Congratulations to PatriotUSA!

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Some of us don’t know that one of FOTM’s regular commenters, PatriotUSA, has his own blog, “Patriot’s Corner,” which is on FOTM’s blogroll. If you don’t, here’s your chance to visit his fine blog. Click here!
Like Fellowship of the Minds, Patriot’s Corner gets a licking but just keeps on ticking. Patriot’s Corner just passed a significant milestone: It’s published 4,000 posts!

Congratulations to PatriotUSA and Patriot’s Corner! May you live long and prosper!  😀


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0 responses to “Congratulations to PatriotUSA!

  1. Thank you Dr, Eowyn and I am honored.
    PC got it’s start in 2008. PC is not has never has been about numbers. PC has some excellent contributors and great watchdog, Ozark Guru. I am blessed as is PC, by their presence and writing abilities.
    PC it is NOT for the those who suffer from the terminal illness of progressive liberalism, denizens of socialism, communism or if you happen to be an environazi, believe in GW, brainwashed follower of islam or are against the 2nd amendment. Opposing view points are welcome to send me a post but we seldom see those come in. Not too hard to figure that one out, is it? I have no fear of this and neither do the other contributors
    Now you all know why I have a blog, it is 2:00 AM west coast time and I am still not asleep.I am one who has battled what seems like a losing fight against severe chronic pain from way too many spine and orthopedic surgeries and am sadly not done yet with this. Sleep is very fleeting and rare for me, so this is what I do, when the demons are on the attack.
    Locked and loaded and always acquiring more!

  2. Thank you Terry, All I have, all I am able to do, I get from the Lord, for that I am eternally grateful

  3. Congrats, Patriot! I knew I liked you for a reason…not only are you from my very favorite state to vacation in, you share my spinal torture and lack of sleep. I’ll be having my 3rd and 4th fusion soon though I put it off as long as possible. Now that I know you have a blog I’ll be visiting often. Hang in there!

  4. Patriot, praying for your pain. Dealing with a lot of that myself.

  5. After another ‘night’ of very little sleep I wake up to these comments and people offering to pray for me. Geez, folks, thank you!!! The only better thing would be to somehow meet some of you fine people either here, or after I am called to my final home. Actually tearing up a bit and that does not happen often. Ask the Mrs!
    Moxielouise: I am headed toward a third fusion and have all my pain meds taken away to try and force me to try an electronic spinal nerve stimulator, which I REFUSE to do, period. I am almost 60 and too 1984 for me. I would only consider a pacemaker for me heart or possibly a pain pump. I have never abused my pain meds yet they cut me off all pain meds with no warning. I was taking 3 10mg. percocet a day plus a few tramadol.. This is all for a patient who has had two spinal fusions ,last one is now failed, I have bone on bone at L5-L4. L2-L1, and there is severe damage at L3-L2 undergone 8 right shoulder surgeries(the joint is fubar for lack of a better term) and needs replacing. Where I live is a desert for severe chronic pain pts. When I was cut off I none, zero, nada, symptoms of withdrawal and I also have used methadone and oxycontin in the past which I TOOK MYSELF off after four years, tapering the dosages down. methadone, nasty stuff. POORegon is horrid state for pain unless you are terminally ill or have some devastating illness. I am considering filing a complaint as this is the second time in four years this has happened to me with pain docs who think they know what is best for us. Too bad quality of life, being able to work and sleep is not taken into consideration. On the plus side I have gone down form 205 lbs to 184 lbs from lack of wanting to eat. I do not recommend this weight loss plan!
    Have a peaceful and blessed day, all of you!
    Thank you again Dr. Eowyn for this most excellent site and gathering of great minds!

    • Thank you, Patriot, for sharing your 4,000 post milestone with us! You are in my prayers, too. So many FOTM friends are in pain. Joan, too, is in constant excruciating pain from her severe osteoarthritis and degenerative disk disease. She offers her sufferings to Jesus, which helps.

  6. Steve,
    I plan on doing both and will order chart notes tomorrow when i see my PCP who is a good doc and has gone to bat for me a couple times but I will not put him at risk and he will not be part of the complaint. My main mistake has been to have not insisted on a pain management contract and what would be the plans if I had severe deterioration or severe break through pain.
    My older brother is a retired Neuropsycologist who specialized in spine, brain injury and trauma. There are STATE standards set forth by the Oregon state commission of pain and this is now the 2nd time this has happened to me. The state standards do not allow this type of behavior and if I need to go to the valley(three hours away) to find a pain doc,I will. That is a full day shot with travel and an appt let alone getting over the Cascade Mtn’s in winter.
    Thanks for the email, MUCH appreciated!!!!!
    I know all about the feds, way more than I ever wanted to.
    Is that someone knocking at my door?

  7. Patriot, my heart gies out to you when I hear of your struggles with spinal issues and pain meds. I have been on Percocet and muscle relaxers for 8 years now and I’m not stupid…I see the way the PC pendulum is swinging and have been trying to wean myself off them. I have never abused drugs in my life; I have never taken more than recommended, “shared” with people, taken them to get high, cooked, snorted, or shot up; yet there are medical professionals who give me “the look” when I tell them what drugs I am on. I get them from ONE doctor, ONE pharmacy, and make sure I space the scripts a good length apart. It doesn’t matter. If you take narcotics, you’re a junkie. I don’t understand how they could just cut you off like that. How are you ever supposed to sleep? I have 6 messed up in my C spine and T6-7, and I rarely sleep even with drugs. Well, I’m rambling publicly. If you want to vent Eo’s got my email address and you’re welcome to it.

  8. Moxielouise:
    I am going to take you up on that offer about email. I still have ambien and tizanidine for ‘sleep’ but Ambien is a mixed bag when used long term and i am there. If and when I do fall asleep, it is short, fitful and restless. I have dealt with ONE doc promarily my PCP and two pain doctors since we moved to central POORegon in 2004. Two pharmacies and I only changed there because my first pharmacy stopped accepting my insurance. Always managed my meds, kept track of how many etc. Yes, we are treated as a junkies and losers.Yet a junkie can go get his methadone every day as needed legally?????
    I have an appt. with my PCP tomorrow but will be asking him for nothing for my pain as he is convinced I am a bad dog on some level. I have had my struggles but never abused my meds, just like you.


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