Connecticut Police Arrest Homeless Woman For 'Stealing' Public Education

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In the state of Connecticut, it has become a literal crime to send your child to public school in the wrong district.

This is Tanya McDowell, a single mother living on the edge of homelessness. McDowell and her five-year-old son bounce from one friend’s couch to another. Sometimes they stay in Bridgeport. Sometimes they stay in Norwalk.
Tanya wanted her son AJ to go to the school with the better reputation, so she told a white lie and claimed that he lived full time in Norwalk. Little AJ began attending Brookside Elementary in September.
According to Tanya, AJ enjoyed his time there and had started making friends. But in January, it all fell apart. The friend in Norwalk got evicted, and that’s when the landlord found out she was letting other people stay there.
Housing authorities, acting like the nosy busybodies they are, told the school system that little AJ was lying about his address.
You read that correctly: for so-called social servants in Connecticut, it’s appropriate to rip a five-year-old boy out of his place in school because his mother told a white lie about their address.
But wait. It gets worse. Last week, authorities in Norwalk came to a curious conclusion: using public school resources in a different city is akin to stealing public resources. Tanya McDowell got arrested – arrested – for “stealing” some $15,000 worth of public school from the city of Norwalk.
Now she’s in jail and her son was put in the custody of other family members.
Tanya is being charged with larceny and faces up to 20 years in prison. The Stamford Advocate, which has followed the story closely, published this heartbreaking photo of a mother forced to appear in court over public education.

image courtesy The Stamford Advocate

Remember, folks: this is what big government does. It doesn’t become more flexible or more helpful or more responsive. It always, always, becomes more controlling.
Just wait until we have public healthcare, and see what happens when you drive across county lines to see your favorite doctor.

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0 responses to “Connecticut Police Arrest Homeless Woman For 'Stealing' Public Education

  1. This is just ridiculous to sue her….sounds like they are trying to set her up as an example.

  2. I’m confused. Illegal aliens send their children to school, at public expense. Why are they not in jail?

  3. This country is becoming more and more tyrannical as each day passes.
    And something tells me this isn’t going to turn out well for little AJ.

  4. First I think: it’s Kelley Williams-Bolar redux. Yes, this poor woman was arrested — arrested! — for doing nothing more than… committing larceny.
    And then I read

    Democrats figure they have Tanya’s vote locked up no matter what they do. But the Latino vote still needs to be secured.</blockquote
    and I think: never mind, I can let this one slide since we agree about the real important stuff.

  5. (Would you mind fixing that tag, and deleting this comment? :P)

  6. Um, there should be a “>” after the “</blockquote" there.


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