"Communism will win" officer receives Other Than Honorable discharge

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Spenser Rapone
Good riddance.
Read about his discharge here.
About the Other Than Honorable (OTH) discharge, from Wikipedia:
“An OTH is a form of administrative discharge. This type of discharge represents a departure from the conduct and performance expected of all military members.
Recipients of OTH discharges are barred from reenlisting into any component of the Armed Forces including the Reserve and National Guard components.
Generally, in order to receive VA benefits and services, the Veteran’s character of discharge or service must be under “other than dishonorable” conditions (e.g., honorable, under honorable conditions, general) as stated by VA policy. However, individuals receiving another-than-honorable or bad conduct discharge may qualify for VA benefits depending on a “Character of Service Determination (CSD)” made by VA.
If the veteran has either a service-connected injury or illness, at least two years of active-duty service, or has received at least one Honorable discharge they will be able to enroll in the VA health care system. The VA will submit Form 7131 (Information Exchange Between VA Regional Offices and Medical Facilities) and make a character of service determination to decide if their service was “Honorable (for VA purposes)”, “Honorable (for medical purposes)”, or “Dishonorable”.
Veterans with an OTH discharge who qualify for VA Healthcare are eligible to submit claims for disability compensation pay, participation in educational, volunteer, and vocational rehabilitation programs. Other Than Honorable recipients are eligible for Montgomery GI Bill benefits if they have completed at least one honorable discharge and may be eligible for Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits if the VA determines their service to be “Honorable (for VA purposes)”.
At least this guy won’t be allowed a platform in the military any more.
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0 responses to “"Communism will win" officer receives Other Than Honorable discharge

  1. If Hillary had been elected POTUS, Rapone would be given an award instead of being, rightfully, other-than-honorably discharged. Thank you, President Trump!

  2. Dennis Godaire

    A West Point education was just thrown out the window. The other deviants in this academy need to be ferreted and dismissed (and or jailed). It seems that all of our institutions need a good housecleaning.

    • As well as all of the officers that allowed him to graduate & get commissioned.
      I don’t care what kind of BS policies were in place to allow scumbags like Rapone to graduate, if they had a backbone, they could have nipped this in the bud.
      But no, they wanted to keep their own careers going and hope they’d someday become flag officers.

  3. Bravo, the American government has
    been infested with commies since the 1930s
    as publicized by our hero US Senator Joe McCarthy from now debauched
    state of Wisconsin. The deaths caused by communism dwarf those of
    the so-called holocaust.

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    For your information.

  5. traildustfotm

    If our president was Hillary Clinton, I expect this guy would have been promoted to a high position in the military. But no, our President is Donald John Trump, who recognizes the harm such a man would do.

  6. This philosophical infatuated stupid piece of shit adolescent” should have been given a ticket at the time of his discharge to keep company to Eddy Snowden’s snowed-in pad in Russia, these two chums can “work” for
    Mutherland Russia in return for the treason act to the country that borne them. I am so happy for Snowden, his stay in Russia is permanent, and happier for Rapone because he’ll never be able to make it unless he goes in the drug trade. Here’s my drink to you Rapone!

  7. Rapone could always get a job training Antifa in the proper use of firearms:

  8. I’ll bet the Congress critter who recommended this asshat feels wonderful. They ought to put him and the kneeling ball fetcher on the first plane for Red China.

  9. I’m glad they tossed this commie bastard. He probably would have went on to be spy. POS, Good riddance.

  10. OTH huh? Why wasn’t this Lurch lookin’ muther fooker DIShonerable?
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  11. Looks like this proven mediocre blood-sucker just wanted a free education, never intended to serve, and never cared about “VA benefits” anyway. He got his “pound of flesh” out of we, American tax-payers, after his sham “patriot act” in order to get his education……and the trusting American patriots who went before him and whom surround him presently provided for him unwittingly—-so—–now, let him belly up to Communist China or similar…..and see how much he “wins” and how many pounds of flesh they will require of HIM and at what personal PRICE……..For a brief moment in time (backed by his apparent lies) he was “special” here, long enough to receive an excellent, coveted appointment and education—–let’s see how long he’ll be “special” in Communist China: I say to him (from the testimonies of years of my student’s parents here in CA whom work for companies that partner in China for factory labor there)—-See ya,’ sucker, at the shoe factory or the dog-slaughter-house (you know, they love eating cage-raised St. Bernards best…b/c they are so big and docile to raise, and then so tasty).., or, at best—at a clerical position–for which you could only PRAY and HOPE for……..Maybe you’ll end up like Otto Warmbier for something like “stealing” a covert bite of dog shank so you won’t starve? Then, let us know when you have to dump your newborn daughter down a well or let her out on a hillside to die of starvation/exposure because you can only have ONE child, and ONLY boy children carry on the “status” of the family. DUFUS—-the original (Soviet) Communism was a short 70-some-year FULL-FLEDGED economic, social, military, and governmental FAILURE….and more than half of those 70 years were forceful starvation /privation visited upon its citizenry. The USSR fell in the early 90’s because of its failure to even FEED its people or PAY its miliatry (we had a foregeign exchange student from Russia right after the fall—families who HAD children could only “afford” ONE….and our exchange student even had to euthanize her pet toy poodle b/c they could not feed it..we sent her home with utilitarian gifts —like a water purifier, an iron, etc….of which her home was robbed within hours….her father was a Soviet Army Colonel and had not been paid in more than a YEAR—to survive, the family took a train each summer out to the middle of old Russia to their ancestral farmlands —stripped of them to become “communal” by the Communist government ….but abandoned b/c no one worked anymore……..and they camped out all summer, planted/reaped/canned and preserved and hauled their food home that way each year. Nevertheless….they still ended the year with JUST potatoes in their larder. Dear boy Patrone—-welcome to the Communist world. Enjoy. Get thyself to Beijing or Havanna…in all haste, PLEASE. You are an embarrassment to your family, my husband and his colleagues (served in our military through 2 or more campaigns) and the citizenry of this country who educated you, entrusted you with their safety and well-being —who never want to eat their St. Bernard or trash their new-born daughter down a well to die at birth…….
    The good news to the rest of us is….Other than Honorable Discharge—–you’ll never be able to legally buy or own a gun in this country. You are a clear and present danger to us.

  12. Just one night in a marine Corps bar. We would see what he was made of or what was in him at the time.☻


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