Copyright certificate for Obama’s book was falsified

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When Random House published Obama’s first memoir, Dreams From My Father, in 1994, they had to fill out a Certificate of Registration to copyright the book.

Attorney Dr. Orly Taitz obtained a copy of the Certificate of Registration for Dream From My Father, and noticed something odd. As Dr. Taitz explains:

In the area [of the certificate] where one has to post the birth date of the author, Obama posted USA. Clearly, a constitutional scholar and editor of Harvard law review should  understand the meaning of the question: “what is your date of birth”. Shockingly, Obama answered USA.

So Dr. Taitz asked a typesetting expert, Paul Irey, to look at the certificate. Irey was certified as an expert by Judge Sherry Reid in an Obama eligibility trial in Indiana.

In an email to Dr. Taitz, Irey confirmed that:

  • The typesetting for the word “USA” is different from the rest and it was done using a manual typewriter which was not in use by professional publishing houses in 1994.
  • The word “USA” was typed in two other places on the certificate by two different typewriters because of the different font sizes.
  • Irey also speculated that the certificate was “remade” because the country of birth was Kenya in the original “real” certificate. In other words, a forged form was created to replace the original Certificate of Registration.

Here’s the (fake) copyright Certificate of Registration for Dreams From My Father with the telltale signs of forgery circled in red (click image to enlarge):

Copyright-Dreams-of-my-fatherSee also:


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0 responses to “Copyright certificate for Obama’s book was falsified

  1. traildustfotm

    How much about Obama is pure fiction? We just can’t know.
    One thing is certain. His destruction of America is anything but fictional, or accidental.

  2. What difference does it make this late in the game?????? This was known very early on and so now, look at the results of a non-loyal American Presidient.

    • It makes a difference to those of us who want the truth, and to future historians. Nor is this — falsification of the copyright certificate — “known early on.” Credit should be given Dr. Taitz for this discovery.

    • You must take lessons from Hilary Clinton when being questioned about the avoidable and horrible tragedy of Benghazi, as she stated, “What difference does it make?” The Truth makes a difference, how a U.S. ambassador and Navy Seals were killed makes a difference. Whether or not a person is eligible to become a president under our Constitution makes a difference. And we could go on and on with the lying going on in this administration: the Truth makes a difference!

      Looking at the “results” of a “non-loyal” American President is an indictment in and of itself. I refer you to the Obama Chronicles set forth upon FOTM. Read and know then about how our country is being destroyed by this “non-loyal” American President and his administration. (By the way, you should look up in the dictionary how to spell “president.”}

  3. Leeann Springer

    My question remains ; why is this Manchurian type candidate still in unbridled power? Why has he not been sent packing by now? Is this country waiting for him to lower the hatchet? He defies our laws, constitution, infiltrates our military with sodomites, spits on our American culture, has our military killed to free a damnable traitor and yet we still see his smug and condescending face in power. He is a Trayvon without the hoodie. I can’t stand to look at him or hear his voice. I have the same repulsion with slick Willie and slicker Hillary. How much longer is this country going to be cursed by the Kenyan? I foresee another Revolution on the near horizon. Leeann

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  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post and for disclosing more lies about the king of our country. The Father of Lies is at work with this king and his administration, the complete and utter refusal to disclose any of his true personal records or past. And the lies will continue since the Father of Lies inspires our king.

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  7. Dr. Orly Taitz ran for California Attorney General in our June 3, 2014 primary. This first ever CA “jungle primary” had the potential to be an absolute game changer as never before. Unfortunately dismal voter turnout (and premeditated fraud) placed the left’s progressive establishment candidates on a silver platter that we citizens will be force fed come November. And for anyone in CA paying attention… Obama is coming to see Neel Kashkari in Laguna Beach this coming week; surprised? Not me.

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