Corgi vs. Ice Cube

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After a mini-vacation I’m back to posting.  Figure I better ease back into this and start with some cuteness!

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0 responses to “Corgi vs. Ice Cube

  1. that was cute DCG!

  2. Teddy, my older Pom, now 14, same age [68] as I am, LOVES anything cold. He’s always eaten ice cubes, and for a year now has benefited by eating two large FROZEN sardines twice a day: heads, tails, and everything ‘tween! It made a HUGE difference in his recovery from hip bone surgery. He now can easily go up & down 7.5″ risers. Our vet [woof!!] Dr Lori said that the fish oils reduced the inflammation within his pelvic area. Try them on yr critter: fishicles are God’s gift to ache-filled cats & dogs!

  3. Dogs rule. 🙂

  4. In the summer I give my Corgi, Baci ,ice cubes and he loves them.
    josephbc69…I will have to try frozen sardines one day…just to see what he might do…he’s a young dog…only 4, but he might like them.
    thanks DCG, anything Corgi gets a thumbs up from me !

  5. Cute. 🙂

  6. Corgi (“Bandit”) gets the Cutest Critter Evah award! Thank God for these previous innocent creatures He’s entrusted in our care.

  7. Now that would have been amusing 🙂

  8. I like to put an occasional ice-cube in Milo’s water-dish…
    messy, but always funny 🙂


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