Contractors in LA must disclose if they have ties to NRA to get city contracts

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LA Mayor Garcetti/LA Times photo

You’ll never see demorat bureaucrats forcing businesses to disclose any ties to the baby-killers Planned Parenthood.

Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted the following about this action: “Thoughts and prayers are not enough for L.A. Angelenos deserve to know who their City does business with, and we’ll keep fighting every day to get guns off the street and keep our kids and communities safe. Thank you CM @MitchOFarrell for your leadership.”

From WKRN: The Los Angeles City Council has passed a law requiring companies that want city contracts to disclose whether they have ties to the National Rifle Association. The measure passed Tuesday.

Councilman Mitch O’Farrell sought the ordinance in the wake of recent U.S. mass shootings. He says the NRA has been a “roadblock to gun safety reform” for decades.

NRA attorneys had warned they’d sue if the ordinance passed.

Attorney Chuck Michel calls the move “modern-day McCarthyism” that would force NRA supporters to drop their memberships for fear of losing their livelihoods.

Michel tells the Los Angeles Times he doesn’t know of any other city that has such a policy and the NRA is confident no judge will uphold it.


Maybe city “leaders” should focus on the recidivism rate of convicted criminals in their city instead of boogeyman NRA members.


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15 responses to “Contractors in LA must disclose if they have ties to NRA to get city contracts

  1. Isn’t this discriminatory?
    Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1991 which prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin, really should be amended to include discrimination based on politics.

    • They’re basing it on “affiliation”. What if they boycotted Israel? It’s like the Senate hearings for nominations. The law clearly states that they can’t deny an office because of religious affiliation but they are going after Catholics.

      We are in an age where they get away with it if it isn’t challenged. Then they come back and claim that it is a precedent.

  2. Like you’re going to get paid!!!

  3. So the city will deny contracts to thousands of small business in the poor sections of South Central LA that have supported gun ownership and the NRA since the riots? Seems a bit foolish and possibly unconstitutional as people have a right to own guns and it would seem thus have right to support such gun groups without prejudice. They need to remember that day in 1992, Rodney King verdict read, officers not guilty for beating black dude, massive civil unrest immediately after it was read on TV. Gun owners got on the roofs of their businesses with rapid fire weapons ready. The rioters moved on and burnt down other businesses that were “gun free zones” no one protecting them. It was their anger management. The rioters made their way right below celebrity homes of Hollywood. Fires everywhere through out the entire city. War zone. Rioters were disgusted with city police, government, oppression. Happened in minutes and by a few hours smoke and flames everywhere. City could not control it. Now city wants to punish those business with ties to gun groups that have contracts with the city. ROFL. I don’t think that is going to go well. Why are liberals all retards?

  4. Richard daugherty

    They would rather give the contracts to Mexicans. Folks we need to take our country back.

  5. Freedom of Association is clearly defined in the Bill of Rights. This law will be thrown out, and I’d place money even the current 9th Circuit would find it unconstitutional. My favorite part though, is Garcetti saying: “Thoughts and prayers are not enough for L.A. Angelenos deserve to know who their City does business with, and we’ll keep fighting every day to get guns off the street and keep our kids and communities safe. Thank you CM @MitchOFarrell for your leadership.”
    What person, with at least 1 brain cell, cannot see that this statement doesn’t even come close to addressing what the law did.

  6. The illegals, be it Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, it’s cheap labor and mass exploitation on the part of the government contracting workers -no insurance, no disability, no workmans compensation. For contractors to disclose ties with the NRA is not only discrimination, it is a violation of peoples rights, I call it oppression. So why disclose any affiliations? Let them sink deeper until they reach the black hole they themselves dug.

  7. So how many mass shooters have been NRA members? How much money does the NRA get in government funds? ZERO! . How many babies has the NRA killed? ZERO! How much money does Planned Parenthood get in government funds? Millions!. How many babies has PP murdered? Millions!

  8. The discrimination has already begun: Alex Jones has reported that in addition to the lobbying that led him and Infowars being banned on over 100 platforms, lobbying has gone on with him and Gavin McGuinness to interfere with their funding and banking. Some have lobbied Master Card and Visa to do the same, unsuccessful so far.

    The social credit score used right now in China can get critics of the government banned from bus travel, having a savings or a checking account and on and on. Jones has warned that it’s coming here. I do not understand why President Trump has not hit the major platforms with anti-trust suits.

    The Hypocritical Left: Going where Joe McCarthy never even dared.

    • P.S.:

      A word to the wise. About a month ago I went into a 7-11 at Kennedy Airport to buy a pack of cigarettes. The teenaged clerk wanted to see my driver’s license for proof of age (!). I produced it. He wanted to SCAN my driver’s license, and I THREW A FIT. I told him I would call the ACLU!

      Don’t allow ANYONE to scan your driver’s license except the uniformed cop who pulls you over: It’s NONE of the government’s DAMNED BUSINESS if you smoke cigarettes, eat candy bars, drink beer or anything else!

  9. The absurdities constantly perpetrated on us by the liberal POSs has desensitized most Americans to where there is little if any push back.

  10. How many Politicians disclose their connections with Terrorist organizations and Foreign Country Agents??? Like Feinstein and her Chinese Driver Spy for 20 years??? Hillary Clinton’s ties to Russia with the Uranium one deal? None. The NRA is made up of Law Abiding American Taxpayers. Discrimination against us is Discrimination against everyone.

  11. People who remain in California deserve whatever they get.

  12. I keep forgetting: Is Los Angeles the capital of Mexico or is it Sacramento?


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