“ConstitutionTeacher” attacks Christian kids

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Blasts campaign to have Christianity in schools, slugs cameraman with purse


Published: 17 hours ago


When Teachers Attack

A woman who described herself as a teacher of the U.S. Constitution has gone ballistic over a ministry effort at a gasoline station in Florida to drum up support for its campaign to teach the ethics, morality and responsibility of the Bible in public schools…

The woman verbally and physically attacked ministry workers Elizabeth Ilse and Chase Schomberg.

“Ilse was standing behind one of her ministry’s tables while distributing Christian literature to those visiting the gas station. She simply said, ‘Hello,’ to the woman, but after approaching and reading the sign on the ministry’s table that said, ‘Support Christianity in Public Schools, The Constitution, and Honoring Soldiers,’ the woman viciously attacked the cause by screaming ‘shame on you for wanting Christianity in schools,’ calling Miss Ilse a ‘bigot,’ and [she] stated that ‘Christians are the problem.’”

The video reveals the rest: how the woman said, “You can put me on YouTube because I am absolutely for our Constitution.” That, she claimed, includes separation of church and state.

However, when asked where that was referenced, she changed her mind about the video, apparently trying to grab the recorder, or slap at it.

Whole story plus video at: https://www.wnd.com/2013/06/see-constitution-teacher-get-violent/#PT61YG1jTsG3kpmP.99

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0 responses to ““ConstitutionTeacher” attacks Christian kids

  1. Typical post-modern libtard. I really hope they press charges. This is no time for “turning the other cheek.” This is war! A culture war! Liberalism is poison!

  2. she might want to put her energy into combating this instead.
    Genetically modified mosquitoes

    this would be a very good time for the non-believers to make friends with GOD!

  3. Nice shorts and camel toe. What? No mirror at home? Good Lord.

  4. Sometimes I wonder why those junkheads won’t just move to anti-Christ EU or Russia if they hate traditional values that much. Looks like turning the entire world into neo-soviet confederation is a dream of each and every libtard.

  5. Christians are the problem, how??

  6. well, she was brutal..this is surely a challenge to Christians in loving the unlovable and receiving persecutions day by day..

  7. Here in Massachusetts, we all know “teachers” like her. I wish the problem were isolated to our state, but sadly, we know her species is everywhere.

  8. No wonder she is a “teacher” in gubbermint skewel, as her reading comprehension is abysmal.

    ‘Separation of church and state’ does not appear anywhere in the U.S. Constitution.

    -And I’ll just bet she has never even read it.


  9. Hypocrite, likes the Constitution when she can use it to beat people but has no idea why she’s demonstrating that she doesn’t support it… idiot.

  10. not to mention the Constitution doesn’t say anything about “Separation of church and state.” That is an interpretation that has gone too far.

  11. Thank you Dave for stating the truth. No where in the United States Constitution is there a refernce to ” the separation of church and state. Maybe some people should be reading the Constitution before spouting off. A separation of church and state in the letter means the state (Government) cannot tell you how to worship.


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