Congress Admits It Did Not Check Obama's Eligibility

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This is just freakin’ unbelievable.
Do you know why we have the mess we now have about Obama’s birth certificate and his constitutional eligibility to be president?
It’s because the great United States of America, supposedly governed by the Rule of Law, has no law or regulation at the federal or state level requiring government to vet presidential candidates! (Umm, what about the U.S. Constitution? Isn’t the Constitution the highest law of the land? Doesn’t the Constitution specify that a president must be a “natural born citizen”?)
This was admitted by the Congressional Research Office in a memo meant for internal circulation, not to be seen by We the People. That was why nobody in Congress or the federal government or the state governments tried to ascertain Obama’s eligibility. And that’s why judge after judge has tossed out lawsuit after lawsuit challenging The Fraud’s eligibility.
When the newly elected members to the House of Representatives take their seats in the new year, their first order of business should be the drafting of a new law requiring Congress to thoroughly determine the eligibility — according to the United States Constitution — of all presidential candidates. As should the legislatures of each of our 50 state governments!
Is it too late in Obama’s case?
The answer is a resounding “No!!!”
Judges do have the discretionary authority and power to request that he produce documentary evidence of his eligibility. All we need is one good judge. Sadly, none has come forth thus far….
A big h/t to most beloved fellow Tina.

Congress report concedes Obama eligibility unvetted
By Jerome R. Corsi – WorldNetDaily – Nov 8, 2010
A congressional document posted on the Internet confirms no one – not Congress, not the states and not election officials – bothered to check Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president, and that status remains undocumented to this day. It’s because state and federal law did not require anyone in Congress or elsewhere to check to see if Obama was a “natural born Citizen” under the meaning of Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution, according the document.
The analysis by the Congressional Research Service, a research arm of the U.S. Congress, openly admits no one in the federal government, including Congress, ever asked to see Obama’s long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate. It explains no one was required to do so.
Technically, the CRS is a public policy research arm of the United States Congress that is organized as a legislative branch agency within the Library of Congress; the CRS works exclusively for members of Congress, congressional committees and congressional staff in an advisory capacity, answering questions.
The CRS memorandum, published and distributed to congressional offices April 3, 2009, was written to explain to senators and members of the House how they could answer constituents who were demanding to see Obama’s birth certificate.
It first appeared on a blog posted by Mario Apuzzo, who has pending before the U.S. Supreme Court a request to hear a case claiming Congress and others failed to abide by the Constitution when they refused to investigate Obama’s eligibility. He explains the document, which has been posted online, was obtained through the “diligent and persistent efforts of a patriot going by the pen name of ‘Tom Deacon,’ who obtained it from a senator’s office.”
Authored by Jack Maskell, the legislative attorney in the American Law Division of the Congressional Research Service, the document was a memorandum written for the subject “Qualifications for the Office of President of the United States and Legal Challenges to the Eligibility of a Candidate.”
Maskell confirmed to WND that the document is authentic. He explained he wrote it only for distribution to congressional offices, not for public distribution, and it was not posted on any of the CRS report sites where the public might have been able to find it. He suggested one of the congressional offices that got the report facilitated its release, and it ended up posted on the Internet. Maskell told WND he wrote it because so many members of Congress were getting questions from constituents about the issue, and they wanted to know how to respond. It would explain why so many mailed and e-mailed responses to constituents on the issue of eligibility sound just alike.
The CRS begins the memo by stating the problem:

“Many of the inquiries have questioned why then-Senator, and now President, Obama has not had to produce an original, so-called ‘long’ version of a ‘birth certificate’ from the State of Hawaii, how federal candidates are ‘vetted’ for qualifications generally, and have asked for an assessment of the various allegations and claims of non-eligibility status.”

