Congressman Doesn't Know US Constitution

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Rep. Frank "I'm a moron" LoBiondo

Now we know at least one reason, other than cupidity and turpitude, why Congress acts unconstitutionally. They don’t even know what’s in the United States Constitution, the highest law of the land, which they have sworn to protect and defend.
Watch how a GOP Congressman, Frank LoBiondo of New Jersey’s 2nd District, does not know what’s in the Constitution’s Article 1 Section 1. (He thought Article 1 Section 1 was the First Amendment, the right to free speech!) Nor is he able to name the five rights guaranteed and protected by the First Amendment.
God help us.

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7 responses to “Congressman Doesn't Know US Constitution

  1. I can only hope this gets to the people in NJ,so they can send this guy packing!

  2. Out of order? yeah, when you can’t answer the question just pull that one out….fools
    Snap! Hope this goes viral and EVERY congress critter starts studying the law of the land…

  3. Now you all know why I am a libertarian.

  4. Left/liberals know a racist, outdated, rationalist document wriiten by dead white men who owned slaves that they don’t feel like reading, let alone undersatnding or following? Horrors!

  5. This is typical of the ignorant people in this Tea Party movement. It must be embarrassing to the people of New Jersey to have this guy represent them.

    • “typical of the ignorant people in this Tea Party movement“?
      What are you smoking, Ezell?

    • Ezell, I didn’t know Lobiondo was a member of the Tea party?
      The gentleman asking the question was not the Ignorant one!!!!!


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