Congratulations, Dumbass Amerikan Sheeple

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On November 04, 2008, you shot your country in the femoral artery.

Today, you chose to shoot your country squarely between the eyes, in that you have now managed to do what every free republic has managed to within about 200 years of their founding, and that is vote their nation right out of existence.

Nice going, shitheads.


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0 responses to “Congratulations, Dumbass Amerikan Sheeple

  1. My sentiments exactly. A good half of our country’s population are simply depraved, stupid, and lacking in any real moral integrity. I cannot even begin to know what to do at this point. Insurrection? Civil War? Secession? Are enough people fired up and ready to go that route? One thing is for sure though, we need to give serious thought to kicking the dogshit out of all those egomaniacal Paulbots who voted for the 3rd party candidate and those who stayed home away from the voting booth.

    This was an act of natiocide.

    • I thought the “Paulbots” were not needed or wanted? Suddenly after a predicted to lose Candidate lost, the “Paulbots” now matter. It is now their fault this crap nominee lost… Right. Couldn’t possibly be that the crap nominee just sucked that bad could it? Couldn’t possibly be he didn’t appeal enough across the aisle or appeal enough to the independents or even appeal enough to his supposed base? Couldn’t possibly be he might have actually made good on his promise to spend $2 trillion more on defense that we don’t have and further adding to a deficit we can’t afford. He certainly was not a Fiscal Conservative and was running in an election that required all Conservatives to vote for him. Nope, guess the evil “Paulbots” are to blame. So kick the dogshit out of the evil “Paulbots” even though they predicted his loss well enough in advance to prevent the train wreck that just occurred.

      I have an idea why don’t you kick the dogshit out of the people who nominated a predicted loser? You were clearly warned with plenty of time to spare. Take responsibility for your own actions or lack there of ehe?
      That sounds more rational to me, though I think we should dispense with these nonsensical threats.

      Have you learned nothing from all of this?
      I have learned something. It is crystal clear. The evil “Paulbots” clearly do matter and they clearly are needed if Republicans plan to ever win again. In fact all of us Republicans matter, like it or not.
      I have said it before somewhere, we need ALL of the Rs some of the Ds and a good share of the Independents to win. Can’t get around it, especially when we are fighting an uphill battle against the Democrat Establishment fraud with a butt-load of sheeple already on their side. We need every breathing body we got. We cannot go ostracizing any faction of our Group. This is just common sense as witnessed by the Number of votes the Democrats have received the last two Presidential elections. We really do need everybody and then some.

      So how do we do this?
      How about this, why not nominate a REAL Conservative, who supports REAL Liberty, who actually campaigns on REAL tangible change and actual Fiscal Responsibility, whom doesn’t flipflop worse than John Kerry on good day? We have at minimum 3 years or so to find such a candidate, why spend it bickering and ostracizing voters we all need so badly? Give us a real candidate and none of this doomed to fail “Lesser Evil” bs we always seem to end up with.
      Perhaps the “insignificant”, “not needed” and “not wanted” evil “Paulbots” would fall in line then and we can truly dispense with these nonsensical threats and useless internal squabbles the Ds laugh at us for.

      Here is to hoping that next time, that a certain group of our brothers in arms are not ridiculed, belittled and ostracized by “fellow” Republicans so we can actually come together, elect a REAL Conservative who actually plans to cut REAL spending and REALLY plans to balance the budget.
      Perhaps said Conservative would actually support Liberty and fight for Liberty by opposing these Constitution violating Acts like the NDAA and the Patriot Act.
      Perhaps said Conservative would put what really matters to this Country’s survival, such as Fiscal Responsibility, at the front of their campaign and leave the less important items, like say Abortion and Gay Marriage, on the back burner? I can look past those last two items to vote as necessary but not all people can, so why lose the votes harping on them?
      Well one certainly hopes anyways.
      If not then following 2012 we get 4 more years of “More of the Same” lined up and ready for 2016. I am nearly willing to guarantee it. I guess the real question is, are you willing to risk it?

      • Fact is, this is the first president picked, elected and re-elected by the news media. M Romney was the best chance for this country because of his background the problem would have been Democrats of both houses. When you listen to them you wonder how could people that stupid be elected. Oh that’s right, just tell them you’re going to give them stuff and someone else will pay for it.

  2. Can’t improve on that.

  3. Now what? I feel very sad this morning. Very sad.

  4. Can’t add anything to that, Dave!

  5. WTF just happened? I am speechless (for the moment).

  6. I feel so sad, words cannot express. I can’t keep dry eyes since the election was called for the POS last night.
    Now I feel like it will be a matter of watching our Country sink further into a mere memory of what once was the greatest Nation on the face of the earth. That once shining city on the hill—-.

