Conservatives and liberals smell different

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Political ideology and party identification are not just about political beliefs and values, they speak to nothing less than a person’s world view.
It stands to reason, therefore, conservatives and liberals must differ in many ways, including biological, homo sapiens being biological animals. As an example, studies have found that people are more attracted to the smell of those whose immune systems are compatible with their own.
Research has found that political attitudes, rooted as they are in personality and basic beliefs, also have a biological component. Conservatives, for example, have stronger disgust reactions than liberals, and some early brain-scan data hints that the two groups process risk and fear differently.
The latest discovery: Conservatives and liberals actually smell different!
A recent experiment found that conservatives like the smell of other conservatives, while liberals find the smell of conservatives repugnant.
Stephanie Pappas reports for Live Science, Sept. 22, 2014, that a new study finds that people prefer the scents of those who share their political attitudes. This small, subconscious preference could explain why people gravitate toward mates whose politics mesh with theirs — perhaps compatibility has a smell.

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17 responses to “Conservatives and liberals smell different

  1. wow, this had a factor of cool!
    Thanks, Doc!

  2. Interesting how the conservatives liked the smell of other conservatives and were neutral on libs, whereas, libs were neutral on other libs and negative about conservative scent. Seems, the conservatives are more positive with others while the libs are more negative. I imagine it must use a lot of energy to be negative. I would take this study a step further to see who is healthier, the positive conservative or the negative liberal.

    • thanks, MomofIV.
      same thing I was thinking… about the health issue. That would have taken it a step further and even more interesting!

    • To me, that was the most interesting of the experiment’s findings. What that says to me are:
      1. That liberals reacted negatively to conservatives’ smell = Contrary to liberals’ narcissistic portrayal of themselves as tolerant and open-minded, they are in reality intolerant and closed-minded.
      2. That conservatives were neutral to the smell of liberals = Conservatives are open (neutral) to opinions that differ from theirs, unlike liberals.
      3. That conservatives liked the smell of fellow conservatives = Conservatives are enthusiastic toward other conservatives.
      4. That liberals were neutral to the smell of liberals = Liberals don’t particularly like or love other liberals: There’s no honor among thieves! LOL
      My conclusion from the study: Conservatives are nicer people because they like fellow conservatives and are open-minded (neutral) about liberals. In contrast, liberals are really quite nasty — they dislike people (conservatives) with beliefs and values that differ from theirs, and they don’t even like (are neutral to) fellow liberals!

  3. While this is amusing, I can’t believe money was spent to study this!

  4. Ewww, who would volunteer to smell these pads, yuck! The results are interesting though…

  5. Its totally understandable, Liberals are attracted to other Liberals like flies to s–t 😳

  6. SEE? I was RIGHT when I said Liberals stink!

  7. I think the Apostle Paul’s admonition to “Abhor what is Evil” would include “Strong Disgust Reactions,” so we’re covered! 😉

  8. I think the primary thing here might be the diets involved. I hate to be a stereotypist, but a lot of republicans tend toward a diet heavier in red meats then they’re counterparts on the other political spectrum. It could very easilly have skewed the result to have grabbed people with very different dietary values.
    A vegetarian is going to smell different then a person who eats a steak every third or fourth meal.

  9. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting and entertaining post. I have always had an excellent sense of smell. I better be careful and prepare myself for the upcoming liberal aromas (LOL)!

  10. Joseph D Christiansen

    Do not take anything serious found on this site

    • Hey, “Joseph D Christiansen,” you do realize that if we take your injunction seriously, LOGICALLY, your injunction includes your own comment. Which means we must NOT “take serious” your very command.
      But then, given the fact that the content of “this site” eludes your cognitive ability, that logic is beyond your grasp as well.

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