In other words, senators and members of the House could not explain why nobody ever saw Obama’s long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate, and they needed a ready answer to give angry constituents who were writing, faxing and telephoning their offices for an answer.
The second full paragraph of the CRS memo must be read in its entirety to understand fully the circumstance that allowed a candidate for whom documentation was concealed from the public to be elected and sworn in as president. It states:

“Concerning the production or release of an original birth certificate, it should be noted that there is no federal law, regulation, rule, guideline, or requirement that a candidate for federal office produce his or her original birth certificate, or a certified copy of the record of live birth, to any official of the United States government; nor is there a requirement for federal candidates to publicly release such personal record or documentation. Furthermore, there is no specific federal agency or office that ‘vets’ candidates for federal office as to qualifications or eligibility prior to return.”

What the CRS admits is that Obama got a pass from Congress and the federal government as a whole on his birth qualifications under Article 2, Section 1. Nobody in Congress or the federal government sought to look for Obama’s certified long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate, because no law or regulation required them to look. After the document was written, nobody in Congress could claim that Congress or anyone else in the federal government had reviewed Obama’s birth certificate or determined Obama was eligible to be president. It simply did not happen.
A screen capture of the document’s first page, including the key second paragraph, confirms the conclusion:

The CRS memo also admits that federal elections are administered under state law, a circumstance apparent to lawyers but sometimes complicated for others. The relevant paragraph:

“The mechanics of elections of federal officials within the several states are administered under state law. The quadrennial presidential election, although required since 1845 to be held on the same day in each state is, in an administrative and operational sense, fifty-one separate elections in the states and the District of Columbia for presidential electors. States generally control, within the applicable constitutional parameters, the administrative issues, questions, and mechanisms of ballot placement and ballot access.”

The next key point is that like federal law, neither do state laws require anyone to examine the birth qualifications of presidential candidates. The states may have discretionary authority to question a candidate’s eligibility to run for federal office, but there is no requirement in state law to do so, not when it comes to looking at birth records.
Once more, the memo makes this plain:

“In Keyes v. Bowen, the California Supreme Court discussed a suit against the secretary of state that challenged President Obama’s eligibility and the California electoral votes for [the] finding that: ‘Petitioners have not identified any authority requiring the secretary of state to make an inquiry into or demand detailed proof of citizenship from presidential candidates,’ and thus mandamus (a writ of mandate) was not granted. However, although no ‘ministerial duty’ or mandatory requirement exists to support a mandamus action, there may still exist discretionary authority in such elections official.”

…What the CRS is saying is that since there was no state law demanding Obama show his birth certificate, the court could not demand he do so. It was entirely up to the California secretary of state who had discretion to ask for the document or not ask for the document, depending upon what the California secretary of state, a Democrat for othis election cycle, wanted to do.
The CRS’s conclusion is that Obama could refuse to show his long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate because no state or federal law required him reveal it. The report said, therefore, Obama could release exactly what information he chose.

“Despite the absence of any formal administrative or legal requirement or oversight at the federal level, or specific state requirement to produce a birth certificate for ballot placement, it may be noted here briefly that the only ‘official’ documentation or record that has been presented in the matter of President Obama’s eligibility has been an official, certified copy of the record of live birth released by the Obama campaign in June of 2008, as an apparent effort by then-candidate Obama to address rumors and innuendos concerning the place of his birth.”

The result is that Obama could choose exactly what information – and in what format – he wanted released. He chose the computer-generated Certification of Live Birth, a form from the state of Hawaii that officials there have provided to those not born in the state, to document his eligibility.
The CRS also makes it clear that if the birth requirements of the Constitution are to be taken seriously, new laws at the state and federal levels will be needed to institutionalize government procedures requiring president candidates to come forward with their eligibility documentation.
Read the rest of this WND article HERE.

