Congresscritter Has no Respect

Wayne Tunick, a 27-year US Navy disabled vet appeared on the Hannity Show tonight to discuss his encounter with Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) last week. Wayne was at the town hall meeting and wanted to know why the congressman wasn’t in DC working out a solution to the government shutdown to prevent the military from not receiving pay.
Wayne appeared as calm and cool on Hannity tonight as he does in this video. In speaking with the congressman, Wayne politely asked his questions.  The congressman’s response? “Not much point to my standing in an empty chamber.  Seems to me there is a point to making myself available for people who want to make caustic comments as well as people who have legitimate questions to ask as to what might happen.” Wayne: “I take exception to calling my comment caustic.” The congressman? “Oh fine, now I’m talking. You can sit down when you finish sir. Sir, you had an opportunity to speak. Now it’s time to sit down.”
Yes, the congressman accused the veteran of asking a “caustic” question then proceeds to tell him to sit down multiple times. You, Jim Moran, are  a disgrace to Congress and our military.

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They are both self-serving losers. This video isn’t worth passing around.


Well it seems to me the veteran antagonized moran and he got angry and lashed back, saying he made a caustic remark hoping that would shut him up, which it didnt. He SHOULDNT have been there, he should have been in Washington. He just got called out and didnt like it!!


Ok, I get it now. It’s Ok to humiliate someone in public, even if they out rank you? I guess times have changed and etiquette doesn’t matter anymore..even in the Military?
I would agree however with Wayne that the congressman should of been in Washington where he could of been doing more important things with his time.

Dr. Eowyn

Good retort, Steve!
Our elected supposed representatives “out rank” us? Too funny.
That’s the kind of sheeple mentality that’s gotten this country to where we are today. Please get your head out of your butt, Briana, and start thinking for yourself.


Anyone from Virginia reading this,can you just get Moran out of there please,I would like to tie him and pete stark from Ca. together,put them in a leaky boat to China. Wait,there is more that need to go with them. Ok,I’ll stop,you guys know who they are.