Coming soon – transgender traffic lights? German politicians announce plans to introduce 50/50 quotas for traffic lights

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DailyMail: Gender equality with traffic lights is being pursued in Dortmund, with 50/50 quotas for male and female icons set to be introduced.
Politicians from the Social Democratic and Green parties in the German city have asked the council to consider the idea. They’ve argued that some of the lights should be partially modified in the name of equality.
The application said: ‘Since we give equal treatment to men and women, it would be consistent to partially modify traffic-light men to traffic-light women’, according to The Guardian.
The plan is for extra flashing green women to be installed when traffic lights fall into disrepair to keep costs at a minimum.
The plan’s backers claim that the change would make crossing the road safer as female icons – or Ampelfrauen – would emit more light through the skirt. ‘One advantage of the “traffic light woman” would be the enlargement of the illuminated area,” the Green and Social Democrats said in a statement.
Other German cities such as Bremen, Cologne, Dresden, Kassel, Magdeburg and Zwickau already have female lights, but their introduction was barred in Berlin, with officials concerned that the design – of a girl with pigtails – was too clichéd, The Guardian reported.

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0 responses to “Coming soon – transgender traffic lights? German politicians announce plans to introduce 50/50 quotas for traffic lights

  1. Don’t they have better things to do with their time? Oh, wait, they’re on the government payroll. They’re being paid to waste other people’s time and money.

  2. They are trying so hard to get people to accept this disorder as normal…pathetic.

    • Yeppers, more New World Disorder BS: it’s hard to believe that Germans put up w/this nonsense. Simply too stupid to even talk about; nothing to see here, let’s move along!

  3. Even the commie East Germans didn’t go to that extent… in Berlin, the West had a neutral stick figure while the East had a guy wearing a fedora:

  4. I’d be glad to go with the stick figures-they work fine,unless the Women are pushing an AGENDA,but NO-they would NEVER do THAT,would they?

  5. These people must get a LIFE!!


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