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0 responses to “Congress Admits It Did Not Check Obama's Eligibility

  1. Great idea, Steve! I just added the pic to the post. 😉

  2. Soon I’ll be 66 and of all the presidents during my lifetime, I have never known one to be as blatantly racist, anti American and divisive as this one. Further, I never thought a president would bad mouth his own country as much as this one. His ideas were corrupted by his family, his mentor, Communist Frank Marshall Davis, his communist associations, and his study of Saul Alinsky, Marx and others. This man does not like this country. Statements in many of his speeches both here and abroad, and what he wrote in his two biographies; indicate his complete disconnect from this country. Like families, nations should not present to others a disunity by the head of the household. To do so, invites attacks, shows weakness.l What father or mother would invite attack on their family? He is detached from real everyday people. He lectures, rants, and then mocks those who do not agree with him. He looks down his nose at the rest of us. When has he ever once said America I love you and stand by you. He’s made a mockery of the presidency, and most of all the American people. His disdain (like Michelle’s) is there for all to see. Michelle..well there’s another story. She is priveleged to have had affirmative action, but bit the hand that nurtured her and helped her to prosper. Do I love this first couple? NO. I see no reason to love someone who doesn’t love me back.

  3. Eowyn, excellent summary.
    What Mr. Transparency pulled off is the most amazing con-trick in US, if not in world history. You have to admit the guy has guts. By the way, the Pravda (English version) as early as in 2008 and 2009 called him a conman. The Russians were laughing. It pointed out, that as any good conman, he is gifted in many ways.
    Using Alinsky-methods, to trick 99% of the media, both major political parties, the House, the Senate, the entire Judicial Branch, all venerable institutions of the country, are no easy feats. He is a genius in his field.
    The CRS letter is analogous to a situation, where a sheriff observes that a train, by some mistake, is switched to the wrong track and disaster is imminent. He shrugs his shoulders, and says nothing in his manuals spells out that his duty is to stop runaway trains. So he does nothing. No phone calls, no alarms – nothing. Is his duty to promote public safety? Yes – but the local manual says nothing about trains.

    • Well said, Chester!
      But Obama is no genius. He could not have pulled off this con were it not for the failure of America’s institutions of government, political parties, and media:
      1. Government officials — both elected and appointed, both legislative and judicial, both federal and state — who couldn’t give a fig about the Constitution; who performed their “jobs” in accordance with the narrowest interpretation of the letter of the law, but not the spirit of the law; and who continue to this day to pass the buck. The courts (e.g., Clarence Thomas) say it’s the legislature’s (Congress) job! Congress says it’s the state governments’ job to check Obama’s eligibility! The states say of course it’s the federal government’s job! Ad nauseum.
      2. The 2 political parties: Republicans blame the Democrats. Democrats say why didn’t the McCain campaign bring this up. McCain blames Hillary Clinton: surely her people must have known, so why didn’t they bring this up during the Dem primaries?
      3. The press & media not only did not investigate Obama, they were his cheerleaders and continue to be his enablers.
      We have a government and media populated with lazy careerists and outright crooks.

      • Yep they are crooks. This is unbelievable…
        Course here in WA ST they don’t even require proof you are a US citizen to vote. This needs to be changed at all levels of govt.

  4. What I meant by “genius” that it takes a very gifted and gutsy conman to even try to pull this off. I agree with everything you said. But put yourself in the shoes of Mr. Transparency before the decision to run. You know that “ you have no American roots” (as Hillary said about him in 2008), furthermore as a constitutional lecturer you know that you are not eligible even if you were born in HI. Akso, your name may still be Berry Soetoro. You know that technically you are still a Moslem (as if your father was one you are one forever according to Sharia law).
    Yet you run – only a very clever conman would dare this to try. And he assessed properly the corruption and incompetence of political parties, Congress, the judicial branch, the media, the military and practically all venerable institutions.
    May I add to the “passing the buck” issue is that besides Standing, the courts say it is a “political question” meaning passing the buck to Congress. Members of Congress, of course, give nonsensical or no answers.
    If the new House is not going to look into this, my guess is that in 2012 Hillary will, to make sure that she gets the nomination, probably using a proxy organization for the inquiry. I think the Clintons ambitions are limitless and they still have a lot of supporters. Would it not be fascinating?

