Congresswoman claims President Trump “trying to use the court system” is “obstruction of justice”

These demorats are just now making up things as they go along.

Congress critter Pramila Jayapal represents Washington’s 7th congressional district, which includes most of Seattle. That might explain how someone this stupid got into an elected office. She obviously didn’t major in law as she has an MBA from Northwestern University and had a very brief career as a financial analyst. She serves on the both the Judiciary and Budget committees.

Let THAT sink in: Someone who serves on the Judiciary Committee states that using the court system is an obstruction of justice.

In the above video, Jayapal claims the evidence was “clear” and was confirmed in “multiple devastating ways for the president.”

Yet of course, she didn’t list one piece of that evidence. Instead she goes on to say, “Trump trying to use the court system” is “obstruction of justice.”

So now exercising your right to a fair trial in court is a crime?

Obviously this congress critter doesn’t believe that due process applies to #OrangeManBad nor does she understand how the three branches of government work.

No wonder these “impeachment proceedings” haven’t had the desired effect demorats had hoped for.


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Only in Seattle


With a name like that, its’s no wonder Seattle is not going anywhere.


All Americans are immigrants or descended from immigrants. But unlike this Jayapal creature, our ancestors didn’t come here for the specific purpose of undermining and destroying the country. If it was within my power I’d say to her, like DJT says, you’ve got to go back. Buh-bye


Evidence? Who needs evidence when you’ve got feels? But no worries, even though there is no evidence it’s very clear. This bozoette doesn’t have enough smarts to tie her own shoes. So naturally she’s on the judiciary committee. A bad joke that just keeps getting worse and it was never funny to begin with. My fear is that the dems will realize this and try to pull the plug on it by starting a war or staging a “terror attack”

Dr. Eowyn

This is yet another instance of Demonrats psychologically projecting what they do on others.


And commie-libs accuse us of destroying the Constitution.