CONTEST! Caption This FAKE Photo!

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UPDATE:   Read More Here
 The White House released this photo captioned “SITUATION ROOM” of the OBL takedown.  We can do better than that!

UPDATE: Judicial Watch has filed a FOIA request for the Osama raid photos and video. The Defense Department has 20 days to legally respond.

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0 responses to “CONTEST! Caption This FAKE Photo!

  1. See Mr President, you still have that slice in your swing.

  2. Candance Moore

    The president’s inner circle finally decides to tell him that the Democratic party lost its popularity November 2010. Secretary Gates looks on as a stunned Hilary Clinton watches the electoral map move from blue to red.

  3. lowtechgrannie

    Skippy sits quietly in the corner, watching TV with the grownups

  4. Obama quietly weewee’s in his pants….

  5. John Blackburn


  6. Nice blank screen we have here.

  7. who was supposed to bring the donuts????

  8. White House photographer: “Take no. 66. Try to look serious, people. No giggling there, Mr. President.”

  9. Hillary: ewwww, who filled their pants?

  10. One more version (sorry, no caption.)

  11. Somehow I have a problem believing the little gal in the back would have been let in on top secret intel??

  12. I just saw the update on Judicial Watch-go get them Tom Fitton!!!!!! I sent Judicial Watch the report on LTG’s posting of Skippy’s soc.sec.# too. Eat’em up.

  13. Really? They were just watching NeNe go off on The Apprentice!

  14. Broom Hilda: Aww, he shot Old Yeller.

  15. Things get tense in the weekly friday night Xbox tournament in the situation room.


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