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Buffy gets her teeth into politics: Vampire Slayer to have an abortion after drunken one-night stand

Daily Mail: She was the fresh-faced heroine of many a  teenaged boy. Pretty, at high school, dealing with the  typical problems of growing up – albeit a Chosen One with a mean line in killing  demons – Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the attractive face of fighting  evil.
But after several series of the hit action  show, Buffy has now gone off the rails – and found out she’s pregnant after a  drunken party. And in what is sure to infuriate the U.S.  anti-abortion pro-life lobby, Buffy has decided to have a termination an abortion.
After trailing the latest issue with the  teaser that Buffy is ‘distracted by a rather personal problem’, her character is  seen telling vampire Spike – who may or may not be the father – that her life is  in freefall: ‘I’m going to have an abortion.
‘I’m barely able to hold onto a job. I live  with roommates who are about to kick me out. And I can’t even hold my alcohol well enough to remember who got me pregnant.  I can handle the Slayer stuff … But  everything else I’m not ready. At least not now.’
The award-winning TV show, starring Sarah  Michelle Gellar, ran from 1997 until 2003, but her story has been continued by  creator Joss Whedon in comic book form.  He told Entertainment Weekly: ‘A woman’s  right to choose is under attack as much as it’s ever been, and that’s a terrible  and dangerous thing for this country.’
I don’t usually get soap box-y with this, but the thing about Buffy is all she’s going through is what women go through, and what nobody making a speech, holding up a placard, or making a movie is willing to say.
‘It’s something that over a third of American  women are going to decide to have to do in their lives. But people are so  terrified that no one will discuss the reality of it — not no one, but very few  popular entertainments, even when they say they’re dealing with this issue, they  don’t, and won’t. It’s frustrating to me. I don’t think Buffy should have a  baby. I don’t think Buffy can take care of a baby. I agree with  Buffy.’
And he told reporters: ‘Buffy was always about  the arc of a life, and it wasn’t ever going to be one of those shows where they  were perpetually in high school and never asked why.  ‘It was about change. So there’s never a time  when Buffy’s life isn’t relevant.’
Writer Andrew Chambliss added: ‘Given the  specifics of Buffy’s life at this point in the season – facing a new kind of  vampire threat, barely able to keep a job – it seemed like it would be dishonest  for Buffy to not at least entertain the question of whether she should keep or  end the pregnancy.’
But, writing in, Calvin  Freiburger said: ‘Whedon’s talk of abortion being a “painful” decision for young  women may be true as far as it goes, but such rhetoric is often code for  pro-choicers who really mean it’s too painful a decision for any of us  judgmental anti-choice yahoos to intrude on.’
It’s not surprising that the creator Joss Whedon would do this.  He despises capitalism and instead lauds socialism as “beautiful.” Just another round of his “soap box-y” rant.
The Green Lantern comes out as a gay homosexual superhero, superhero Northstar marries his boyfriend Kyle, and Superman renounces his U.S. Citizenship.  All in the name of “change.”  I miss the good ol’ days when Archie couldn’t decide between Betty and Veronica 🙂
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7 years ago

Vampires ….pfff I miss Al Cap or at least POGO
“We has met the enemy…and he is US”

7 years ago

Northstar (from Marvel’s “Alpha Flight”) was homosexual when I started read comics the early 1980s. In the 1970s, a character in “The Amazing Spider-Man” was addicted to heroin.

Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
7 years ago

Me too. I also stopped reading the comics. They’re determined to soil and corrupt everything. I feel sorry for kids growing up today.

7 years ago

Ugh. Guess I’ll have to make sure my granddaughter isn’t into this stuff. Was life EVER simple or was it all an illusion? I guess the cockroaches and rats were procreating while I was thinking everything was all Norman Rockwell. {sigh}