Connecticut Democrat councilman resigned after discovery of secret ‘furries’ fetish

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I was scolded by a FOTM reader for calling Domocrats “Demonrats”. He claimed that doing so undermines my “credibility” — a claim that would be more credible if it hadn’t come from a man utterly lacking in credibility, who, to elicit my sympathy, said he was “dying” from brain cancer although no medical doctor had actually rendered such a diagnosis.

Alas, every day in every way, by their own behavior, Democrats live up to the demonrat moniker.

Here’s an example from 2017, which I’d only just discovered.

The New York Post reports, September 8, 2017, that Democrat councilman Scott Chamberlain of New Milford, Connecticut, who was up for re-election, resigned after his secret life as a “furry” was revealed.

A town resident posted several screenshots on Facebook of Chamberlain’s profile on a private website for “furries” — a subculture of adults who don animal costumes, sometimes for sexual gratification, attend role-playing conventions and interact regularly online.

According to Danbury’s Newstimes, the private website caters to “furries,” many of whom participate in or write about unusual sexual practices. Chamberlain’s avatar is a foxlike character named “Gray Muzzle”. He claims that his participation in furry fandom is a “harmless hobby” that has “nothing to do with sex,” but is mostly about appreciating cartoon animals such as Tony the Tiger and Mickey Mouse. Chamberlain also writes what he calls a “soap opera” read by hundreds of users on the private website, which includes furries in some sexual situations. He said these writings are posted to a site open only to adults, and that he writes under a pen name to keep his public and private lives separate.

However, in addition to a list of his “loves,” “likes” and “hates,” some sexual in nature, Chamberlain’s profile also says he “tolerates” rape. Many of those commenting on the Facebook post — which had since been removed — said even suggesting that “rape” is tolerable was out of line. One commenter wrote: “Anyone is free to pursue any hobby of choice. However that doesn’t mean they can represent me as an elected official and endorse the things that are seemingly endorsed on that page.”

Rick Agee, the resident who had made the original Facebook post, was among a small group of protesters gathered outside an opening ceremony of the Democratic Party headquarters on Bank Street. Agee carried a sign saying, “No perverts running our town!” He said: ”I have kids and grandkids in this town, and I don’t want him [Chamberlain] representing us.”

New Milford Democratic Chairman Peter Mullen said Chamberlain had told him previously that he had written what he called “science fiction adult literature,” but that the Facebook post showed him a side of those activities that shocked him. Mullen said, “Literature is one thing, but this kind of stuff takes on a whole different level.”

New Milford mayor David Gronbach said in an email to the New York Post:

In response to information about ‘likes’ on a personal page by Councilman Chamberlain, I have called for his immediate resignation from the Town Council and any other appointed Boards and Commissions. As public servants, we are held to a higher standard and Mr. Chamberlain’s apparent posts do not meet that standard.

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25 responses to “Connecticut Democrat councilman resigned after discovery of secret ‘furries’ fetish

  1. “…is mostly about appreciating cartoon animals such as Tony the Tiger and Mickey Mouse.”

    Most NORMAL folk start a memorabilia collection, not participate in sexual fantasies with furries…

    • He’s just one that got caught! How can one be in favor of rape? That’s like saying you don’t have a problem with murder.

      I don’t know why we’re surprised. Degeneracy is the natural outcome from a life lived in the absence of God. People like him think that morals are totally a matter of personal choice.

      Anyone who wants to dress up in costumes and pretend to be animals because they get a sexual charge out of it is a pervert. We don’t have to put too much nuance to it. Somebody needs to break out the garden hose.

      • He may have meant he tolerates “being raped” at one of his furry get-togethers since a big part of it, as I recall, is bondage. Can you imagine if this sicko has a family what he’s done to them?

  2. Harmless hobby, good grief, what does he call a real threat to sanity? Anyway you look at this, this guy is weird and so are all the others that participate. I want no leadership that thinks this is harmless. Makes one wonder what else he believes.

    • Glenn47 . . . . You are right on the money. What sane electorate would knowingly want any person holding a position of authority when obviously they are suffering from mental illness. I do not wish to take away their right to practice whatever, as long as it does not harm any other person, or other being, such as animals, but this certainly should disqualify them from governing over the rest of the population.

    • Every fandom has a bad side. I know of some people in the Brony fandom that made Princess Celestia into a rape joke,no i’m not kidding, it’s out there. Same with other fandoms like furries. There are some furries who give other furries a bad name. I heard about a story where some furries got a convention shut down because of them doing sexual acts. And one furry got so upset, they went over to the person’s house and were screaming about how they were furries that give all the other furries a bad name and were jerks for ruining it for everyone. The screaming lasted a while.

  3. Just when I thought I’d heard it all ..

  4. Sounds to me like Chamberlain will have to be peeled off the chandelier at City Hall. But at least some people are standing up and taking action. Now if they keep at it and make the rest of his time in office as difficult as possible—with nothing but LEGAL MEANS, OF COURSE—that will send a signal to the others. That signal will be “keep it under wraps.”

