"Coping" with life and marriage

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U.S. Olympian who worked as high-priced call girl promises to ‘make amends’

Fox News: A three-time U.S. Olympian runner who has admitted her double life as a  prostitute is taking an apology lap on Twitter, promising to “make amends” and  return to being a good mother.
Suzy Favor Hamilton, a 44-year-old nine-time NCAA champion, admitted to The  Smoking Gun that she worked as a $600 per hour call girl for a Las Vegas escort  agency since last December, booking dozens of dates in Sin City and other major  cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston. In a series of posts on Thursday,  Hamilton took to Twitter to begin resurrecting her life.
“I cannot emphasize enough how sorry I am to anyone I have hurt as a result  of my actions and greatly appreciate the support from family and those closest  to me,” Favor Hamilton wrote. “I fully intend to make amends and get back to  being a good mother, wife, daughter, and friend.
The married mother of a 7-year-old girl indicated she has been seeing a  psychologist for the past few weeks and will continue doing so. “I do not expect people to understand, but the reasons for doing this made  sense to me at the time and were very much related to depression,” Favor  Hamilton wrote. “As crazy as I know it seems, I never thought I would be  exposed, therefore never hurting anybody.”
Favor Hamilton said she was drawn to escorting in large part because it  provided “many coping mechanisms” during a challenging time in her life and  marriage. “It provided an escape from a life that I was struggling in,” Favor Hamilton  wrote to nearly 4,000 followers. “It was a double life.”
Favor Hamilton’s sordid past has already sullied her future, as Disney  canceled a scheduled appearance at an August 2013 expo during the Disneyland  Half Marathon weekend. Bob Hitchcock, a spokesman for runDisney, which organizes the company’s  races, told the Orange County Register that Hamilton is no longer scheduled for  future Disney events. She previously spoke at and led a dance at an August  meet-up at Disneyland Half Marathon events in Anaheim. In February, Favor  Hamilton appeared at a Princess Half Marathon event at Florida’s Walt Disney  World, the newspaper reported.
Favor Hamilton, who used the alias “Kelly Lundy” during her trysts, shared  her true identity with several male clients. The decorated competitive runner  has characterized the escort business as “exciting” and a diversion from her  Wisconsin real estate brokerage with her 44-year-old husband, Mark, who is aware of her illicit business. “He tried, he tried to get me to stop,” she told The Smoking Gun. “He wasn’t  supportive of this at all.”
As a nine-time NCAA champion for Wisconsin, Favor Hamilton is the namesake of  the Big Ten Conference’s Suzy Favor Athlete of the Year Award. Big Ten spokesman  Scott Chipman told the Associated Press the conference had no comment.
Las Vegas police have no record of any arrests or contact with Favor  Hamilton, said Officer Laura Meltzer, a department spokeswoman. No inquiry about  Favor Hamilton was launched as a result of the news reports, Meltzer said.
So sad that this woman ended up in prostitution as a “diversion” from life. I certainly wouldn’t forgive a spouse if they did this to me. Yet everyone is different, with different circumstances. What say you?

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0 responses to “"Coping" with life and marriage

  1. First she said she became a prostitute (“escort” is just a fancier, higher-priced hooker!) for the “excitement.” Now, she’s playing the victim — that this was her way of “coping” during a “challenging” time in her “life and marriage.” Yeah, right. Committing adultery and sleeping with strange men for $ and “excitement” is the way to “cope” with marital “challenges.”
    How’s that working out for you, Ms. Suzy? Your daughter must be so proud of you.

    • Her married life and business was REALLY so bad she needed to do this? I think not.

