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In the 60’s and 70’s, we had several well-received realistic horror movies: The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby, etc. Made by veteran craftsman, these movies were not the make-believe fables that many thought them to be, but rather honest portrayals of very real demonic possession.
The 80’s and 90’s followed with a slew of low-budget, over-the-top slasher movies: Halloween (and its sequels), Friday the 13th (and its sequels), etc. Made independently by young casts and crews looking to break into the business, these movies were taken for what they were, mindless driven aimed at the pot-smoking high school and college crowds.
Today, we have an onslaught of slickly made, big-budget horror spectacles made by autonomous corporations, as seen on the posters below. The casts and crews of these “new” horror movies all appear to be either members of, or at least highly influenced by, the satan-worshipping illuminati. These movies are not intended as entertainment. They are meant to indoctrinate a new generation into the satanically possessed new world order. The same new world order being promoted by the United Nations and the Democratic Party.

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  1. Not exactly good food for the mind. Thanks for the interesting article, Mike.
    I just checked out their trailers, Mike.

    • “Annabelle” is one more demonic doll movie.
    • “ABCs of Death 2” is probably the most harmful, making light of people’s horrible deaths.
    • “Dracula Untold” borders on having a moral compass. (I said borders, not achieves)
    • “Horns” troubles me the most, because the movie stars an actor who has high trust levels (Harry Potter), and therefore has the most ability to persuade the impressionable in a wrong direction.
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    One-eyed, red-eyed Daniel Radcliffe (monarch slave, sold out to the industry at a young age) in a film about the Devil, with an upside-down cross on the cover. Super.

  3. Par for the course in the sewer known as modern America!

  4. There’s some pretty concerning programming coming up on TV,too;first in my mind is the one modeled after former Sec.of State Killary Clinton. I’m sure there are/will be a lot of others-another reason I rarely watch TV.

    • Bingo! I’ve had my eye on “Madame Secretary” for some time ever since the wall-to-wall ads began. It is so obviously an effort to whitewash the Hildebeast — a middle-aged gruff blonde as secretary of state — it doesn’t even pretend to be subtle.

  5. When I was a kid [1950 onwards], we could see a double bill at the old Biograph in Chicago, on the Saturday kids’ matinee for $0.25, OK?
    Typically we could see King Kong [original, of course] and one more but lesser drama, along w/two cartoons.
    Sometimes if a real second movie wasn’t available, we saw two episodes of ‘The Perils of Pauline’, which now means you think I’m as old as Tom Edison.
    But we never had these kinds of crazy-making insanely sicko BS as described above. Never mind, we were plenty thrilled and scared enough!!!

    • And now in the U.S. you pay through the nose to see one of these abominations, 7-8 dollars U.S. for a ticket for one filthy movie with a show time placed deceptively, so that if you arrive “on time” for the film you have to wait through 10 minutes of advertisements for other filthy propaganda films, before the main garbage starts. (This scheme is taken from a cinemark brand theater in town). Imagine, people paying that much money to have lies and filth jammed into their brains for 1-2 hours, not to mention the additional jacked up price of the meager offerings at the concession stand, which may or may not be open when you get to it. (Rough guess a person getting a drink and a snack plus the movie price will likely be 14-17 U.S. dollars.) Such is the public craziness I suppose.

      • Hey Seumas… you might be interested to know (i am not sure all movie houses are going this way) but in the last movie house I was in, part of the *one time* policy was to get there on time/before or you were not allowed in after the movie begin. Wow, I was amazed. Great points you made!

  6. It isn’t just movies you know, video games are also being used to indoctrinate with gnosticism/satanism. The most recent “lord of shadow 2” castlevania game has dracula being the main character, annnd portrayed in part as “god’s servant”. One should remember that previous castlevania games established dracula as the devil, essentially. Then there’s pop games like “darksiders” and “dark souls 2” that reduce human souls to currency, games like fable 2 that push the homosexual and promiscuous sex (along with Vegan diet). Aside from the castlevainia game, all these titles are at least a year old, I have no knowledge of what the most current titles on the most current systems are, but if they were this bad for the past few years, imagine how bad they are now. If you have kids that have “current” game systems and some current games, ask them about the content and story lines in the games and ask if you can watch a playthrough.

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