Congress Connives to ReDefine Natural Born Citizen

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Fascinating documentary showing 8 attempts by Congress to ammend the Constitutional requirement of  Natural Born Citizen for presidential eligibility.  What amazed me is that aside from the usual suspects, conservative Republican Representative, Dana Rohrabacher  sponsored such legislation, HJ Res 104, in the 108th Congress 2003-2004!  ~LTG

Update:  About the maker of this video

The video documentary was produced by Carl Gallups, the senior pastor at Hickory Hammock Baptist Church for more than 24 years with a long history of community and law enforcement involvement.

Gallups was a Florida law enforcement officer for 10 years, a youth minister before that and is a national and international youth evangelist with outreaches across the United States and in Canada since 1989. He’s also on the board of regents at the University of Mobile and hosts several weekly radio programs in the northwest Florida region.   Read More

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3 responses to “Congress Connives to ReDefine Natural Born Citizen

  1. Oh so if the lies don’t fit the law, change the law so the lies fit.

  2. and a nation of crack heads with blank lifeless eyes nod their heads and approve. bring on the opium dens and back alleys filled with prostitutes and gambling.

  3. It goes to show you Obama is not eligible and never has been or they wouldn’t be trying to change things for the 2012 election!


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