Democrat Congressman Compares Obama To A King!

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OK, when UberLib Nadler Rips skippy, you know we have problems.

The moment would be surreal were it not so reminiscent: An arrogant Democratic president had committed an impeachable offense, lied to the American people, and dared Congress to do anything about it. Incensed congressmen of both parties asked, negotiated, and threatened until they realized they had no alternative but to take action. Then, the Republican leadership stepped in to save their party’s, and their country’s, worst enemy.
This is not a Clinton-era flashback but a rehearsal of this week’s actions in Congress.
Barack Obama’s indiscretion is more serious than a stained dress and a lie under oath during a civil trial. Obama sent an already overstretched American military to take sides in the Libyan civil war, as part of the NATO operation known as Operation Odyssey Dawn. Now, well over 60 days into the fight, the war proceeds with no sign of Congressional approval and a promise of “no let-up.”
By the most liberal reading of the War Powers Resolution, this is illegal. Yet when Congress decided to act, the Republican leadership came to the rescue.
For the rest of the story, Pls go HERE
~Steve~                 H/T  Floydreports.Com

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0 responses to “Democrat Congressman Compares Obama To A King!

  1. It is nice to see one of {them} gets it.

  2. You crass-holes fornicated with the egregious precedent (sic) for nearly 3 years. Now, you whine in your beer about the state of the nation you betrayed. You should have listened to the people when we demanded you to standup against the usurper when the entity appointed the czars contrary to the Constitution. Now the chameleon and thief has rescinded the most important phrase of confirmation of cabinet members: ‘advise and consent.’ You pollutcrats should go home and suck Pabst while you watch ‘Danzing mit die Tzars.’ The bracketed words should be written in Russian. Do you require a linguist to understand a Nordic language?
    Albert W. Loescher (Germanic surname = assassin)
    PS: Had I followed the ‘profession’ of my family name, I could not have survived this long. Why are all you are still alive, or are you already dead and too stupid to lie down? I guess it’s easy for you to lie when you’re away from your biers.

    • Albert,
      Just whom exactly are you calling “crass-holes” (what charming language – not!), lazy beer guzzlers, “pollutcrats,” and “too stupid to lie down” ?

    • Whew! Thanks, Steve! I honestly didn’t know quite what to make of and what to do with Dear “my-surname-means-assassin” Albert. 😀
      By the way, Albert, your last name “Loescher” does not mean “assassin” in German.

      German (Löscher): occupational name for a fireman, from Middle High German leschen ‘to extinguish’

    • Albert,
      Most of us who had done our homework on the former commoonity pisser-offer were all over the Internet, trying our best to wake the stoopid sheeple from their slumber in an effort to avert electoral disaster.
      We failed.
      So sue us.

  3. lowtechgrannie

    I would hazard a guess that Albert is off his medication. Calm down and call your doctor, Albert.

  4. Wow! Jerrold the Nadless actually grew a pair for once.
    As for the repube leadership, its time to throw Boehner to the wolves, as this guy clearly doesn’t see what this rogue POTUS from Hell is rapidly doing to our America.
    We’re about twelve miles beyond screwed as a nation.


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