      • Uh-oh, “expert” opinion says I might be wrong…
        “Stanley Teitelbaum, a psychologist who wrote the book ‘Athletes Who Indulge Their Dark Side,’ said it’s not so difficult to understand. After retiring, and spending most of her life trying to live up to a certain ideal and getting her highs from the adrenaline rush of elite, competitive sports, day-to-day life in the civilian world can seem boring.
        ‘You’ve got to think of an emotional outlet, maybe in her case, a nonconventional outlet, a way of getting high by somehow being a bad girl in contrast to her image of an upstanding, Olympic athlete,’ Teitelbaum said.”
        “Image and reality far different for three-time Olympian-turned-prostitute, by Eddie Pells, Associated Press via Yahoo! News, 21 Dec 2012.
        Sorry, my bad. I didn’t realize sports was so hard unlike, say, being a soldier getting shot at in Afghanistan or something. Golly, what was I thinking? Sometimes an upstanding person just has to be a ‘ho, no matter if it hurts their husband and kids, to keep their sanity. You go, girl! Charge extra for that kinky stuff!

  2. Interesting…….”a diversion from life”……….and she said her husband knew about it???? I would get a permanent diversion from an individual like this. Let’s just blame it on depression? No,……..I think I’ll call it as it is……….WRONG, twisted and making excuses! Where has integrity gone?

  3. Like how he “tried” to get her to stop and “wasn’t supportive of this at all”… really motivated there, eh?

  4. $600 a night , that’s about average in Houston for some class but seeing how Her hubby is still around maybe he is a little more excited about her doings then he would like to admit. “Just saying…..”

  5. Like the “Prodigal Son”…it seems she has returned to “Jesus!”
    So which one of you…is without “Sin?”
    You are all so quick to point out the “speck” in someone else’s eye, yet…can’t remove the “log” in your own! …very “Christian!”
    “God Bless her husband for being there for her through all her tribulations and may she continue to grow in her endeavors as she has described, in the Name of, Jesus Christ, I Pray…Amen!”

    • bobby, like they say
      “Don’t judge till a water moccasin is in your shoes for a mile” LOL
      Something like that.
      You make a good point.
      I learned a long time ago when I was in TV, Film Biz
      To believe half of what you see. And none of what you read. There is always more to story, and Hey, who am I to judge.
      With that being said , I’m glad it’s not my wife. People forget that internet is forever. Poor kid someday will find out.
      People forget about the kids.

    • bobby90247 – After accusing the members of this fellowship of judging this fallen woman, you have done the exact same thing you accuse us of, by judging us.
      Taking Scripture and twisting it to suit your own purposes is called blasphemy. The Prodigal Son was a Parable given to us by Christ – to demonstrate His own forgiving nature. Each and every one of the redeemed are Prodigals – that are under Grace, given freely from the Father of Lights. We only receive this Grace, if we are truly repentant. As far as this article shows – she is not repentant to the Lord. Not one mention of Jesus Christ, or that what she did was sin. Without admission of sin – there is no forgiveness from God. The world can forgive her all they want – but that won’t carry her very far at the Great White Throne Judgment.
      So there – yes I do judge her pathetic excuse for her behavior. Her tribulations amount to 100% self absorption. And to quote Scripture accurately – this is what the Lord Himself had to say about cheating spouses –
      Matthew 5:31-32
      King James Version (KJV)
      31 It hath been said, Whosoever shall put away his wife, let him give her a writing of divorcement:
      32 But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery.
      So you see – she has done the ONLY thing that the Lord allows for divorce.

      • Yeah, bobby, the problem with saying “You shouldn’t judge people” is that by saying that, you’ve just violated your own injunction to not judge people, because you just cast judgment & disapproval on people who judge others. So you just committed the no-no you accused others of doing.
        It’s called a logical fallacy of the self-contradictory kind, and all philosophers know that the FIRST rule in Logic is not to contradict oneself.

        • So, no judgement of another is possible.

          • Oops. I meant that as a question, not a statement.

          • No, hap. Rather, when it comes to the demands of Logic, the assertion “We shouldn’t judge another” is logically untenable because the statement contradicts itself. The statement “We shouldn’t judge another” is itself being judgmental, because the word “we” includes the person saying “We shouldn’t judge another.”
            In other words, whenever someone (let’s call him X) lectures to us that “We shouldn’t judge another,” what X really means is “You shouldn’t judge another” but it’s OK that I, “X,” judge you. And that of course is just plain hypocritical.

