Compassionate and tolerant libs are vile people…

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Former Vice President Dick Cheney underwent a heart transplant on Saturday and the bleeding heart liberals went ballistic on Twitter.  Of course now, news media outlets are debating whether or not Cheney was “too old” to receive a transplant.  The future of Obamacare…
Let’s take a look at some of the vile comments those compassionate liberals tweeted, shall we?

  • @grannypig: dickcheney is the #tinman and he’ll never have a heart no matter what is inside him
  • @ilovemytroops: Even better fair would be Zimmerman shoots #CheneyDick‘s new heart & then #DickCheney hunts his worthless self down until both GONE!
  • @ronrants:  Can you imagine dying, getting to heaven, and finding out your heart went to #DickCheney? It’s enough to want to kill yourself!
  • @BethArmogida:  #DickCheney gets a replacement for his heart. No word yet about his soul.
  • @lordofthefives:  Busy putting an asterisk on my driver’s license to read “Organ Donor: Y *except #DickCheney
  • @SimonePajama: They should just let #dickcheney keel over. Then we can celebrate two Independence days.
  • @jenna_kandi:  #DickCheney got a heart transplant?!?! That’s a waste of a perfectly good heart!
  • @john_durnham:  Unlike #dickcheney I don’t wish harm on other people, but when he finally does die, the only emotion I may feel is relief.
  • @kareystuff:  #dickcheney got a new heart.. what a waste, they should of given it to someone who would actually use it.

Liberals, just about the most hateful and intolerant group of people you will ever meet.

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0 responses to “Compassionate and tolerant libs are vile people…

  1. Whoever it was who first coined the phrase “bleeding heart liberal” must have taken a course on Orwellian Newspeak. Typical left-wing self-congratulatory propaganda, which is another word for lies..

  2. edward oleander

    Darth Cheney earned every bit of love he’s getting from the Libs. Just because we’re compassionate and tolerant doesn’t mean we have to tolerate or love Evil.

    • Edward-
      Are there not enough liberal sites out there for you to choose from? I’m not a Cheney fan either but some times you just need to keep your hateful feelings to yourself. Y’all liberals are so hypocritical! Good grief…

      • edward oleander

        And by the very title of this thread, you don’t think it runs both ways? My language may be blunt sometimes, but my bile tastes no worse than anyone elses… and drips no less copiously.

  3. This is who they are. They have proven their character so many times before that I anticipated these vile comments the moment I heard of the transplant.

  4. Well, Grouchy, there’s a reason why he chooses as his alias “oleander,” which is a poisonous flower. LOL

  5. So much for that “new age of civility” that BO started…. oh wait, never mind…

  6. edward oleander

    Do any of you actually appreciate the irony in your comments about my dislike, nay, raw hate, of Dick Cheney? After all the hate you spew at Libs in general, and Obama in particular? OOOOooo, why didn’t anyone at least compare me to HitlerAt least I freely admit my hate. Anyone who says they love everyone is either lying or deluded.
    Thanks for at least letting my comment go through. I was almost ready to surrender.
    Note… Just saw a protester sign on the news at the SCOTUS: “Forget about dogs and cats, spay and neuter Liberals!” Whatta ya say about that?

    • Oleander,
      Speaking just for myself:
      1. Hate is such a corrosive emotion. I don’t hate Libs or Obama. I do object, strenuously, to both, for reasons I’ve amply expressed in my thousands of posts on FOTM. Since you are an RN, you would know how corrosive hate is. I highly recommend you refrain from that for the sake of your health. Al Pacino in Godfather 3: “Never hate your enemies. It warps your judgment.”
      2. I most certainly don’t love everyone. Whatever gave you that idea?
      3. As for that sign at SCOTUS, there’s no need for that. With the rate of abortion, Libs are doing that to themselves.

    • Disliking a group for their political beliefs and wishing death upon an individual are two different things.
      Disliking a group for trying to destroy the family values, marriage, social norms, freedom of religion, and killing babies and wishing death upon an individual are two different things.
      No need to spay libs….they love that abortion thing and will take care of eliminating themselfs in due time.

      • edward oleander

        It’s funny how, in a very general sense, we both dislike each other’s baseline groups for doing the exact same things…
        I would also like to point out that, in general, it is conservatives who are proponents of the death penalty, which is wishing death on many individuals.
        There are times when I wish conservatives could have EVERYTHING they want, just to provide a warning to future generations…

        • I would also like to point out that, in general, it is LIBERALS who are proponents of abortion, which is wishing death on many INNOCENT albeit small individuals, millions more than the convicted CRIMINALS who actually have been executed.
          FYI, I’m a conservative who is opposed to the death penalty.

    • Grouchy,
      Just so you know, any comment oleander makes must be “moderated” (screened) before it’s published. Why? Because FOTM, as stated in our About page, is by Conservatives for Conservatives. Oleander is a Lib — which is why he does not have automatic publishing privilege.
      I honestly do not know why he insists and persists in commenting. I would never spend my limited time and energy doing that on a Left-wing blog.

      • Grouchy, excellent point about the LSM and Sheriff Joe!
        Hey, come to think of it, maybe that’s why oleander will not leave us alone. FOTM has the news and info he can’t get from the LSM. LOL

    • edward oleander

      As George S. Patton is reputed to have said to the Russian General, “I’ll drink to that… one sonuvabitch to another!”
      Fogey, I loved your Flower Power note for it’s humor, but getting a response like this is the answer to whoever asked if I didn’t have somewhere nice and Libby to hang out, and why I would spend time in the camp of those not my stripe.
      No sound bites, no pre-canned anti-lib-speak, no jingoism, just pure Fogey. I treasure that and thank you for it. Please see my comments to Eowyn below for an expansion on this…
      As a btw, I have PLENTY of hate for the Sharia system of “law.” It is some of most vile thinking in human history, and has utterly no redeeming value. You might be surprised at how many Muslims feel the same.
      2nd btw… You’re one of the only ones to ever accuse me of having too little self-esteem, even as a chain yank. The lack of caps in my name is a gift from a proofreader of mine, who became frustrated because I have a hard time hitting the “shift” key properly, and my writing comes out like e.e. cummings if I don’t take time to go back and edit myself.

  7. They’d sure think George Soros should be able to get a transplant.


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