Common Core Questions. This Is Scary Folks.

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I don’t know about you, but if this is what they want to teach today’s children, then pull your kids quick. And for good measure look for the one I highlighted in big bold red lettering. Nothing like a little indoctrination at a 3rd grade level.


 Just your garden variety cube stick math



Kindergarten math homework. Makes no sense whatsoever. should be ashamed.

. Not your grandfather’s liquid volume problem



Common Core…


(Image Source: Gavin McInness Instagram account)

 How to make a ten


@HouseCracka Here’s a sample of Common Core math. WHAT???


@michellemalkin a great common core question a friend,who is a teacher, posted. Cc @TwitchyTeam


Here’s a screen shot of the answer key for a questionable homework assignment from Common Core for 3rd grade grammar.



Elegant logic 


Pretzel logic



~Steve~                     H/T

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0 responses to “Common Core Questions. This Is Scary Folks.

  1. Paul H. Lemmen

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  2. Common Core will ruin our Children. What is shown here is only a small part. CC is all about indoctrination of our children to believe what the government and the Globilists want. Let’s not forget about the porn(as far as I’m concerned) and the indoctrination into Islam which is in a number of schools. Parents need to stay on the alert, ask questions and demand answers, do research, check out the publishers and who has a large financial interest or ownership in those companies and parent corporations. Check your children’s books, class notes, test questions and they are phrased. Please. There is danger in their lessons so educate yourselves. This is all going to lead to something like Hitler’s Youth.

  3. Thank you, Steve, for this important post. The Math questions don’t make sense. Even worse is the political indoctrination: “Government officials’ commands must be obeyed by all.” This is no longer America. Our Founding Fathers must be weeping….

    • Eowyn and TD , your welcome. Your right some don’t make sense and some are just idiotic how they want them to figure it out.
      The one I highlighted scares the hell out of me.
      I know Bill Gates has thrown some BIG BIG money behind this crap. I’ll do some poking and see who else flushes out of the sewer.
      Wanna bet it’s the same cast of villains as usual?

      • And lets not forget that gates is also a eugenicist and child mutilator (funding “circumcision” in africa, allegedly because somehow ripping people’s parts off somehow makes them less likely to catch a blood-borne communicable disease?) To say nothing of the other ventures the “bill and melinda gates foundation” are involved in. talmudism at its best.

        Frankly though, the common core stuff seems intended to break children’s brains rather than encourage their growth, how can rational thought or common sense be applied to these questions when the questions themselves are anti-intelligence? Did gates pluck these out of patient files in an old dumpster behind a decommissioned insane asylum?

      • Of COURSE he did. HIS kids would have special computer software to figure this crap out. Personally,I’D love to see all the pin heads who are pushing this stuff demonstrate it on live National TV,with problems they never saw before,and without any help from experts with cheat sheets. They make no sense,and are unsolvable by anyone without a cheat sheet to give them the answers.

  4. traildustfotm

    Thanks Steve. This is breathtaking!

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  6. OMG!

  7. Common Core is nothing but control and conform. Parents need to stand up to this BS!

  8. I have seen a couple of these examples before. The first example I have not. As a college educated professional with a degree in education, I cannot make sense of the “cube stick” question or determine what the student is supposed to gain through the exercise.

  9. Great post, Steve! I’ve also read of Common Indoctrination lessons in which students were taught that Lincoln’s religion was liberal, and another in which they were told to write an essay justifying the Nazi’s extermination of Jews.

  10. Looks like, rather than encourage quick, sharp thinking, it forces, tangled up, confused thinking. Complicates, rather than simplifies. Wastes the students’ time and energy, and a good way to make them feel LOST, and in need of the “state” to tell them what to do. Mind control.

  11. What the heck? (We’re going to have a whole generation of Math-illiterate– innumerate– people.)

  12. Sigh—…I’m overjoyed that the hideous “Every Child Left Behind” is gone……I admire what common core is trying to do— to get out of the old “multiple guess” mentality that turned our kids into a nation of non-readers, non-critical thinkers, & devoid of original thoughts (creativity), passive “receptacles” waiting for me to “give them the right answer”….& our teachers into instruments of the test-making company…teaching ONLY to the test…. (& the test company determines the pace of the school year & WHEN the yr is really “over,” which kids figured out ….is right after the tests are over, even if there is 1/10 of the school attendance year left to go!) What a wasteland of public education!

