Convenience store owners fight back against robbers

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We are sick of a government that breeds criminals via generational welfare dependency.
We are sick of the Left’s brainwashing that demonizes any criticism of criminal behavior with the “racist” label.
This is what happens when the people have had enough.
Small convenience store-owners, many of whom are immigrants from poor countries who work long hard days every day of the week, are doing what government isn’t doing. They are taking matters into their own hands by fighting back against robbers and thieves.
In New Bedford, Massachusetts, on August 3, 2012, the owner of the St. Elias Mini Market used a stick and a metal display shelf to fight back against two masked robbers armed with knives. The owner is sick of being robbed, having been robbed at gunpoint only a week before. Leland Blake-Rosa, 25, was arrested and charged with armed robbery and assault and battery. Police said the second suspect remains at-large. [Source: NBC10]

Incredibly, Leland Blake-Rosa has a Facebook page! That’s his photo on the left. He says he “went to New Bedford High School” — no indication that he actually graduated from NBHS. This is what he wrote under “About Leland”: “you alrready know wat it is” [sic]
Yes, Leland, we sure know “wat it is”! You’re a punk and a robber and a low-life.
A similar incident happened on June 7, 2012, in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. The Chinese immigrant owner, Zhen Yang, of the convenience store J.a.c.line Depanneur, used bear spray and his fists to fight back two robbers armed with knives. His wife helped out with a couple of kungfu kicks. They had also been robbed before. [Source: Toronto Sun]

These hardworking and courageous owners of small businesses have had enough. They are fighting back — and they are doing that ON THEIR OWN, with no help from government.
Take that, you POS in the White House!

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0 responses to “Convenience store owners fight back against robbers

  1. I see they had their hoodies on………and they wonder why we are prejudiced. God bless these store owners!

  2. I’m not prejudiced…
    a hoodie just puts me in defense condition RED…
    chambered and cocked

  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this encouraging post! Good for the store owners and their wonderful neighbors! These hoodie-covered cowards could have shot and killed these two store owners. I am glad they fought for their lives and property.

  4. Right on!!! I LOVE seeing stuff like that! (Well, maybe not the prolonged shot of knife-boys ass crack) but watching real criminals really get the crap kicked out of them is the best entertainment you can get! And the wife was kinda cute, too…..just sayin’….

  5. Awesome, stand up to the punks!

  6. I just found this! Think this little old lady can take care of herself!


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