Condoms required for workplace safety

Adult Film Condom Proposal Qualifies for June Ballot

NBC  Los AngelesA proposal that would require adult film actors to use condoms has qualified for the June ballot after proponents gathered enough signatures to put the issue before Los Angeles voters.
Proponents gathered more than 70,000 signatures, exceeding the 41,000 required to place the issue on the ballot, according to AIDS Heathcare Foundation spokesman Ged Kenslea. The signatures were certified last week by the LA City Clerk.

The Adult Film Workplace Condom Initiative would condition adult film permits on the production company’s agreement to use condoms on the film set. Under the proposal, fees may be charged to “provide for inspectors to ensure compliance with conditions on film permits.”

“We have other conditions on film permits,” said Michael Weinstein, of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, a backer of the proposal. “If you’re going to blow things up, you have to have the fire department involved.” (his pun, not mine!)
The ballot measure is the subject of a legal challenge by City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. His office filed a lawsuit earlier this month, calling the measure a “needless and wasteful expenditure of public resources made in connection with a measure which the voters have no power to adopt.”  State laws already mandate use of condoms when workers are exposed to blood-borne pathogens, the lawsuit states.
But in a letter sent to the LA City Council after Trutanich issued his opinion on the matter earlier this year, Cal/OSHA officials said local authorities can require condom use on adult film sets.  “State law does not preempt such action by the City because the City does not seek to enact an occupational health and safety standard but rather a public health standard applicable to any film activity (regardless of employment relationship) within the City boundaries,” officials said in the letter.
How exactly will this mandate be enforced?  Government union workers hired to watch porn movies all day to determine which movies have been made without using condoms? Inspectors paid to go watch porn production?  How many inspectors would that require given the thousands of porn productions that take place in that city in a given month.
Anyone that enters the porn industry knows that it is a dangerous business.  If they choose to not use condoms, they practice their free will (or demonstrate a lack of intelligence).  I get the intent – controlling sexually transmitted diseases is  a good thing.  But can’t stand the fact that another government measure is on the ballot to regulate behaviors (really, the porn industry may be a work place but it’s a chosen profession, one that a person enters into knowing the consequences of unprotected sex).  What’s next, a mandate that requires you use condoms in your personal bedroom as well?

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Dr. Eowyn
8 years ago

Isn’t democracy grand? LOL

8 years ago

Sounds like another mission for the TSA….
how dangerous can cucumbers and bananas be ? 🙂

8 years ago
Reply to  dan

About as dangerous as a cupcake… 😉

lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

So, this is really a measure for job creation. How many applicants will the state get to be condom-compliance inspectors? How much will they be paid and what are the “benefits”? LOL!

Tee Lee
8 years ago

I think they need to spend more time worrying about themselves and less time about the porn industry. Sheesh!