    BUT…having said that…..let me observe: Dear educators/governors—–you are twisting yourselves into knots to FORCE convoluted, difficult, & obtuse properties onto the subjects you continue to TEST ad nauseum—-which, (mom and dad at home)…are JUST math/language arts. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE creative problem-solvers/thinkers…then scrap this one-dimensional concept of education & stop gutting the arts programs at schools….very few people learn to think “creatively”/ as a problem-solver in math or language arts….they learn those thilngs in art, music, even PE (team strategies), computer sciences, science & even social studies (some people call it HISTORY—which teaches “cause & effect” up the ying-yang). What “Moses” of education one day gave us the “word” written in stone that ONLY math/ language arts determine the future character & educational measure of a child?????? Here’s an example right out of my art classroom: my kids have to take algebra in middle school. They almost allways fail it. Yet, in my classroom, they don’t know how to use a ruler…you’d think it’s a basic math/human utilitarian skill….& they almost ALL uniformly (mistakenly) think that if we enlarge a pattern fr a one-inch scale to a 2-inch scale ….they’ve “doubled” the size……NOT UNTIL I MAKE THEM measure/count the number of one-inch boxes inside the 2-inch square do they realize that they’ve quadrupled the size. Similarly, in my history classes…I’ve NEVER had a class analyze a culture & NOT see that, for instance, the ones that put out the most science, art, medicine & so on that benefitted themselves & the world at large….always did so when they were NOT spending their money/time on war, acquiring other lands, forcing political or reigious thoughts upon their populations/others….My kids figure it out really fast (I call it the big “So, What?”) that creativie solutions to living in our human conditiion don’t flow when resources are appropriated to dump into NON-creative problem-solving ventures as a populace….and that the wrong LEADERSHIP has consequences.

    It’s sad to almost comical to see educators/politicians trying to “force feed” teaching kids to be “creative problem-solvers” without training them in the actual ACTS of seeing, understanding, creating in art, music, team sports, analyzing history & now—even analyzing creative writing (Common Core stresses using ONLY primary sources…from which the student must present “evidence” to support statements made on tests—so, Good-bye Beowulf, Farewell to Manzanar, The Outsiders…They have nothing of value to teach our kids about life???? ). So….heart in the right place….method to get there——they don’t have a clue—-stuck in the OLD math-language arts quicksand. My prognosis b/c of this: same old same old—it will last a decade & by then prove that it is not attainable in its present form (sort of like Obamacare) & will be abandoned in favor of the “next great thing-ism.”

  13. I have an undergraduate degree in mathematics (and an M.S. in chemistry), and have created some original maths puzzles, some original work on Benford’s Law, and on hybrid number systems for data compression. Fortunately, I escaped “New Math,” as it was known at the time, by one year. Whew!

    The primary effect of “New Math,” Common Core math, etc. is to convince the vast majority of kids that they are stupid. (However a small percentage of gifted kids manage to learn maths, in spite of their teachers, and go on to become scientists and engineers.) All educators with more than half a brain know that this is true.

    Maths ‘education’ in the USA has precious little to do with fostering mathematical proficiency. For textbook authors, it’s about money.

    For administrators, it’s about power and politics. For the majority of elementary school teachers, who happen to be innumerate, it’s about faking it, and hoping that nobody catches on.

    That said, the most important reason for the abysmal state of maths teaching in the USA is that most parents here don’t give a rat’s patootie about education in general. Education is something that happens in classrooms. We’re not responsible. Yeah, right.

    Surprise, surprise! In terms of maths education, we Americans lag way behind countries like Japan and Finland.

    I do have more to say on the subject. If anyone is curious, ask some specific questions, and I’ll provide links or additional commentary.

    • You’re right, Larry. Ultimately, it comes down to parents. If parents don’t care, that leaves schools to do just what they want.

    • Larry…how right you are on many accounts…ie…the money-grubbers who smell a marketing opportunity ….changing direction every decade…or less…just to sell another load of books, curriculum outlines….seminar trainings….etc…as I alluded to at the end of my previous post…the next great “thing-ism.” But most of all…BRAVO….as a teacher I’ve always asserted that the education of a child was analogous to a 4-legged stool….it took the equal efforts of the child, the teacher, the parent, and the school administration….These days….that stool often is one or two-legged…so many times the parents and the administration are “MIA” throwing the whole venture/job over onto the teacher and kid alone…..Just doesn’t work. I’ve often told a parent in parent/teacher conferences that a kid learns by second grade that he/she doesn’t have to work one scintilla for ME….that Christmas will still come for him/her…unless mom or dad put the brakes on and they have to please mom and/or dad…….There’s not a lot I can do as a teacher to overcome that if it is missing….

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