Corporate donors to Planned “Parenthood” abortion-mill

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Planned Parenthood Shasta

Not only are taxpayers forced to subsidize Planned Parenthood’s killing of the unborn, the abortion mill also has “matching gifts” donations from corporate America.

The following is a list of the corporate sponsors of just one Planned Parenthood — Planned Parenthood Shasta-Diablo in northern California:

PP Shasta-Diablo

  1. 3Com Corporation
  2. Abbott Laboratories Fund
  3. Adaptec, Inc.
  4. Adobe Systems, Inc.
  5. ALZA Corporation
  6. AMD – Advanced Micro Devices
  7. American Express Corporation
  8. Amgen Corporation
  9. Aon Corporation
  10. Aspect Global Giving Program
  11. Autodesk, Inc.
  12. Bakar Foundation, Gerson
  13. Bank of America
  14. Barclays Global Investors
  15. Baxter International
  16. Becton Dickinson & Company
  17. Birkenstock Footprint Sandals, Inc.
  18. Brobeck Charitable Foundation
  19. Cadence Design System, Inc.
  20. California HealthCare
  21. California Wellness
  22. Capital Group Companies
  23. Charles Schwab
  24. Chase Manhattan
  25. ChevronTexaco
  26. Chubb & Son, Inc.
  27. Cisco Systems
  28. Citigroup
  29. CMP Media, Inc.
  30. Compton Foundation, Inc.
  31. Computer Associates Int’l, Inc.
  32. Cowell Foundation, S.H.
  33. Del Monte Foods
  34. eBay
  35. Electronic Arts, Inc.
  36. Fannie Mae
  37. Federated Department Stores, Inc.
  38. First Data Corporation
  39. Fleet
  40. Flora Family Foundation
  41. Fremont Group
  42. Gallagher Foundation, Arthur J.
  43. Gap
  44. Genentech, Inc.
  45. General Physics Corporation
  46. General Re Corporation
  47. Georgia-Pacific Corporation
  48. Grainger, Inc.
  49. Haas Fund, Evelyn and Walter Jr.
  50. Hanson, Bridgett, Marcus, Vlahos and Rudy LLP
  51. Harcourt, Inc.
  52. Hewlett Foundation, William & Flora
  53. Household International
  54. IBM
  55. IKON Office Solutions
  56. Illinois Tool Works
  57. Infocom Group
  58. International Data Group, Inc.
  59. Irvine Foundation, James
  60. Joseph Seagram and Sons
  61. Johnson & Johnson
  62. JP Morgan
  63. Kaiser Family Foundation, Henry J.
  64. Lam Research Corporation
  65. Levi Strauss
  66. Macromedia
  67. Macworld Communications, Inc.
  68. Mastercard International
  69. McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
  70. Merck Company
  71. Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc.
  72. Microsoft Corporation
  73. Millipore
  74. Monsanto Fund
  75. Moore Foundation, Gordon & Betty
  76. Morgan Chase
  77. Morrison & Foerster
  78. National Semiconductor Corp.
  79. Network Associates
  80. Nokia
  81. Northern Trust Company
  82. Olin Corporation
  83. Oracle Corporation
  84. Packard Foundation, David & Lucille
  85. PCW Communications, Inc.
  86. Peninsula Community Foundation
  87. PepsiCo
  88. Pfizer
  89. Providian Financial
  90. Prudential
  91. Quaker Oats
  92. Qualcomm Inc.
  93. RBC Dain Rauscher
  94. Rockefeller Foundation
  95. Rosendin Electric, Inc.
  96. San Jose Mercury News
  97. SBC
  98. Schwab Corporation
  99. Schudder Kemper In
  100. vestments, Inc.
  101. Starbucks
  102. Stuart Foundation
  103. Sun Microsystems
  104. Synopsis
  105. Tandy Corporation
  106. Tenet Healthcare
  107. U.S. Bancorp
  108. UBS Realty Investors LLC
  109. Washington Mutual
  110. West Group
  111. Working Assets Funding Service
  112. Xinet
  113. Yahoo!

H/t California Catholic Daily


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0 responses to “Corporate donors to Planned “Parenthood” abortion-mill

  1. Thanks for the list. I will alter my purchasing habits accordingly.

  2. these are all NWO supporters. sick twisted satanic individuals.

  3. The greatest cause of human suffering is the birth of unwanted children. The mothers should all be permanently sterilized, and if the fathers can be determined vasectomies for them all.

  4. This list presents a number of problems. Ideologically, the ROOT of our ongoing problem is the British Eugenic Agenda, introduced by the unveiling of the so-called “theory” of Evolution, which preaches that we came from nowhere, we are nowhere and we are going nowhere. (But an evil trade was made just prior to that: Beginning with Hegel and Marx, we traded Religious or Moral Man for Sociological Man, which enabled that eugenic agenda).
    The next problem is the economic problem: All these corporations have long practiced what was identified in the 1960s “interlocking corporate directorships,” whereby the board members of one corporation also belonged to the boards of other corporations. Or, more insidious still, where all the board members of these corporations also belong to the foundations and tax-exempt organizations set up by the same cabal of people. The result is that board members of one corporation not only directly control their own organization, but they spread their influence to others at least indirectly. Thus it’s not only a matter of manipulation of the society at large, but a TRIANGULATION of it as well. And this triangulation and influence is found across nations and continents!
    Although you and I may have never procured or paid for an abortion, or counseled a woman to get one, CORPORATELY, society and Civilization itself is under Judgment. And now I see something I did not before: In order for Armageddon to come, the moral Apocalypse has happened FIRST.
    Make no mistake: We have passed the point of no return as far as economic and moral consequences are concerned: Armageddon comes as a result of our corporate moral corruption; The Three Days of Darkness comes as a result of our century-old moral darkness. God Almighty shall not be mocked!

  5. That picture is sickening. And is the name really Planned Parenthood Shasta DIABLO (caps mine)? That makes an honest description, no matter the reason for the use of “Shasta Diablo.” Again, Apocalypse/Revelation 12, he was cast out of heaven (I am looking forward to when he will be cast from earth). His wrath will continue to grow against God and the work of our Lord’s hand, times to get worse beyond present understanding, fasten your seat belts to the cross, it will be a wild ride.

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  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most important post and thank you for setting out for all to see, the list from Catholic Daily so that we can boycott them. I am aghast at the list, i.e. Pepsi, American Express, Bank of America. . .The picture which sets forth what a butchered child looks like, condemns Planned Abortionhood without using any words; look at the eyes and little fingers. . .God, please help us continue our fight against this horrible sin, this cruelty beyond any understanding.

  8. No surprises here, but I am really angry at Adobe.

  9. So many of these corporations have an impact on our existence.
    However, in an effort to make them understand that there are consequences for their actions, we should endeavor to boycott their products or services and let them know why.

  10. Excellent list to boycott.

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