Confederacy of fools…

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I pray the voting fools wakeup in 2012!

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0 responses to “Confederacy of fools…

  1. This country does not deserve to survive. I and millions of others are dedicating our lives to seeing America burn to the ground and all of you conservatives burn with it.

    • Hey, Legion! Are you back already? This time, using your real (maybe) IP address– in Knoxville, Tennessee? Why are you still using the same e-mail address ( Don’t you have even an ounce of imagination?
      What a charming fellow you are. But because I really really really care about you, I just gotta warn you about what all that hate and rage’s doing to your innards. At this rate, you’re not gonna live to see “America burn to the ground,” even less to see “all of you conservatives burn with it.” But I can promise you that you will see fire, but it’s not on Earth, and you will burn in it!
      Cheerio, toot toot, and all that sort of rot! 😀

    • You have a great day too LEGION. So glad you came back to spread your joyful words with us. We really did miss you buddy 🙂

  2. LOL If that doesn’t stop Legion, nothing will — except maybe this:
    Hey, Legion! I’m not ashamed to say it too: I too love you, man!
    And here’s a big wet kissy kiss-kiss from me! and here’s yet another! Um, um, uh!
    Tom of Knoxville TN is an Obama love-slave

  3. Okay, I concede. Boohoohoo. How can a mere woman compete against that man-man love thingie. You win! 😀

  4. Here’s to you and that hot loverboy Legion!
    Tom of Knoxville TN is a prison loverboy

  5. Ah Steve, this is probably the most action Legion has seen in awhile 🙂


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