Coming Home: Finding Jesus, Son of God, in the Koran

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Coming Home
Islam’s Koran considers Jesus the Christ a prophet, like Mohammad, although one would never know it if we go by the terrible and ongoing slaughter and persecution of Christians by Muslims, most notably in Iraq, Syria, and Nigeria.
A Muslim named Mario Joseph, however, discovered to his amazement after reading the Koran with care and intelligence, that Jesus is more than prophet — He is the Son of God.
And so Mario Joseph forsook Islam and became a Christian.
For that, he was tied down, deprived of food and water, by his vengeful family. At the point of near-death, Joseph mustered the strength to fight back, only to be attacked by his murderous father.
Joseph cried out to Jesus for help. Miraculously, his father was stricken to the ground by an unseen hand, and so Joseph fled to safety.
Watch and listen to this man’s astonishing testimony.

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    Koran has so much Hateful stuff in it as well

  2. Awesome testimony! “Who’s Your Daddy?”

  3. Glory to God! That is wonderful!

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