Conservative anger at Obamacare is at stratospheric levels

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In an interview with Newsmax.TV today, pollster Scott Rasmussen of Rasmussen Reports says “The conservative interest in the election was already much higher than that of moderates and liberals. It went up to really stratospheric levels right after the [Supreme Court’s Obamacare] ruling. We don’t know if that will continue or if it’s just a temporary response to the news cycle.”
The issue has really energized conservatives. What is most important is that Republicans must make the case that the unpopular Obamacare will be a further drain on America’s disappointing economic recovery since the economy still tops the list of voter concerns.
“Anything that can be tied to the economy is going to be an important part of the debate,” observed Rasmussen, founder and president of Rasmussen Reports. “If Mitt Romney and the Republicans are able to make the case that the healthcare law is one reason the economy is struggling, well that will certainly help.” The same goes for energy — and in fact all issues.
It’s the economy, stupid.
More than half of the country — 52% of American voters — believe that Obamacare should be repealed. Rasmussen said:
That number hasn’t changed much over the past week. In fact, it hasn’t changed much over the past two years. From the day the law was passed, a majority of American voters have said we want to see it repealed. And there’s really not much that would change that. The support has been so consistent.
The Democrats in Congress passed it despite popular opposition. They continued to believe that somehow it would get popular over time. It didn’t. This is not a question of re-litigating or re-debating the healthcare law. That is over. The question is now whether the government will respond to a majority of voters or it will continue to move on its own direction.”
He predicted that there is virtually no chance the healthcare law will survive if GOP nominee Romney wins the election. Rasmussen also predicted that even if “Obama is somehow re-elected this fall, and brings in Democrats with him to control the Senate, the law will still be in trouble. It is simply unpopular with voters and that will call for some major change.”
Even the Supreme Court’s popularity appears to have taken a hit by its handling of the Obamacare case.
The percentage of Americans who said the Supreme Court was doing good job went from 36% before the ruling to 33% after the ruling. Those who thought the court was doing a poor job went from 17% before the ruling to 28% after the ruling. Rasmussen explained: “They’re in the growing belief that the justices are pursuing their own agenda rather than being impartial and a growing belief that the court is too liberal rather than too conservative.”
Of course, if the Republicans can screw up this opportunity, we can count on them to do just that as the GOP has a unique talent at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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0 responses to “Conservative anger at Obamacare is at stratospheric levels

  1. hope and pray that we have a smarter more energetic campaign this year.
    McCain allowed the democrats and others to walk all over him, and simply had no fire.

  2. yes Dr.Eowyn it is,and rising.

  3. the government is the enemy of freedom, both sides believe in the same thing, more power for them slavery for us

    • lowtechgrannie

      In their hearts, they’re Zookeepers. We’re the performing seals. If we’re good and perform on cue, they’ll toss us a fish.

  4. The number of people disapproving of the supreme courts performance went up? And after Roberts’ big popularity move, too…

  5. Yes, what Roberts did was a crime and a bitter disappointment, but take into consideration this article and its theories, which no doubt at least some folks have already heard or read elsewhere. I think Roberts just MAY have diverted that “civil war” the author speaks of on the last line. Only time will tell…

  6. snatching defeat from the jaws of victory : Mitt Romney made
    a statement this morning that Obamacare isn’t a tax…..he may as
    well nominate McCain as VP. …
    right,and the income tax is voluntary !

  7. Not only should Bama be replaced but EVERY SENATOR and CONGRESSMAN needs replaced with someone that has an idea just what the CONSTITUTION MEANS! Cause none of the Sons a Bitches in office know just what it stands for, FREEDOM and NOT TYRANNY! Wake up people, fire these bastards and put them in prison, for being TRAITORS to the American people, the INVADERS get better treatment than we do! Time to change the face of Washington! It should have been done after Lincoln sidestepped the Constitution! Semper Fi.

    • What might actually be easier to do, (but of course they’ll never accept it and we can’t force them) – make ALL of them live under whatever remains of Obamacare if Romney wins, and the whole dad-blasted thing if Oweblabber wins, (which TPTB might have already arranged.) That’ll teach them not to pass crap on us that they wouldn’t stand, or better yet, try “what they wouldn’t want for their Mothers”! That’s even stronger, would they force their Mothers onto this POS plan?? That’s the TRUE “acid test”.

  8. Well, I can deal w/ that, I’m FAR from a political whiz! 🙂 I just thought it was intriguing and worth a little discussion. The whole thing is a major cluster-puck even w/o intrigue and the “hopeful, or expectant, maneuverings”. I just read an article where it says “Justice” Roberts is acutely aware of how the media perceives him and the SCOTUS as a whole. Too bad he did just the opposite… *sigh* No hard feeling for sure. 😉


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