    • Chester,
      I don’t disagree with your analysis, but the word “genius” just sticks in my craw. I do not believe this man is that bright. A sociopath’s cunning, yes. But the intellect of a genius? No.
      Instead of “genius of a con man,” I attribute his con to one of his favorite words: AUDACITY. It is due to his clinical (pathological) NARCISSISM. He thinks so much of himself — i.e., he has such a grandiose but deluded false conception of himself — that he thinks he can pull this con off.
      But he won’t and more importantly, he hasn’t — because we already know he’s a con and we’ve already exposed his many lies, above all, his birth and his ineligibility to be President. That, plain and simple, disproves he’s a genius!

    • Hello, Chester! I very much like your comments and offer a wee bit of inside info re your writing this: “I think the Clintons ambitions are limitless and they still have a lot of supporters.” Only a few people, however, truly understand just how savage the Clintons are as ‘political animals’, and here I use the word ‘animals’ as Italians do when they speak of ‘bruto’, as a nearly elemental force of Nature more than creature.
      A dear friend of mine who is now 74 [I’m 69] was their principal financial advisor years ago when they were still in Arkansas, savaging that state for whatever they could get out of it. All the while he was legally helping them accrue wealth, they were busy doing illegal acts concealing it, which he warned them against. Years later after the evil pair had departed for richer pickings in DC, when these dealings came to light, they turned on him and claimed “Dere, you see dat bad man, he made me do it!” We do so much like to gift Satan w/what we are so very good at doing on our own [St Paul/Saul was candid about his own failings in this.]
      My friend survived NINE federal Grand Juries which found him innocent, but by then the Evil Pair was in federal power, and sent bad men in black suits to terrorize my friend and all his family, to keep silent about the whole mess. Yes, such bad men in black suits do exist; think Praetorian Guard….
      We live in terrible times of immense spiritual and material corruption, precisely as in the latter Roman Empire. Dr Michael Grant, perhaps the greatest Roman historian of the 20th century, has written that we’ve now fulfilled at least 11 of his 12 ways in which the Roman Empire failed. I recall that from his book published c. 1990, so it’s very likely we’ve met and embraced the 12th and final stage. Enjoy the ride, all the way down! I am….

  5. OK – we have a slightly different meaning of the word, but in essence we agree.

    • Really? You mean there’s only a slight difference in meaning between your calling Obama a “genius” con-man and my attributing his con to his grandiose “narcissism”?

      • I think by ‘genius’ what Chester means is ‘evil genius’. My own varied use of the word reflects how I came to understand its roots through my study of classical antiquity, comparative literature, and landscaping. Thus, the Wikipedia states that “In ancient Rome, the genius (plural genii) was the guiding spirit or tutelary deity of a person, family (gens), or place (genius loci).[4] The noun is related to the Latin verb gigno, genui, genitus, “to bring into being, create, produce.” Because the achievements of exceptional individuals seemed to indicate the presence of a particularly powerful genius, by the time of Augustus the word began to acquire its secondary meaning of “inspiration, talent.”[5]
        In the annals of classical landscape design, for example, we read of key people who spoke and wrote of “the genius of the locale,” which they sought to define and emphasise by their manipulations of the physical elements of that particular locale. That the Obamamama is filled w/an ‘evil genius’, i.e., an evil spirit, is something I personally believe to be true, as it’s VERY hard to deceive an old Chicago boy about such. “Ya kin take the boy outta Chicago, but ya can never get Chicago outta the boy!” So yes, the Fraud is “an evil genius” in that his guiding spirit is an evil one, and for me this means that Satan has long since ruled the Obamanation. It is also certain to me that neither the Christ nor Christianity has any positive meaning for him, and likely not for his family, such as it is.

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  7. No one could get away with this without special help. The CIA rings a bell the MK ULTRA Mind Control. This man is neither qualified or eligible he is no genius either. He is merely a puppet on a string, he is not even a jew but he hated America and that is the ideology the elites needed at the time. Take over could not have been done without money flowing to lots and lots of people. The truth is finally coming out 8 years too late. Some of it Irreversible. I dont care what the idiot Dems do but I ashamed of my Reps that kept silent for MONEY and POWER.


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