Conservative Standards for 2012

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Our Candidates Don’t Have to be Perfect, Just Conservative.

As the field of candidates for the GOP nomination starts to take shape for the 2012 election, I think we all should consider the standards we need  to set for these men and women seeking the nod to go against Obama in 2012.

  • First and foremost, they must be Conservative, RINO’s need not apply.
  • Have a backbone, we are getting tired of jelly spined candidates(McCain) who roll over for liberals.
  • Stand by your principles and your words, don’t apologize for taking a stand against the status quo.
  • Use Obama’s record against him at every turn, keep him tired and on the ropes throughout the campaign.
  • Don’t let the liberal media select our candidate, we can’t afford another wishy-washy, mamby-pamby RINO.
  • When you debate Obama, nothing is off limits, verbally pound him mercilessly.

Above all we can never appear weak, the country’s yearning for a real leader, something we really haven’t had since Reagan. I’m not saying you have to be another Reagan, just be STRONG, PATRIOTIC, NO-NONSENSE AND DON’T BACKDOWN FROM ANY CHALLENGE. TAKE THE FIGHT TO THE LIBERALS AND DEFEAT THEM!!!
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Conservative Standards for 2012

  1. Hear, hear!
    A must-read for every GOP or Independent POTUS candidate in 2012.
    I’ll add one more bullet to the list:
    Don’t ever ever listen to the siren song of those who would have us believe that only a “moderate” can defeat Obama and win the presidency.

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Don’t vote based on who’s “electable”.
    If you get behind a candidate, support him financially, even if it’s just $10.00 ! Candidates are deemed “unelectable” based on their fundraising. Rinos always dominate fundraising because they’re for sale to special interests.

  3. Eowyn, a conservative patriot who loves this country would be refreshing…
    Since Reagan left office, we’ve been burdened with lame duck caretakers and spoilers of our nation’s heritage. Let’s hope we’ll have a new conservative who makes every American feel proud and optimistic about the future!

  4. Bush jr. was strong like Reagan, but just remember all he was going up against. The UN, blood thirsty Democrats who were playing the win at all costs, 90% of U.S. media, the gullible public, even a good portion of Conservatives for much of the time. Probably like half of them.
    I mean think about it, Bush wanted us to get supplies out to U.S. troops and had to settle for bills Democrats would vote for, and the when our soldiers didn’t have enough supplies, the Democrats tore into Bush in all kinds of ways about the war, and so did 90% of the media. Many conservatives even blamed Bush, the media brainwashing was so effective.
    Bush was trying but essentially, we were giving Democrats the power to tie Bush’s hands and then when he fell short we blamed him just like liberal media told us too.


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