    Let’s face it: It seems to me that society as a whole is too far gone. Is Chamberlain’s behavior worse than rape? Well, actually, it could be, if he actually goes out and rapes someone. (And his statement gives me, as a person, probable cause for that. I’m not a lawyer; I’m just someone of average intelligence using his own common sense). Is his behavior worse than abortion? It could be, if he actually pressures any woman he gets pregnant and pressures her to get one and procures it.

    Chamberlain is not the only pervert out there. There are plenty of aggressive homosexual men in, Oh, Say, the ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIESTHOOD? This problem raised its ugly head before, in the 11th Century. It took one St. Peter Damian to help stop it. So we have to look at those good Powers of Example and imitate their actions. We have to make sure that we are beyond reproach. And we are. We must protest, and we must pray.

    And remember that this is going on all across America, in some form or other. It’s truly repugnant!

  5. Regarding the homeless problem in California, my kid said, “You know, they don’t have these problems in Dubai; a bunch of men would just pummel the SOB and throw him into the next city. If he manages to drag himself back in, he’ll just be pummeled (or worse) until he doesn’t. We should do a little of that here. Problem solved.”

    While this may seem harsh at first, there’s real sense in it. We’ve gotten far too tolerant with the perverse/parasitical behavior we’re willing to put up with. And we’re CLEARLY over-thinking the solutions.

    Kick that man’s ass OUT—out of office AND outta town. I’m with Lophatt (and my son): grab the rubber hose.

    • Recynd77 . . . . I must agree with you. In bygone eras here in this country, all this craziness just would not be tolerated. 100 years ago, cities and towns did not have the problem of homeless folks who were urinating and defecating hither and yon. I do believe that you would get a sound beating, and be sent on your way . . . I think sometimes the old ways were the best ways. Now we have a plague of loonies sitting on city councils, etc. and homeless folks just plain doing whatever they want–wherever they want! The more we try to defend these miscreants–the more of this we get.

    • I think I get what you’re saying. When we lived in small tribes that approach was the norm. Ostracism was effective too. When we grew into larger groups it was hard to ostracize because they could simply move to another area and not be known.

      Still, for many centuries, both in the West and the East a person’s dignity depended on their actions. There were expectations of behavior that made one a member of society or an outcast. Certainly dressing as furry animals and sexually assaulting people would qualify as antisocial behavior.

      That’s part of what I see with all of this LGQB…abcde…., garbage. It is an attempt to force “acceptance” of perverse, society-destroying behavior and calling it “inclusion”. So the meme goes, “we must be ‘inclusive’ by accepting the unacceptable”. Based on what I just said above that is like saying “we wish to destroy everything that makes us a society”.

      I think that is EXACTLY the goal. Without a society we are “animals” (furry or otherwise). So, pooping and fornicating on the street or in the front yard is how they wish us to become. Perverts like this clown can’t wait for the day he can chase your poodle, Fifi, down the street with lust in his eyes.

    • I think Demonrats is a perfect name for them. If the long tail fits, wear it!

      I can imagine that there are lots of “furries” that would fit perfectly for these people: skunks, weasels, sewer rats, jackals, etc.

      Heaven only knows what some of these people are really involved in. I don’t think I even want to know.😵

      • I like the name “Sewer Rats”, they could change their names. Of course I imagine that even rats know their gender. I can imagine all of them slinking around together, their beady little eye aglint!

        I can visualize Kamela (is my Willie Brown?), Harris and “Spartacus” all dolled up in their rat suits. No albino suits for them…! Given the choice I’d rather be around rats.

  6. I wonder what the next scandal is going to be, this is horrible!!!! I never imagine so much evil lurked around!

  7. I believe that in the vernacular of homosexual perverts Chamberlain would be referred to as a ‘plushie’.

  8. Meanwhile we laugh at our kids glee as we watch Tony The Tiger and the Silly Rabbit who doesn’t know Trix is for kids pour teeth rotting sugar and we consider this morally acceptable behavior.

  9. Makes me wonder why the person was viewing the congressman’s furry profile. Was the person who told them also a furry? If not,it should be viewed as false pretenses just to join the site if they’re not a furry and they did it to be malicious to the person.

  10. Wouldn’t it be nice if they weren’t so discriminatory about the things they thought qualified for resignation? How about evicting every homosexual from office, local to federal due to “perversion”? Oregon would be governor-less (kate brown is an open bisexual) and some cities in oregon would be without mayors (the town of Talent being one such, it has a lesbian mayor who is open about it, and apparently the town does suffer for it, as once the foot was gotten in the door, the offices were filled with their fellows and sympathizers, most of which are like cortez & sanders etc.) The furry stuff should be considered normal compared to what the gblt cult does on the regular (of course sadly the furry fandom is actually one of the more recent things that the gblt movement did take over, driving out the original types and co-opting it to the point that you see it depicted as today.)

    Just goes to show that the mainstream media who has been one of the driving factors that conditions the citizenry needs to be shut down, as the threat to the public mental health that it is.


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