            • Is it fairer to say “No one should judge another?”

              • Hmm… It still won’t work.
                To “judge” is to discern right from wrong. The statement “No one should judge another” itself is saying that it is wrong to “judge another” — which means that person, in saying “No one should judge another,” is actually making a judgment!
                To conclude, it is a logical contradiction to say “No one should judge another.” It is also an impractical stance because we can’t have a functioning society if we don’t discriminate right from wrong. I’ll be you $5 that anyone who says “No one should judge another” in fact makes judgments all the time. Seriously, if we are not to judge another, what about Adolf Hitler? Should we NOT judge him? In the end, do you see how ludicrous that position is?

      • I “was” going to say this: Hmmm…what do you know! I’m JUST as bad as you are! Never would’ve guessed!
        BUT then, I had to read what you said again! You said I “judged?” I didn’t “judge” anyone…you ARE! I am simply making a “comment!” Is there any “untruth” to my comment? Nope! Therefore, by your own “word”…you have “judged” yourself!
        I made a comment and paraphrased some “Scripture!” to back-up my comment, just like everyone else here does.
        Didn’t realize that everyone would feel “as if” my comment was directed at them “personally!” BUT, “…if the shoe fits…” right?
        ONLY, “Steve”…seems to understand what I HAD written! ALL I was pointing out is the simple fact that “most” people condemn them forever! Here is a girl, that has “confessed” her “fall”, and is attempting to make things “right!” YET, all anyone wants to do, is “throw stones at her!” wtf?
        “Philosopher?” Heaven forbid!
        As I said before…I’ll leave! You don’t want to “discuss” anything here…all you want to do is “judge!”
        Take Care and God Bless!
        Have a Merry Christmas!

      • btw, SAGE_BRUSH, it’s NOT nice to take things out of context “…So you see – she has done the ONLY thing that the Lord allows for divorce…” as Jesus did NOT say He allows for divorce in this instance…MOSES did! I suggest your re-read Matthew!

        • Don’t even go there, bobby90247. I am a very well established Bible teacher. As you completely circled the repentance from SIN part of my comment – I have to wonder why. If I were the suspicious sort, I would think that your comments were deliberately constructed to be provocative. So, no thanks. I won’t take your foolish bait.
          Proverbs 14:9
          King James Version (KJV)
          Fools make a mock at sin: but among the righteous there is favour.
          And before you make a snarky statement about me calling myself righteous, I am fully aware that no man is righteous, save from the imputed Righteousness of Christ.

          • lol! cool! So…I’m the “foolish” one…right?

            • You’re not foolish. God forbid you disagree with them.

              • “Thank You, June!”
                I’ve already discontinued my subscription here and am going to stay with “Heaven Awaits”, “Proof Directory”, and “Creeping Sharia”…where even when I “disagree” with someone, we can still discuss various topics without being “condemned!”
                Take Care and God Bless!
                Bob Wise

                • Good grief. Who’s “condemning” you, Bob? I haven’t. Pointing out your logical fallacy isn’t “condemning” you. As for Sage_brush, she speaks her mind just as you have here.
                  It’s been nice having you visit FOTM. Thank God you and I can still exercise our freedom to go to other blogs. Take care and God Bless!

              • And God forbid we disagree with you, June! (See, it goes both ways.)

  6. Cognitive dissidence. hmm.. I could forgive her but the marriage would be over. My marriage is sacred to us and our vows were taken before The father and His son as i see it. Morality, ethics, honesty. Emotional infidelity is one thing, being a floozie and trollop like she did, no way.
    Sympathy for someone like this is hard for me to come by and having experienced this first hand, a cheating ex-wife who was crazy( later institutionalized and no not because of me!). Forgiveness yes, staying married to her, absolutely not and I would have already spoken with a divorce attorney, and done what is best for the daughter. A fine example for her girl and this will come back to haunt the daughter in some way shape or form. That is the real tragedy.


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