Commander says U.S. military not prepared for coming cyber war

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0 responses to “Commander says U.S. military not prepared for coming cyber war

  1. Hmmm, I remembered articles that either the military or DHS, etc. were already hiring vets to “man the computers” for cyber warfare. Had to go look & see if my left-brained memory was accurate… 😉

    4/1/13: “Military Veterans Wanted As Hackers In Cyberwar”:

    2/7/13: “U.S. Cyber Command to hire thousands of troops, civilians”:
    The plan calls for expanding the current command of about 900 by adding several thousand more billets… About 80 percent of those slots will be for service members and 20 percent for civilians… The expansion will run from 2014 through 2016…

    So I guess they’re only getting started on that about now. Along with older vets they should hire computer whiz kids, young guys seem to have a real knack for that stuff. Then again, the idea of “cyber warfare” probably means it will be aimed at more spying on Domestics…. They’ve got to fill up that giant Utah Server/Spy Center with somebody!

  2. I’m going to call malarkey on their statement of being unprepared, they already developed and deployed cyberweapons such as stuxnet, and way back norton (the antivirus company) was contracted to make spy software for them called “magic lantern”. The simple fact here is, not only are they already prepared for “cyber warfare” they’re already engaging in it, and have been for quite a while (since the early 90’s), this smacks of being a “honey-pot” to try to encourage wanna-hax0rs with some computer knowledge, but not enough understanding, to either sign up, or attempt an attack to “justify” further “cyber warfare” legislation.

    I also read some material in the NDAA for 2014 which spoke of “securing cyber weapons” and “ensuring we have dominance”… so they’re doing the typical luciferian thing, say the lie that is the exact opposite of what the actual truth is. (Go check the final NDAA for 2014 yourself, and look for “cyber” stuff in there.)


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