Commie Hackers Threaten Fox News Website

It appears the OWS commies have their red thongs all in a knot over Fox New’s coverage of the commie protests that are currently underway in many American cities.
I guess dirty, stinking commies do not like being exposed for being… well, dirty, stinking commies.
By Lucas Shaw
Thu Oct 27, 2011 3:28pm EDT
NEW YORK ( – Anonymous, a group of hackers that has previously attacked Sony and Bay Area Rapid Transit, said it will shut down the Fox News website on November 5.
It announced its intentions in a video on YouTube, citing Fox News’ propaganda against the Occupy Wall Street movement as reason.
“Anonymous introduces Occupation Fox Hunt,” the video’s disembodied voice says. “It intends on destroying the Fox News website because their continued right-wing conservative propaganda can no longer be tolerated.”
The group, which is affiliated with fellow hacker group LulzSec, specifically mentions primetime host Sean Hannity for attacking the “character and credentials” of the occupiers. It makes no mention of parent company News Corp., which has had hacking problems of its own.
Fox News, for its part, does not appear to be particularly concerned.
A spokesperson told TheWrap that it pays a great deal of attention to security every day. Though precautionary measures will be taken, this is no different from an average day.
Fox may have reason to be concerned given that it is believed Anonymous previously hacked the Fox News’ Twitter account to spread a false rumor about President Obama. Then again, Fox News CEO Roger Ailes is famous for his obsession with security.
Anonymous has previously said it will kill Facebook on that day, one with a history of anti-establishment actions.
More than 500 years ago November 5 became “Guy Fawkes” day after a failed attempt to blow up the U.K. Parliament, a story adapted for the big screen in “V For Vendetta.”
You can see the YouTube message here.
And I am just sure Roger Ailes is losing sleep over this.

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8 years ago

What happened to the “oh poor me , we are just trying to get attention” and hold the cup out for donations for food” look?
Now they want TAX EXEMPTION STATUS. Come to find out they are commies, I think not. And to think MSM compaired them to the TEA PARTY, are they(MSM) That blind? There are no compairsons there. Thats for sure

8 years ago

LOL! they have to have something to be mad at! because they don’t really know why they are doing what they are.(the majority anyway)

8 years ago

About that time, the fedeal gov’t will cut off all radio, TV and cable broadcast at 2:00pm Eastern for 3 min on 9 Nov to test the Emergency Alert System (EAS) too…
First time (even with the previous EBS) it’s ever been mandatory and everything.

8 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I’m figuring they’re wanting Fox News’ website to be down when this happens, for some reason… intimidation of conservative media, perhaps?

8 years ago

Truth about these commies hurts I guess. Cowards. Instead of having the guts to “fight” Fox, they want to shut them down. They are the type that would bring a butter knife to a gun fight…

Traci Lee Sommerville
8 years ago

News channels can afford their own hackers. I think they need to hire someone to reverse track Anonymous and put a kabosh on their activities.

Martha Conner
8 years ago

Lol I doubt these guys, have a logical brain cell in their head. And if they are like obamas staff, they dont know how to use a computer to compose anything except blog lies. They are a joke, are not focused, are dirty, people who dont know what our country went through, who cannot think critically and believe everything a liberal professor tells them. In short, they dont know how to think cognitively. They are snot nosed, spoiled brats of 60s parents, who didnt parent them but let them run wild!!!