Cook County commissioner who got his buddy’s parking ticket tossed said he did it “to help all Latinos”

He really cares: Luis Arroyo just trying to help Latinos…

The Chicago Way…

From Chicago Sun Times: After his pal tried to clout his way out of a parking ticket by uttering that classic Chicago question, “Do you know who I am?” Cook County Commissioner Luis Arroyo Jr. didn’t hesitate to intervene and use his political weight to get the ticket tossed out.

It doesn’t hurt that that friend whose ticket Arroyo helped to get voided was Luis Pena, who Arroyo said is the 36th Ward superintendent for Ald. Gilbert Villegas (36th) — who is also Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s City Council floor leader.

But Arroyo on Friday insisted he wasn’t just protecting his buddy, but all Latinos. He said he stepped in to make sure “[Latinos] are being treated fairly by our officers. That goes for all Latinos in Cook County, not just someone I know.”

Though Arroyo admitted to the Chicago Sun-Times that he was the unnamed commissioner at the center of the 2018 ticket episode, the political fallout may not be over.

The latest chapter in the saga of Chicago clout began with the release of a Cook County inspector general’s report on Monday and saw the resignation a day later of the Cook County Forest Preserve Police chief.

In that report, Inspector General Patrick Blanchard found that Pena used his political connections to make a $250 parking ticket disappear.

According to the ticket, which was obtained by the Sun-Times through a Freedom of Information Act request, Pena was ticketed for parking in a handicapped spot Sept. 8, 2018, and was fined $250.

When he was handed the ticket, Pena allegedly asked the officer and an accompanying trainee “Do you know who I am?”

Pena then called Arroyo about the ticket, who contacted a “high-ranking [Forest Preserve Police] official” about voiding the citation, according to the report. The commissioner said the officer “displayed a poor attitude” and asked for the cop to be sent to his office for questioning, the report said.

The ticket was later dismissed, but the officer was sent to Arroyo’s office to be “personally subjected to criticism,” the inspector general’s report said.

Read the whole story here.


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Jackie Puppet

The Latinos he really wants to help are the illegal ones. He obviously has his sights set on a higher office, and he’s counting on the illegal vote.


“Hey, Poncho……..hey, Cisco!” Hey, that’s how its done in the “Motherland”. The right number of pesos, improperly applied, will get you a pass for cannibalism.

They may be on to something. They’re starting to have a Central American murder rate. Under Lightfoot’s steady leadership they may as well go full third-world. All those Chicago women who don’t like to have their derrière’s pinched at the intersections better learn to face the sidewalk.

Looks like Chicago is a model city for a leftist future.


Corruption, it’s the Chicago way!

Steven Broiles

Arroyo is guilty, to be sure, and he STILL would be guilty had he said he did it to help “ALL” people. But there is a more fundamental corruption at work here, and that is this: WHO determines what a fair fine should be? The municipality, of course. But how do we determine what they say is fair, or right? This question never, so it seems, gets answered. I’m in New York, and when Bloomberg was Mayor, it was he who gave the police and traffic police quotas they could not humanly fill. So the cops lied—on the tickets and… Read more »

T. T.
T. T.

It is a felony to use his political influence to dismiss a ticket. Only a judge can do that. The officer was probably threatened, but also violated the law. Now every Latino can use this to get out of tickets too. Always do as we say not as we do. It will be their downfall.

Jackie Puppet

A quick update to this story:

You know what happens when the argument is lost – scream RACISM!!

Luis, seems like you’re the only racist in this saga.