the workings of some dweebs in positions to do harm without really having the blessings to do so from above, but it’s looking more like that’s not the case. If it is indeed institutional, it has to be exposed *nationally*. And globally.

  10. The truth behind this old door in Cinderella’s tales was too much for the cabal. Verboten topics. They slammed the door shut. We know what’s behind it thanks to Cinderella’s efforts. They can’t take that away.

  11. Thanks so much for your chronology and description of your experience with wordpress, as well as your listing of the several sites whom were summarily dropped and “banned/censored.” Much needed—now and probably even more so in the future for the evolution of the “free press/freedom of speech” on the established internet platforms. Either they “will” or “won’t
    participate in our “free press” social compact through the First Ammendment. It will spell their fate, ultimately. Will they always make a living if they continue their present way? Yes….but….will they always be considered a valid platform like the press of old? No. Never.

    This purge proves that they will be a large “Access Hollywood” network of blabbering fools for whom only teens and vapid minds care. Two lowly/lightly-funded segments of our society—just in case they might want to consider this aspect. They USED to be the last bastian of the American free press—people were allowed CHOICE and CHOICE of “editors” through this system…to encounter a WIDE net of disparate incomes, races, cultures, belief-systems, family situations, genders, and a place for vibrant discussion and myriad outlooks/vantage points across the USA. And now–these internet platvorms have joined the resistance to become one-dimensional I just don’t see a difference between the printed form….like a newspaper…..reporting the news….whether they like it or not…..with rumors or not (and named so—by calling it maybe a “conspiracy theory right up front!) and an internet platform that promises to support the same speech, like it or not as “news.” Americans don’t believe everything they read “in the papers.” HA! My sainted/departed dad warned me against that 50 years ago! Had to be a reason for it even way back then! But Americans are not STUPID enough, DULL enough (esp. if you pay for a newspaper these days—the few and far between evidently) to NOT know what is going on with the “resistance” and the anti-Trumpers, and the open-borders and socialist afficianados…the “free everything for everyone” advocators….the bleeding heart pro-illegal-immigrant whiners….as well as those who harbor, for GOOD REASONS….suspicions against our government and its agencies —that they would engineer a self-serving situation in order to reach an “end” for something they feel they can not reach in any other way…… least, Constiutionally. It’s happened before….and no one paid for it in the government, “just” a poor border patrol agent gave all…and his family, too. ……..and the band played on…….

  12. Good article. If you touch on certain topics they nail you. took my site down as well. Luckily I had backups and I was able to transfer all of my subscribers.

  13. I especially liked the following statement you made on your blog, reproduced below:

    “So, I say this to the people who have alt-media sites and don’t want them shut down… just post dumb stuff like, flat Earth, space is fake, NASA is evil, aliens are eating your brains, everybody who makes a hand gesture is a Freemason, Alex Jones is Bill Hicks and a CIA operative,etc…just stay within those boundaries and you’ll be alright. You’ll be alright with those topics because they want the alt-media reduced to 100% disinformation. If you want to get shut down, talk about Zionism, pedophilia in the government and Hollywood and the attempted normalization of it, censorship, the technocracy we live in, Hillary Clinton and her corrupt gang, debt slavery, false flags, and be sure to criticize liberalism, social marxism, SJWs, transgenderism, Antifa, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,, and any other platform that stifles free speech. That’s just a short list of material you can pull from in order to get your site taken down. Trust me, it works.”

    Haha. Good advice. Keep posting. ~C.

  14. Well, what I wrote basically sums it up. Seriously. You never see sites, social media accounts, or YT accounts that primarily cover certain topics, like the ones I listed,..(topics that fall under the category of what I call…conspiratainment)…taken down, it doesn’t happen. I won’t rant on your blog but I see how the establishment is trying to manipulate and derail the truth movement. I think much of the alt-media has been co-opted already by alphabet agency stooges. The same way mainstream media was infiltrated by CIA agents 50 years ago as part of Operation Mockingbird.

    Thanks for posting my comment.

  15. You bet. Keep up the good work, TS. ~C

  16. Trying to keep up the good work. Seems like ever since shut me down and I switched to a new host the amount of daily traffic has been cut by about 2/3rds of what it used to be. I’m getting almost zero referrals from search engines since the move. Coincidence? I doubt it. The amount of new subscribers and comments is also way down. I was able to migrate my followers but I’m wondering if they’re being notified of new posts. Something is not right.

    Possibly shadow banned? Wouldn’t surprise me.

  17. Being censored is a lonely prospect. Fight it by maintaining your presence on the Sweet Dose of Reality blog. The worst thing that can happen isn’t shadow-banning, but losing heart and going silent. Don’t do it. I really believe that good will prevail, but it’s up to all of us to do the work no matter what.


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