Cosmic Exclamation Point

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This cosmic exclamation mark is the unfolding collision between two galaxies, VV 340 (also known as Arp 302), located 450 million light years from Earth.
The edge-on galaxy near the top of the image is VV 340A, the center of which likely contains a rapidly growing supermassive black hole that is heavily obscured by dust and gas. The face-on galaxy at the bottom of the image is VV 340B.
Millions of years later these two spirals will merge – much like the Andromeda and our own Milky Way will likely do billions of years from now.
[Source: Daily Mail]
H/t Igor.

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0 responses to “Cosmic Exclamation Point

  1. Breathtaking indeed!!!

  2. What’s really amazing is the light that made that picture possible took 450 million years to get here.
    It would be really cool to see what it actually looks like today.
    LOL – A whole lot can change in 450 million years.


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