Conservatives & Christians defending Ben Carson are being played

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Below are excerpts written by Kelleigh Nelson, Kevin “Coach” Collins, and Michael Brendan Dougherty, none of whom is a liberal or a Democrat.
From Kelleigh Nelson, “Christians’ Lack of Discernment is Costing us Our Nation and Freedom,” NewsWithViews, Nov. 9, 2015:

In my last article, Why The GOP Establishment Hates Trump, I touched on the culpability of Club for Growth (CfG) in designing polls and attack ads which would give Dr. Ben Carson the lead over Donald Trump. CfG claimed Trump was all for “eminent domain,” and they gave examples which were totally false.

Leading up to the CNBC debate, there were countless media reports breathlessly reporting that conservative businessman Donald Trump was no longer the frontrunner. The liberal media loved it, as did the GOP globalists, and they were gleefully reporting Trump was losing steam to his competitor, Dr. Ben Carson. All false propaganda. The rise in Carson’s numbers were due to the people who believed the false rhetoric…mostly, the Christians!

According to the newly released Economist/YouGov national poll, Trump is leading the GOP field by 32%! This is 14 points ahead of Dr. Ben Carson. He was even leading in the GOP nationally prior to the MSNBC debate. […]

The poll in Iowa that placed Carson above Trump was a fake…and it was paid for by none other than the Club for Growth. And guess what? They used pro-Rubio media firms to attack Trump! [Link] […]

Where Trump goes to speak, the places are packed, standing room only, with many left outside unable to get in to hear him!

This is Jacksonville, Florida, and Trump filled the stadium.

Trump campaign appearance in Jacksonville, FL

The latest news verified what we believed all along- Donald Trump is still breaking records and leading the Republican field, even with CfG lying about him and the poll numbers. […]

Unfortunately, many of today’s Christians are rarely using discernment. They fall prey to the words, never doing as God said, and being fruit inspectors. We simply must judge by actions, and not by words alone. Many today don’t read anything, they don’t research anything, and they listen, with their mouths agape, thinking they’re listening to the truth from candidates like the soft-spoken, Dr. Carson. They believe the attack ads and false polls, without one iota of research! Remember, it was Joseph Goebbels who said, “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.” This is what CfG is doing, and the foolish Christians fall for it. […]

Too many of our Christian brothers and sisters cannot see that the elitist globalists, including CfG, don’t plan to vote for another black man. What they planned is to use Carson to bring down Trump. Then, when they’ve weakened the electorate on Trump, they will take down Carson and move Rubio, Cruz or Bush to the top. Carson has no real nationally organized campaign workers in the 50 states. Thus, it will be easy for the globalists to use their funds to eliminate him. Carson and Trump are not politicians, the reason the American citizenry looks to them both is because we are so sick and tired of the same ole, same ole, NWO globalist Republican garbage. But the only truly eligible candidate with big business experience is Donald Trump.

Fortunately for us, Trump has not yet begun to fight. He has spent very little money on political ads. He is a top businessman who knows how to manage, and manage months ahead. Carson only knows how to prepare for surgery, he has no management experience for running a political organization, and he will eventually fail like Santorum, Gingrich, Walker, and countless others. […]

There are many in the field of psychology who have watched Dr. Carson and feel he has some serious problems, (like squinting or squeezing his eyes) even suggesting that he may be a “Manchurian candidate.” Whether or not there is any truth to this, there are too many variables with Carson that simply do not add up. More on this and his support of Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership TPP in a future article.

From Kevin “Coach” Collins, “Rallying around Carson is exactly the sucker’s play GOPe and media want to see,” Nov. 7, 2015:

The Republican Party establishment [GOPe] will be jumping to Ben Carson’s defense this week. So will a few Democrats and a few media people. They would all love to see Carson as the Republican nominee because they know he would lose massively to their favorite felon Hillary Clinton. Jumping to support Carson plays right into the hands of those who want to see her as the next president.
It is all so simple.
The Democrat controlled media hates Republicans and hates Black “conservative” Republicans even more. Such people destroy their lies and make them look like the frauds they are.
It is precisely for this reason that it is not tactically wise to rally around Carson now that he is undergoing the media’s anal examination that was to be expected as he began to rise up the polls.
A dispassionate review of what Carson brings to the table, his lack of substantive ideas at best, bad ideas and crazy beliefs at worst, makes him the best hope the media has of electing their favorite felon. […]
Our future is on the line in this next election. If we choose to use our nomination as an exercise in breast beating piety and nominate Carson to prove we hate the media, but not Black people, we will be making a tragic mistake.
Carson would be eviscerated by a savagely biased media which will use his own words against him. They will not have to make things up. […]
They will “praise” him for his stance on a “pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens that will be recognized by conservatives as code language for amnesty and rip into his support.
They will “praise his forward thinking” on putting the Nation of Islam in Chicago to patrol its street which will do enormous damage to his credibility.
They will take his every word and beat him over the head with it.
They will elect a felon and be celebrating on Election Night while Carson gets a forty state beating and Donald Trump is on a golf course somewhere.
This is what rallying to support Ben Carson will bring us.

From The American Conservative‘s national correspondent Michael Brendan Dougherty, “Ben Carson is political malpractice,” The Week, Nov. 9, 2015:

[T]here are plenty of reasons beyond the admissions office of West Point as to why … evangelicals should cease to back him. […]
This is a man who is not suited to be president of the United States. And he is a man who is ultimately reducing evangelical influence on our political culture.
Carson’s hands may be steady enough to separate conjoined twins, but he has an awkward feel for politics. He has only recently converted to conservative ideas on health care. His inability to reach for analogies beyond slavery or Nazism betrays an amateurish and shallow grasp of political ideas and history.
Instead of building a real campaign apparatus with millions in small-donor contributions, he’s building a churn-and-burn direct-mail operation. That’s a great project for keeping a few people busily employed in Reston, Virginia, and it will buy a mansion in McLean for an aging right-wing activist, but it won’t win the presidency. These are wasted resources. If building a real campaign is our test for the presidency, Carson is failing. […]
The name of the game in political influence is infiltration, institution building, and expertise. […] Carson is diverting monetary, emotional, and organizational resources away from the real long-term work of evangelical politics. He has no ideas to offer his party, which is in need of them. He has no political leadership skills for a culture that is desperate for them. He is pulling evangelical influence and resources away from candidates who can win, which ultimately enhances the grip of the more secular, more liberal Republican establishment. This is political malpractice.


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0 responses to “Conservatives & Christians defending Ben Carson are being played

  1. It is so hard to navigate the all the garbage out there regarding presidential candidates. I am not the sharpest pencil in the pack, but so far I am sticking with Trump. He is the only one who has been willing to actually say out loud that the influx of illegals is killing us. He may not be perfect but . . . . . he cannot be worse than what we’ve had for several decades!

  2. The frustration for me is that ALL the Candidates will say what America wants to hear,but there’s no way to know how much of what they SAY they’ll do will actually be done if they’re elected. (Our best shot is to look at their past performance; What do they have a long term record of voting for or against,what have they been active in improving or destroying? Secondarily,what were they like in earlier times? Does THEIR self-told history match what research can find? Even that could be a false lead,but it’s really all we have to rely on.

  3. Yes, let’s not have a RINOmney Repeat this time… don’t let Democrats pick the Republican they’d prefer as easier to beat.

  4. Pro-wressler Jessie Ventura mada a pretty good governor in Minnesota for one term. So How about Hulk Hogan for president? Can’t you picture him standing next to Putin for a photo op in the white house?

  5. It seems to me that Carson is the Bush/Rove Cabal’s Manchurian Candidate for the reasons Dougherty stated above. I think Cruz would make a better President than Trump, but he is not a natural born citizen, and his wife is on the Board of Goldman-Sachs.
    Still, Trump seems like he’s the only one who can actually beat Hillary.

  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting and well-documented post. There is obviously so much strategy going on here to diminish honesty and straightforwardness. We must be so careful in our choices. As for me, I find the facts first which navigates my conclusions and finally, my decision.
    I have to say that one of the commenters mentioned that he found Carson to be “creepy”. This is a very adequate description and what my gut tells me also. I find this noteworthy.

  7. Anyone who wants forced inoculations is out of it from the get-go for me. And if he is for the TPP, well, there’s something really bad going on in his thought processes. Have to say, I don’t totally trust Trump, though.


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