  7. I used to marvel that countries like Argentina or Nicaragua could elect despotic leaders. We are no better than they.

  8. Me too Grouchy…we just have to remember that The LORD’s plan is not always our plan. I cannot help but ask if this is not a judgment on our nation….

    • I agree w/you Miranda and GF, for sure. I feel the votes were NOT counted accurately. But even if they had been, the electoral college can put a candidate w/a lesser number in anyhow. The whole system’s rotten to the core and needs to be made more honest, to reflect the people’s true intent. What a minute… maybe it just did!! Aargh!

      And by the bye, what snarky troll gave you a ‘thumbs down’? You express an honest feeling and that’s how some idiot reacts.

    • You better believe it is, Miranda! You hit the nail on the head! The church first has to turn from their wicked ways and THEN He will hear us and heal our land.

  9. Anybody to go after Benghazi? Afraid not. DC will be back to the business of spending us into oblivion. Priorities afterall.

  10. This is how Americans perceive “voting” (…especially the young:) “And the winner of American Idol:”!!! Obama!

  11. I awoke this morning with such a bad feeling (having been very hopeful not that long ago) that I put off looking to see who won the elections for quite awhile. When I finally did look, I was very sorry that my feeling was “spot-on”. When my daughter asked who won I could barely choke the words out. She responded: “NO! No WAY! NO!” in disbelief. Yes, Miranda, I agree.

  12. This is what happens with Unbridled Democracy.   It was the greatest fear of the Founding Fathers…   David LeBaron


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  14. I don’t believe the American People Re-elected this man. I believe the elections are just as subject to corruption as everything else. Take heart people. The majority out there is not as stupid and uninformed as the main stream media would have you think. It is just another deception. Sure, there are some sponging and entitled, but really, 50%? I don’t and won’t believe that.

  15. I’m still in shock that this happened especially after all the information that was made public about this fraud of a leader! My God people! Today a coworker told me, “What’s the big deal? Nothing bad has happened in 4 years. Everything is the same as it was 4 years ago. There’s no recession or anything! Life goes on.” For the second time in 24 hours I was speechless. Well, if America is really this stupid then maybe we deserve what we get. Many of us tried to affect change to no avail. So I am now focusing on my family and getting prepared for whatever is to come. No reason to try again. It’s over and what this creep will do in the next 4 years will be irreversible. So….so….sad.

  16. I am afraid what was once the great and wonderful United States has going the way of the Roman Empire. Reason, massive corruption in government, complete moral decline among the population, and massive dependence on government hand-outs to the lazy, the incompetent, and to the complete self serving selfish fools. It took the Roman Empire several hundred years to end. It’s taken the United States only about eighty years to end. Since FDR. Perhaps a quick death is better than a slow painful death. The Romans and Germans of WWII era said “HAIL” to men, We Americans are saying “HAIL” to left-wing radical donkeys.

  17. Eh, if it brings the country closer to a revolution, then so be it.

  18. each of you feel that your better than the other…that is the real problem in the world…..the sad thing is no one really realizes this….this is what living in an illusion creates……….a delusional paradigm….

    • Sadly, by scolding us with “each of us feel that your [sic] better than the other,” you just committed the very same thing — regarding yourself as better than us.

    • My guess is you are a low-information Obama supporter that thought Obamacare was going to actually reduce healthcare costs (ROFL!), and just got your next health insurance bill with a hefty increase in the premium.

      Welcome to Obama’s Amerika.

      And good luck finding a doctor in a couple of years, ’cause you are gonna need it.


  19. I love the Obama's!

    Ha! Appears you were wrong dumbass Sheeple Dave. Of course, anyone that can’t spell America correctly shouldn’t be expected to be a real American.

    • And what are YOU talking about dumbass? The record number of people out of the workforce under Obama? The record number of people receiving SSDI under Obama? The poor Americans being hit with record high medical premiums under Obamacare? The terrible record of race relations under Obama? The record number of casualties in Afghanistan under Obama?

      Of course, anyone “that” can’t understand the definition of the spelling of Amerika is probably a Kool-Aid drinking proggie.

    • You love the Obamas? And you call Dave “dumbass sheeple”?

      Spelling America as Amerika is deliberate. The dictionary defines Amerika as “an alternative spelling for the name America (referring specifically to the United States of America) intending to portray the country as fascist and oppressive and culturally inferior.”

      But then, your ignorance doesn’t surprise me given your illiteracy. FYI, when you refer to a name in the plural, there’s no apostrophe “s” that signifies possessive. It’s “the Obamas,” not “the Obama’s”.


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