PC Version of 12 Days of Christmas

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This PC version of the “12 Days of Christmas Winter” perfectly summarizes the Left’s corruption of our schools and children:

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H/t beloved fellows Bloomergal and Will.

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  1. At the “famous” Staten Island ferry terminal (the ferry goes from Staten Island to Manhattan (NYC), a nativity scene was taken down in the terminal.
    The Staten Island Advance carried the news. Allegedly, the staff put in the nativity scene, but a Christmas tree and a menorah were kept on display, which surprises me.
    We are surrendering our country to secularism and political correctness.
    I, for one, hate this.
    I’m giving my grandchildren books about CHRISTMAS for Christmas.
    They will eventually be given books on Hannukah as well.
    Perhaps it is up to the grandparents to leave them their culture, ethics and memories.

  2. This would be hilarious if it wasn’t sadly true…

  3. Is it just me, or did anyone else notice the absence of the word Christmas or any association of it in this year’s TV advertising?

    • The only retailer I’ve seen using Christmas is Victoria’s Secret, they say “Merry Christmas Angels”. Too bad I can’t buy all my gifts there cuz I would if I could!

  4. An entertaining and on-target parody.
    Even Walmart is excluding “Christmas” from holiday signage and print copy.


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