Congressman Markey’s Unhinged, Greedy, Pollution-Loving, GOP Attack

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 Republicans Are Trying to Destroy the Whole Wide World:
Well, says him. Umm, are these people getting kookier, or is it as simple as a medication adjustment?


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0 responses to “Congressman Markey’s Unhinged, Greedy, Pollution-Loving, GOP Attack

  1. Nathan W Condrey

    Lordy, Lordy, I watched this twisted rant and blood shot out of my ears. Unfortunately some people will believe this drivel coming from someone who obviously has diarrhea of the mouth.

  2. Civil Discourse.

  3. I don’t think medication is going to help this guy…liberalism is a mental disease…

  4. Typical liberal Democrat hyperbole, hysteria, scapegoating, and fear-mongering. They’ve always done this and can do it with their eyes closed, without engaging what passes as their cerebral cortex.
    When have we EVER EVER heard/seen a conservative behave like this? We are civil, polite, and even clean up after demonstrations numbering tens of thousands of people (whereas the Left leave a field of trash for “others” to clean up).
    Is there a point where conservatives should take our gloves off and fight dirty?

  5. lowtechgrannie

    Markey is playing to his base. He’s a Massachusetts Democrat. Here’s the list of his top contributors —- explains why he’s ranting about the FCC.
    DLA Piper $115,850 $83,100 $32,750
    Time Warner $100,000 $48,000 $52,000
    AT&T Inc $95,600 $62,100 $33,500
    Mintz, Levin et al $81,450 $81,450 $0
    Qualcomm Inc $71,404 $39,404 $32,000
    Comcast Corp $67,750 $30,750 $37,000
    Viacom Inc $66,350 $63,850 $2,500
    News Corp $66,000 $37,500 $28,500
    Interpublic Group $65,500 $65,500 $0
    Feeley & Driscoll $64,300 $64,300 $0
    Sprint Nextel $60,500 $22,500 $38,000
    Walt Disney Co $59,350 $30,850 $28,500
    Akin, Gump et al $55,250 $43,250 $12,000
    Raytheon Co $50,850 $10,850 $40,000
    Covington & Burling $48,850 $45,850 $3,000
    Patton Boggs LLP $47,700 $34,700 $13,000
    Bernard L Madoff Investment Securities $47,000 $47,000 $0????
    General Electric $46,500 $34,500 $12,000
    National Cable & Telecommunications Assn $45,000 $5,000 $40,000
    DISH Network $43,800 $31,300 $12,500

  6. The usual… “Republicans are mean, they shot Old Yeller and the want Death Panels– no, wait, that’s Democrats– but, if we don’t stop them now, they’ll bring in a theocratic Christian fundamentalist government with oppressive personal responsibility for everyone and we’ll all have to go to church on Sundays like our parents dragged us to,” etc. Of course, he actually fears this… paging Dr. Phil.

  7. Wow LTG-nice work,they are all pretty much NWO supporters. This guy is a disrespectful idiot. That is putting it mildly :} No,Romney please.

  8. OH Lord, these guys are so ploddingly tedious. Someone put him out of his misery.


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